It’s that time again where we interview some of the most driven, focused and amazing young entrepreneurs, well as we call them here on TPH; Youngpreneurs. The person I interviewed for today’s feature, is someone I’ve known since forever, but what made me more determined to bring him here is the level of growth he has achieved in his business in the last couple of years, and how driven he is. Let me not talk too much. Our Youngpreneur today is Seun Owolabi.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

A: Hi! Can you please introduce yourself?

S: My name is Owolabi Oluwaseun Daniel I’m 22 years old, I graduated from Babcock University with a BSC in Accounting.

A: Impressive! Please can you tell us about your brand/business?

S: My Business brand started in 2015 and I have three business partners , we specialize in clothing generally. Traditional attire , corporate wears and casual wears as well.

A: So, what was the inspiration behind ‘St.gidi’ as a brand?

S: The ST.GIDI motive came up in 2015 with a friend of mine and former business colleague Ayodeji Taiwo, we started by making Tees with Lagos (GIDI) inscriptions on them but we evolved and decided to go into clothing , so now we do all.


A: That’s quite creative. On a scale of 1-10, how prepared were you to go into business?

S: 4/10 I wasn’t prepared at all when I first started the journey but with the help of friends , colleagues and family everything went smoothly.

A: The importance of having a great support system! With the amount of young entrepreneurs we have these days, would you say that it’s quite easy to be a business owner, is it something anybody can do? Or what would you say is the reason from personal experience of course?

S: Well I won’t say it’s easy , it could be easy if you want to make it easy , you have to have a business plan , capital and a supportive team. I entered into it with experience, because I work for my Cousin and his friends in a shoe company called Overalls Premium brands so I had an idea of how it works.

A: I’m sure that you had some fears and reservations no matter how little before starting your clothing line, what were these fears?

S: Fear of Capital , fear of getting my own customers . But I realized that you just have to be very good at what you do , production , neat finishing , packaging and proper marketing and the market would accept you.

A: Very well said, honestly. So far, how has it been since then?

S: It’s been really good since then, my business partners are like my brothers, So it’s very easy to come up with things and get to a quick conclusion.


A: The kind of friendships I like, people who help each other grow, amazing stuff! Have you had any major challenges since you started? How have you been able to overcome them?

S: When those obstacles come , I have a sit and think about every possible move I could make , speak with my partners and also with my friends also in business and it always works out.

A: Are you sure you will not add me to your crew like this? Lol! What has been the highlight of this journey?

S: The highlight of the journey had to be when my business partner at the beginning relocated and I was lost on what to do till I met my current business partners.

A: Do you work alone or do you have people working for you?

S: No I don’t work alone, I have three business partners Adelusi Motolani, Olorunfemi Motunrayo and Akinola Oladapo.

A: It’s good to finally have their names come up, good job guys. What steps have you taken, or do you plan to take to build and project your brand?

S: Our brand aims to be consistent in communication and experience, across many applications such as:
– Environment (establishing stores and offices to meet our customer demands)
– Print, signage, packaging (logos and st.gidi designs)
– Website, Content marketing & online advertising ( st. Gidi website in construction)
-Sales and customer service.
But our immediate plan will be advertising our brand on a bigger scale than the usual tell a friend to tell a friend.

A: I mean, I feel like you just gave me your whole mission statement, which is wonderful by the way. Just don’t forget I’m a content creator when you’re about starting your content marketing. Lol (shameless plug!) So is the ‘St.gidi’ brand for guys alone?

S: No it’s not for guys alone our Tees and T-shirts are both male and female, but for now we are into just male Traditional and corporate wears.

A: Amazing. Are there people you look up to in the fashion sphere, both home and abroad? What are their names?

S: Donatella Versace, Valentino , Noble Igwe, Ebele brown, Ugo Monye, David Bowler those are the people I look up to home and abroad.


St.GIDI Traditional wears

A: Yaaay, I actually know some names here, and I can say you have a great taste. Graphic tees tend to pass various messages depending on the brand, what message is your brand trying to convey with these tees?

S: The cultural beauty of our locality , its values, and of course our way of life. Hence the term “ST.GIDI to the World”

A: ST. GIDI to the world! Ayyy! What is your golden rule when dealing with customers?

S: My Golden rule is provide customers with the best, and Customer is always right.

A: Louder for those at the back please! In your opinion, what is the ‘secret’ to staying in business?

S: My key to always staying in business is always having a plan , anything can happen at anytime so it’s always good to have a plan to help yourself out of unforeseen circumstances.

A: I second that opinion, always have a plan. What inspires you?

S: The lack of enough creativity from my view is one of my driving factors, I have purchased a lot of clothing products online like cooperate shirts and on delivery, my expectation were denied satisfaction. In some cases, the prices are outrageous and still won’t come close to perfection for me. Further more, I like to say I’m a fashion inclined person and I’ll like to explore and express my creativity.

A: Talk about a break from the norm, love your point of view. Apart from being a boss, (You know I know!) What else do you do?

S: Lol, I work with a shoe company Overalls premium brands and currently doing my NYSC with Lasrra.

A: You see why I said you’re a boss? Thank you for your time Seun,, and for sharing your entrepreneurial journey with us. Any parting words of wisdom for us?

S: Whatever you feel you can do make a move today and don’t wait till tomorrow. Procrastination is a success killer , no matter what you studied ,Chase your dreams and believe in yourself and with time you would see the difference.

Amazing words from our brilliant and driven Youngpreneur. I really enjoyed interviewing him even though he’s my brother from another beautiful mother. You’d agree with me that this is a brand with great potentials and there are so many lessons to be gotten from these guys. If there’s anything I’m more reminded about, it’s to surround myself with people on the same wave length with me, people who share my dreams and values. Also not to be deterred by fear, but to go for It, not just in business, but in every sphere of life!

You can follow Seun here on Instagram, and you can also follow the brand, ST.GIDI here as well, to patronize them.

What are your thoughts on our Youngpreneur? Lessons learned? I would love to know your thoughts.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Mide ♡


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