The season of love is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to put up a wishlist and join in the fun, I mean a girl is allowed to dream right? Now, this post might be my wishlist, but it could also be your gift guide, like how cool is that? So cool, I know. While I’m so certain I’ll be having a ‘galentine’ (Valentine’s day for single ladies) this year, this is my Valentine’s day wishlist .

How’s your weekend going?

While laying in bed and doing my rounds on social media, I discovered some things that crept up into my feelings and would have made perfect gifts, if there was a bae in sight, but in the absence of that, we move! I’m not bitter I promise, lol!

Stay with me…

1) Flowers From Larisa Le Fleur: If you asked me three years ago whether flowers meant anything to me, I’d probably just look at you like what do I need them for?? That’s because I never pegged myself as a ‘flower girl’ but you see in recent times, I find myself being drawn to them, sometimes, they are a little too evident on my Instagram page (are you following me yet?). The moment I set my eyes on on this box of flowers from Larisa , I fell in love! Larisa is also an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger, and this is her new project. So yeah, I would absolutely love to wake up to this beautiful flowers on Valentine’s day. Future hubby, take note.

Valentine's day

2) Love Notes Jar From Hearts and Frames: Totally cheesy, but I’m here for it! Sometimes we all need to read some of those words that will make us giddy and excited, to make us remember why we fell in love in the first place. This jar of love notes from Hearts and Frames will help you with that. I love how colourful they are, and I’m pretty sure the words in them are even more beautiful. This is a gift I would definitely appreciate.

Valentine's day

Valentine's day

3) Mug and Pillow From Giftsbysisi: I am a mug lover, it’s just a shame that somehow they always end up breaking. Mugs that have great inscriptions on them have a special place in my heart, and those are the kinds they have at giftsbysisi . This particular inscription is just so deep and amazing, it might be more relatable for married couples, because of the depth, but I absolutely love it. As for the pillow, I think it’s cute, and will constantly remind me of that person, that’s why I love it!

Valentine's day

Valentine's day


4) Red Velvet Macarons From Strobrie: What’s a Valentine’s day without something to at least munch on? I’ve never actually had a macaron or macaroon before (oh yeah they’re different!) but I have heard tales of how delicious they both are, besides it’s red velvet, what could possibly go wrong? Strobrie is a pastry brand that makes amazing pastries, yes I can tell from the pictures. The French student in me just wants to eat these Macarons and be like “Le Macarons c’est delicieux!” (The macarons are delicious!)

Valentine's day

5) The Lisa Bag From Morin.O : How cute is this bag though? Solid leather with the beautiful red colour, it’s enough to make anybody swoon. Morin.o makes some of the best leather handbags that are a must-have, it’ll be a shame if I didn’t wish for one of them. Thanks to my friend Dupsey , I am now a bag freak, so best believe that this bag will be the cherry on top.

Valentine's day

This is all I have on my wishlist for Valentine’s day basically.

What’s on your wIshlist? How do you intend to spend Valentine’s day or is it going to be a Galentine’s day like mine? Let’s talk in the comment section.

Have a lovely weekend.



    1. Awwww sorry, we that don’t even have exams, there’s still no Valentine for us, we go dey alright!
      Thanks for reading love and all the very best in your exams ❤❤

  1. I remember the 1st time I got gifted with flowers, I was so mad like what for? What is wrong with something I can atleast eat . But now mehn…. if not for anything, pls gift me them for my instagram lol. Mugs are bae, always the best gift being a tea lover.

    1. Lol I can relate to the food part! 😂
      Yes to that popping instagram feed girl and yes mugs are bae!
      Thanks for reading hun ❤❤

  2. See you showing off your French knowledge. Lol. I love love the love notes jar oh. I think it’s sooooo cute cause I’m a sucker for expressing love in form of writing. I’m going to check their IG page now, for future purposes lol. I have a sweet tooth soo the pastry is appealing! Somehow somehow, this post has made me mushy. xx
    Valentine’s Day 2018 || What I’d Be Up To.

    1. Ma Cherie! I’ve missed you o!
      The note jar is also one of my favs, after the flowers of course.
      Thanks for reading love. ❤❤

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