So I was checking through my post schedule and titles, and I realized that my dearest ‘relationship question and answer’ segment has been missing for a while, so this is me officially welcoming you to another juicy session!

Today’s title is one that is quite controversial as you might have seen, nevertheless, I had an amazing time asking my friends and reading their replies. For everyone who answered me, thank you so much (even the ones who didn’t want me to snitch on them, but I still did though)

Okay! That said,

Question of the day: Checking your partner’s phone; right or wrong? Why?

Take a look at what they said…

Toluwani said: “It’s wrong, I feel checking your partner’s phone is a big sign of lack of trust, and would advice any single that if you feel you have to check your partner’s phone, then there is something not right in that relationship, please don’t continue… For the ladies abeg, if he is constantly checking and monitoring…runn, control issues alert. I feel if you have to start checking around and being an FBI agent, you need to reassess your relationship.”

Jason said: “I think it is wrong, I like to trust her enough not to go through her phone so why should she go through mine? 50/50”

Aidee said: “Well I’ll say different strokes for different folks. Personally, I don’t like it
I don’t ever want to be in that position, But my sister, with the way this world is now ehn, one has to stay woke! There really is no direct answer, It depends on the man, because as women we always know the kind of men we’re with; If he’s loyal, you won’t feel the need to, If he has tendencies to stray, you’ll have to put that dog on a leash. So girl!”

Yode said: “It depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s passworded and you have the password, that’s a presumption of trust. If it is passworded and you don’t have it, it’s quite dicey, and if there is no password, you probably won’t find anything..”

Miracle said: “Well if it’s a yes or no answer you need i’d say yes it’s wrong. It means you don’t trust your partner. If you want to know something come out straight with it and ask, I know girls will say but you can’t trust guys blah blah, Well you said yes to the relationship, so you gotta deal with it. Bottom line sha is only the fear of God can keep a man faithful. So find a God fearing man and you will be at peace, Except you are also guilty of the dirt.”

Christos said: “I think it depends on what kind of relationship you have with your partner, some people are not bothered if their partner checks their phone. For me I wouldn’t mind, I’m all for ‘open phone policy’. However some partners can because of their insecurity push it that it becomes annoying. All this is something you’ll have discovered when y’all first dating, if they are jealous, insecure maniacs.”

Abiola said: “Well I just think it shouldn’t be established as a rule, I wouldn’t be checking through my partner’s phone because i mean what am I looking for? But when your partner is actually hiding his phone, that’s when it becomes a problem.
For people that feel the urge, you can make your own phone very engaging such that you won’t even remember his phone is there.”

Esta said: “Jesus!!!why??? Not good, no way!! No no no no!
Don’t ever, for your peace of mind na, Look it’s what you looking for you will see, So I won’t and I know it can be really hard but I won’t o”

You have to agree that was an interesting read, some had me in stitches, but at the end of the day we’ve all learned a thing or two from all the replies.

Personally I just think it’s unnecessary, if you have a ‘feeling‘ or an ‘inkling‘, or your ‘instinct‘ is telling you something isn’t right, I just think you have to suck it up (never easy), apply WISDOM, come out straight and ask.

If you have to start sneaking around and checking your partner’s phone, then there’s obviously a problem already and that’s just phase 1, if you then get caught checking the phone, you already know that ‘e go be’.

Even though you’re in a relationship with that person, there’s still the concept of privacy which shouldn’t be overlooked. I for one love my privacy, so if someone starts going through my phone looking for what i don’t know, I won’t find it funny, so I don’t think I’ll want to do it for someone else as well, especially if we’re in a relationship.

Believe me, it’s easier said than done, but I also know that it’s not a position anybody wants to be in, we all want to trust and trust wholeheartedly, the whole thing is a ‘leap of faith’ I tell you, so don’t give yourself heart attack and begin to look for what you didn’t keep on their phone.

If you’re given the phone to look at pictures or songs let your hand stick to those two places, don’t let it wander about, and let your picture be picture.

Over to You…

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post? Do you think it’s right or wrong to check your partner’s phone? Why? I would love to know your thoughts.

Have a lovely weekend!


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