It’s style personality o’ clock guys! You know how I get very happy when it’s that time. Today’s post is very exciting because, our guest is one very stylish man! He also happens to be very nice and receptive, even though I got to know him through a friend, It was a smooth and friendly exchange eventually.

Okay, I want to give you all the gist about him and his style, but you’d have to find out by yourself in a bit!

I hope you enjoy this interview.

Here goes!

A: Hello! Can you please introduce yourself?

K: Hello, my name is kessiton osamudiamen Ehigiator. I’m a style/lifestyle blogger and a budding Agriculturist. I hail from Benin city in Edo state 🙂.

A: Budding Agriculturist, I like! What’s your personal definition of style?

K: Style for me is something that encompasses your personality and makes an introduction for you even without you saying a word.

A: Amen to that definiton! I totally agree. From obeservation, I’ve pegged your style as very classy yet edgy, (big fan of the colour pop!), how would you describe your style?

K: Wow, thank you for the kind words. Okay, l would define my style as more of fits and comfortability. I usually don’t do trends, I just love my outfits simple with a little bit of classy details 🙂 

A: Comfort and Classy, got it! What is the experience of being a male fashion blogger in Nigeria like? Pros? Cons?

K: Lol, To be very honest it has really been a bitter-sweet experience as a blogger in this part of the world 🙂. First on the cons list is the challenge of power instability in terms of electricity, because as a blogger you’re always on the go and there have been times when you really wanted to put up a post or meet a deadline and all of a sudden you find out there has been an outage 🙁 and another challenge or demerit is the poor service rendered by our telecommunication outlets, which really in the long run hinders your creative ability and brings down productivity. The list could go on but something I have in all these considered as a pro or a merit is the ability for you to always rise up to the challenges and do what you love 🙂. 

A: I can SOO relate! I’m of the opinion that Nigerian bloggers can make it anywhere because we go through the worst! Well said Kessiton. Who/what inspires your style?

K: A lot of people really inspire my style, the likes of Noble Igwe, Steve onoja, Blake scott, and the list would not be complete without mentioning our very own Denola grey🙂.

A: Love the list! What recent trends are currently of interest to you?

K: if you have not been following @Kamsitcharles lately, please do – I really don’t like trends but this guy is a creative god at what he does. The way he uses Ankara to make men’s wear is like nothing I have seen.

A: Wow, that sounds cool, I’ll definitely check him out. Can you tell us 5 things that are currently on your fashion wishlist? (You never know who’s reading! Lol)

K: lol my pleasure! 1) A good canon camera 2) A Samsung S8 3) A bespoke tailored suit from @kamsitcharles 😀 4) A custom made denim jacket from Josh Amor  5. Beige coloured Chelsea boots from Nineteenth shoes 🙂    

A: This wishlist is very strong! 😂 Please remember us when they come. What will you not be caught wearing?

K: That would be rompers 😀.

A: I had a strong feeling you were going to say rompers😂.  What is your perfect ‘street style’ outfit? (Details please!)

K: A good leather jacket paired with a black ripped jean with brown suede Chelsea boots or Jodhpurs.

A: Just reading through, I already know it’s going to be a killer outfit! What is your opinion on the Nigerian fashion industry in recent times?

K: Wow, whenever this topic comes up I am always very proud of what the Nigerian fashion industry has done lately as we have really taken fashion as the world would know it to another level! Look at the likes of Mai Atafo, Josh Amor, Kamsitcharles, these guys have done great! 

A: I couldn’t agree more, there has been a great visible improvement in the fashion sector in recent times and it’s very commendable. What is your most commonly used fashion item?

K: I love trenches {long coats} I can wear them for 365 days a year! 

A: With this Nigerian weather? You try! 😆 If there’s one trend you could get rid of right now, what would it be?

K: lol guys wearing rompers!

A: You really dont like the romper trend at all, that makes two of us! Asides being a blogger, what else do you do?

K: I’m a photographer and a good athlete ( I love soccer)

A: Very nice! Do you think you would go into fashion more professionally? Like styling people, owning your own fashion brand?

K: Yes I’m already working on a project and someday owning my own brand has always being a dream .

A: We can’t wait to see what the project is! In the last one year, what would you say has changed for you, style and fashion wise? Any visible growth?

K: Yes, A lot of growth, as they usually say,  “Knowledge is useless till you can effectively pass it and teach others” and I’ll say in the last one year, I have really mastered the art of styling and styling other people because one very unique thing about styling is that different individuals possess different skin tones and if you fail to know this you may end up getting it all wrong. God be praised, I played a very key role as regards styling guys especially in my school’s just concluded convocation ceremony 🙂.

A: Thats great! The sky is just your starting point don’t worry. What is your best and candid advice to a guy as stylish as you are looking to start a fashion blog?

K: Like I mentioned before, Knowledge is useless if it cannot be passed – so as a guy if you know you got it, just believe in your guts and go for it!

A: You heard the man! Thanks Kessiton for agreeing to this, stay stylish!

K: Thanks for such opportunity I’m really grateful for allowing me do this. 

If you’re like me and you absolutely love kessiton’s style or you would like to contact him for future styling and photography jobs, collaboration, etc You can find him on instagram with the handle @thefinestyler as well as keep us with some of his style tips on his blog or send an email to him on

Over to You..

What part of the interview did you like the most? What do you think of Kessiton’ s style? I would love to know your thoughts.


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