Is it me or did February come with some wings? The month literally breezed through, and just like that, it’s the last day today. Thank God for sparing our lives, it is indeed a wonderful privilege. February has been a great month for me, in fact, the first of February came with an amazing surprise for me and my family. So for today’s post, I decided to get personal and let you guys in on my life lately, February edition. Let’s take a break from all the serious posts and chat a little, am I right?


Okay, so lately I’ve been;

Taking: “School of Disciples” classes, I wrote an exam 2 weeks ago, and I’m going to keep writing till October, ugh! The school of disciples is basically a training program on discipleship.

Learning: How to really multitask, I mean I thought I was a pro at it until recently. The amount of things I have to do at the same time is so much that I had to turn it up a notch.

Marvelling: At the miracle my family started this month with, we were short of words! Don’t lose hope, God is still in the business of doing wonders.

Drinking: A lot of water when I can, because this heat is not from here please.

Watching: “2 broke girls” again! That’s one series I don’t think I can get tired of. Some much lessons and laughter!

Thinking: Of how I’m going to get myself to make my hair this weekend. Guys I’ve not made my hair since December! I seriously need a wig.

Feeling: Fulfilled, grateful and emotional all at the same time. My church’s 50 days prayer and fasting exercise is coming to an end tomorrow (Any reedemites here?), and honestly it was a wonderful experience for me. Let me save the story for when I begin to share my testimonies.

Wearing: A shirt and Jeans, couldn’t even be bothered.

Hoping & Praying: That I get enough money and maybe some sponsors, to do a giveaway to celebrate my 3rd year blogversary next month! Can you believe it? 3 years! It’s been a wonderful ride with you guys honestly.

Obsessed: With my box of flowers from Larisa . You guys know how I put up my valentine’s day wishlist , and said I would love a box of flowers from Larisa’s flower shop? Well she read my post and granted that wish! Like she came to my house one night and delivered it to me, I was shook! There are great people out there guys, and she’s one of them. You should order some flowers from her by the way, they’re beautiful and they smell so nice! You’d be glad you did.


Evaluating: So many decisions in my head, hopefully, I’m doing the right things this year.
Noticing: That it’s been a really long time since I went anywhere, like anywhere at all. I need to go out more.

Anticipating: When I’m going to see “Black Panther”. No spoilers, move along please.

Irritated: By the behaviour and attitude of this Cee-c girl in the big brother house, like how do people actually put up with her?

Excited: About a shoot I’m planning on doing. It’s been a while since I dressed up and took pictures.

Inspired: By the guys at the young shapers club. It’s an NGO I recently just joined, and I love the fact that they’re so committed to investing in kids’ futures, especially the internally displaced children. It’s truly inspiring. You too can be a part of it by simply going to and donating, nothing is too small.


Unsure: About whether I should get a graphic tee or not. What do you think?

Grateful: For the gift of life and salvation, always.

That has been my life lately guys!

What have you been up to lately? Let’s chat in the comment section.

See you in March!


  1. You’ve not made your hair since December??? Please what do you do to your hair, please go and buy wig jo. And you are missing if you haven’t seen Black Panther.

    1. My dear, nothing o😧😧
      I’ve just been packing the thing since, that wig issa must!
      I know right, hopefully they wont have stopped showing it by the time I’m ready to see it.

    1. Lol, I know right! I’ve made it now though 😊
      That graphic tee is definitely in the works.
      Thanks for reading Desmond❤

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