It’s been a long while, but style personality is back! I deliberately held back from this segment because I was trying to introduce “The Youngpreneur” , and because they are the only two interview segments on the blog, I had to proceed with caution. For those who don’t know, Style Personality is a segment on the blog where we interview some really stylish individuals, and chat about their personal style, fashion and everything in between. Without further ado, our style personality today is Temilola Adeleye.


Temilola is a beautiful, down to earth lady who has a very unique sense of style. Apart from her amazing fashion sense, she has a strong passion for God which is one of the things I love about her. Temi uses her style to tell us that you can be modest but still kill it!

Take a look.

A: Hello! Can you please introduce yourself?

T: Hi Dee, my name is Temilola Adeleye, a young Christian lady passionate about poise, helping others.

A: Nice to have you here Temi. In your own words, what does style mean to you?

T: Style is a reflection of my personality in how I look i.e. how I dress and how I carry myself largely.


A: Great definition. Judging from what I’ve observed, I would describe your style as chic, modest and classy. How would you describe your personal style?

T: lol you literally took the words out of my mouth, I like to describe my style as simple and chic- Modest, Classy and Comfortable.

A: I’ve got good eyes! Would you say you have always been stylish or is it something you recently started paying attention to?

T: hmm interesting! What I remember is as a child I loved playing dress up, taking pictures and wearing the high heeled shoes of my mum and aunties who came visiting lol. So funny thinking about it now, but I have always been very particular about my style for as long as I can remember.

A: That’s good to know. In your opinion, what are the 5 must-have fashion items for ladies?

T: The Basics like I like to call them- a good shoe, a good bag, a pair jeans, a crisp white shirt and a nice blazer(please start with the basic colours).


A: Very apt. What is your favourite fashion item that you currently own?

T: My Gold wristwatch

A: Fancy! Who/What inspires your style?

T: The Spirit in Man and Veronica Odeka

A: Temi you’ll explain this one to me in camera, lol! If you could have any 2 fashion items of your choice right now, what would they be?

T: A very powerful time piece lol! Don’t mind me – A good wrist watch and an olive green shoe


A: You sure love your wristwatches, olive green shoe, not bad. Do you consider yourself as someone who dresses according to your mood, or someone who just puts on pieces regardless of how you feel at that moment?


T: Truthfully most time I pick out my outfit, it’s The Spirit in man: people laugh when I say this but that’s my reality.

A: Love this. Do you have any future plans regarding fashion and styling? Any projects we should look out for?

T: it’s definitely a career path I’m willing to explore because it comes naturally for me. I currently work as an intern with a styling and wardrobe consulting company in the UK (y’all kindly check out modestsisterz on IG), started taking online courses as well.


A: That’s really amazing, welldone! We’ll definitely be keeping up with modestsisterz. What are some of your favourite trends this year?

T: Outfits with dramatic/ balloon sleeves, Ankara pieces.

A: I totally concur! What will you not be caught dead wearing?

T: lol Extremely Ripped Outfits

A: Haha! I know right. Apart from being a gorgeous fashionable lady, what else do you do?

T: I’m a Worshipper, currently studying for a master’s degree in forensic accounting and a style and wardrobe consultant.


A: It’s inspiring to see that you’re doing things that you love, good job. What is that one fashion trend that you’re yet to really wrap your head around?

T: Excessively Ripped Outfits

A: You and me both sister. Pants, Skirts or Gowns?

T: Gowns all day everyday lol

A: Like who doesn’t love gowns? What are your thoughts on the Nigerian fashion industry, especially in recent times? Do you think there’s still a lot of work to be done, or are they doing just fine?

T: Amazing! I only started paying rapt attention to the industry recently and I am literally in love with the versatility of the industry, I also love that a lot of millennials are thriving in the industry too. It is definitely one industry contributing positively to the nation’s economy and would be a major player in building a new enviable Nigeria.


A: Very well said Temi. As a modest ‘fashionista’, what advice would you give to people who also want to follow that path, and explore their style options without looking shabby or tacky?

T: I tell myself “Temi don’t build your style solely around trends, trends will definitely pass away but style is timeless”
Whatever you decide to wear; ensure it reflects your personality, ensure you are comfortable, carry yourself well, feel good about yourself you’ll definitely exude grace from inside out and get a few compliments here and there. You also don’t have to buy the most expensive items to be stylish!

A: Style is timeless. Love love love! What is your number one fashion tip?

T: Less is always more.

A: This was fun! Thank you so much for agreeing to this Temilola, stay stylish!

T: Thank you for having me Dee, I enjoyed every bit of it. Cheers!


If you loved this interview like I did, you can follow Temilola on Instagram here . Just because you guys are awesome, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Temi will be starting her own personal blog in a bit, where she’ll be focusing on faith, poise and relationships. If you love her style, you’ll love her blog!

P.s- Guys, starting from friday we’ll be running a fictional series that will come in form of guest posts. The author, Oyindamola Dosunmu will be dishing out great stories over the next couple of weeks. Let me just say that you’re in for a treat!

Did you like Temi’s interview? What are your thoughts on her style?



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