Happy New Year Guys! I’m so glad we made it to 2018! This is definitely going to be our best year yet.
Okay so, I don’t know if you noticed, but I took a little break from blogging and social media for while and let me just say, it feels so good to be back, I really missed being on here. I decided to take a step back, re-strategise and come back with a bang- especially because it’s a new year, and old things are passed away!


New Year

After 2 years and some months of blogging, I finally decided it was time to move forward!
Getting a domain, changing the name of the blog and moving to wordpress is something that was one of my utmost goals last year, and as God made a way, I was able to crush that goal!

So, let me officially welcome you to “The Portable Hub” This is our new space, where I’ll be sharing a whole lot of great content- so much more than I did before just for your reading pleasure! With the addition of new categories, you can now enjoy more varieties of posts! I was also able to move some of my old posts  here, so feel free to look for your favourite posts and catch up.

Why The Sudden Change Of Name?

Dont get it twisted people, portable is definitely still the new hot, but I think we can agree that it was a mouthful when it comes to pronounciation. Apart from being too long, to me, I feel like it was still portraying my days of infancy in the blogosphere, and I needed to grow.
Having said that, I want to say that you should never underestimate the power of prayer, and do NOT exclude prayer from anything you are doing. I had thought about what I wanted to change the name to several times, in fact, I had asked my family and friends but I just wasn’t getting what I wanted.

It wasn’t until one day, when I was going out with my dad that I actually heard this new name. While I’m not trying to sound overly spiritual, I just knew this was the name. After this, I couldn’t sit still again, I immediately started reaching out to some of my close friends and readers of the blog asking them what they thought about the new name, and I got so many different views, but majority of them seemed to think it was good! I knew I had found a name for the blog.

What Should We Expect?

I mean, it’s a new year and a new beginning afterall, so you can be assured that in addition to the regular categories like Monday inspiration, style personality, portable diaries, event recaps, I will be adding some more, like faith, travel diaries, more fashion and beauty posts, reviews of some places in the buj (thanks for the name Cassie !) yes I plan to go out more, do more collaborations; both with brands and fellow bloggers (who’s down?) relationship question and answer segment, interviews with some really awesome and talented people. Also there will be more giveaways!!!

Should I continue? Nah, I’m sure you’d love it!

For your patience, love, loyalty and support, through these past years, I’m eternally grateful, and I hope that we can continue this ride blissfully through this new year and many more as God helps and strengthens us.

Just in case you have a hard time connecting with the new name, I want you to see it this way;

A friend of mine said: “Your blog connects people with different opinions from several topics so it’s a hub. Having it on the go makes it portable!”

I absolutely love that analogy and this wasn’t  entirely my point of view while deciding on the name. I hope it helps though!

Happy New Year Once Again Cheers To A New Beginning!

Over to you…

What do you guys think?
Good/Okay/Bad/Terrible/Don’t know, Don’t care!

You know I love hearing from you, let’s talk in the comment section.


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23 thoughts on “A NEW YEAR, AND A NEW BEGINNING”

  1. Waoh… Well done on this achievement. I love the blog’s new name, look and your friend’s analogy. Sounds really good! Looking forward to a lot of exciting contents from you. I hope to also join the league of self-hosted bloggers soon. Well done once again.

    1. Thank you Zaynab, I won’t dissapoint You! Don’t worry it’ll happen sooner than you expect. Thanks for stopping by!❤❤

  2. Nice…..luff Z name…..i knw there h’are greater things 2 come on this blog…..Keep it h’up mides 💝

  3. Happy 2018 girl. I actually noticed your a sense but as expected I thought it was a much needed blog break which is always a good idea because see now you’ve come back better. Love the new site and congrats on the new domain name, one of greatest achievements of any blogger. Also I didn’t realize you’ve been blogging for over two years, wow. Always thought you wanted to change to Midesthoughts btw but Portable Hub is great also like you said, it’s more simple. I’m looking forward to more great content from you this year, especially the diversity you highlighted. Super excited and let’s collaborate too. I really want to collaborate more this year. Welcome back and congrats once again.

    Princess Audu

    1. Babe! This comment made my day! Thank you so much Sarah, it means a lot!
      I knew a lot of people would be thinking towards midesthoughts, maybe one day I’ll tell you why I didn’t use it😉
      I’m glad you love this one too! As for that collab, I’m sooo here for It! I can’t wait.
      Thanks for stopping by dear❤❤❤

  4. Well done! Love the new name and all the plans for the new year. The analogy is also really good. Have a great year!


    1. When one of your favourite bloggers comments on your blog, you know it’s going to be a good year! Thank you Kachee, I’m glad you like it! ❤❤

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  6. we’ve been waiting for a while now
    thank God she is here now
    nd she came back wit greater things than before
    I love d new look nd d name too
    just looking forward to see new things
    nice one sis

  7. I am inspired that at your age you could do what the older ones are doing!
    Sky will not be your limit in Jesus name! Amen!
    Shine on and we will keep dropping our comments.
    Stay blessed daughter of Abraham.

  8. Thank you so much for the love and support sir! A big amen to your prayers🙏
    I’m so honoured that you could stop by here, God bless you sir.

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