The last time I took stock of the month was in February, now that’s an awfully long time, I know, and obviously, a lot has happened since then. So today, I’d like to keep you updated and share some of those amazing and not-so amazing moments with you. Wondering what’s been going on with me in the past months? Here’s my life lately!

Oh, and you might want to stick around because I took some cute pictures, that I want you to see. Yay!
I hope you’ve been having a stress-free week so far?

Lately I have been…

Thinking: Really hard about how adulting is the biggest scam there is. I mean, one steadily has to be thinking of how to make more money! Meanwhile you guys know I’m a freelance writer yeah? Hook your girl up fam!

Eating: Foods with more vegetables, I’m taking this fitfam really seriously you guys, I see a little belly fat creeping in, and even though some of my friends think I’m paranoid and overreacting, I really want to get rid of it . In fact, I need a menu of what I should eat and what not to eat. (Any suggestions please?) Man’s got to wear bodycon dresses in peace.



Drinking: My Detox water, consisting of cucumber and lemon. I stopped for a while though, but I’m going to continue next week.
Reading: ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz. I was reading ‘We’re going to need more wine’ by Gabrielle Union, but I paused on that, because David Schwartz’s book is sooo good!

Watching: New Girl. Actually, I’m just continuing, it’s one of my faves.
Feeling: So sad about the numerous losses encountered in our country in just this week alone! May God comfort all the bereaved and heal our land. We’re really in a state of emergency.



Creating: more great content for the blog! I can’t wait to share with you guys.

Wishing: For plenty money. Or you don’t want money?

Enjoying: Cooking these days. It doesn’t seem to be a chore in recent times. Thank God for growth.


Loving and Appreciating: My journey to success. I might not be there yet, but I’m thankful for each day that comes and all that comes with it.

Hoping: and really praying that Abba comes through this week. He always does though.



Wearing: More colours like I said in this post. I’m tired of my wardrobe being boring, it needs some light!



Noticing: That some individuals have a problem with thinking before talking, all in the name of being ‘real’. I think it’s just common sense for you to know that not everything requires your input! Sometimes keep quiet and observe before dropping your two cents.

Feeling: Really excited and optimistic about the mentorship program I’m about to start! Let me tell you a quick story about this.
So I recently enrolled for a branding masterclass, and we’ve been learning a lot. Now we were given an assignment which was also a giveaway, in the sense that anybody who executes the assignment properly would be picked for the mentorship program. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling up to it, but decided to do it anyway. Guess who got picked? Yass! Your girl got picked, even though I submitted an hour to the deadline. It just reminded me of the fact that even my own care-free attitude cannot stop what God has in store for The Portable Hub brand.



Anticipating: The Summer Barbeque Fest here in Abuja on the 22nd of July. I’ve never attended the previous ones, but I’ve been told it’s always fun, so yeah I’m putting on my networking hat and I’m going to mingle! I may or may not be giving out free tickets. You’d have to find out.

Learning: The art of staying calm  even under pressure.

Excited: About the outcome of these pictures. I love them, major shout out to my photographer turned friend Joseph


Grateful: To God for every of his daily benefits, for life and for family.

That’s my life lately guys!

Outfit Details

Pants- Ayaba Official

Tops- Just wears

Shoes- Payporte

Purses- Miniso and Atmosphere


What have you been loving lately fam? I would love to know.



  1. Mide for the win! So I have that David’s book sinceeeeeee and I have never even thought of reading it. God help me and my reading culture, Amen. I am kuku not seeing any belly fat o, you are the only one seeing it, lols.

    Girl, you look like snack in those pictures and yes to more colors!!!

  2. We are totally out of your monthly routine.don’t we deserve a few lines of mentioning? That’s on a lighter note anyway.
    Thank God, you are doing great.Good to hear that.
    Kindly ensure proper preservation of these wonderful collections of your regular piece for future book(s) and as evidence of your scholar activities in preparation for your fellowship and post graduate program(s).
    Keep it up.

    1. Yes daddy, I’ll certainly do that! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, you’re the best!❣❣

      Oh and by the way, whatever name you use, I’ll still know it’s you 😆😆
      Love you.

  3. Thanks Baby girl! You should definitely start reading that book, you’ll love it.
    You wont see the belly fat na, #suckbellegang ✌
    Thanks for the love boo.❣

  4. Lol Deola, add ginger to that detox water too. When loosing tummy fat, the trick is to watch your food portions, Basiclly means don’t overeat, also make healthier alternatives. For example instead of frying, boil or grill. Congrats on the mentorship. I’m sad for Nigeria too, praying that these leaders figure out what to do or get out. The pictures came out nice. Been long I’ve been here too, keep it up!

    Princess Audu

    1. My fitfam guru! 🙌 I’ll definitely put all these tips to good use, thanks boo.
      Honestly I couldn’t agree more, our leaders need to figure something out and fast.
      Thanks hun❣

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