How To Turn Around A Bad Day With Just 5 Steps!

The moment you understand and accept that it’s a bad day and not a bad life, the turn around starts from there. A bad day is something we have all experienced and still probably will. Basically, it’s inevitable. Most times, when things don’t go as we have planned, and completely turns into a mess, it has a way of affecting our mood and by extension our day. When we experience one of such days, we’re all up in our heads and thoughts, replaying and overthinking, sometimes cringing and wondering why it had to happen like that. The good news is that, you can always turn your bad day around with some of the tips I have included in this post, and reduce the chances of it recurring again often (because if we’re being honest, we are always going to have those ‘days’).

I haven’t been here since the new month started, so it’s only right that I say Happy New Month TPH fam! Second quarter right? So surreal. Like I posted on my Instagram page a while ago, do what matters and leave the rest in this new month and quarter.
April didn’t start off so good for me, In fact, It started off as a bad day. Thankfully, I didn’t let it remain that way. After using some of these tips I’ll be sharing in a moment, I felt better and could even joke about what had happened.


So, How Can I Turn My Bad Day Around?

Bad day

Immerse Yourself In A Positive Space
Of course, embracing positivity just immediately after having been exposed to negative energy is not the easiest. In that moment, you just want to dwell on why it happened that way, but you know what that does? It only keeps you in that bad mood and robs you of the time you should be spending on turning it around. So go to your positive space where you draw your energy from (it could even be here on The Portable Hub!) , you could also listen to a positive podcast. The point is to make sure you’re in a positive place, because that will help you see things clearly and help you know how to love forward from that point.

Unplug From The Internet For A Bit
It’s no news that the internet can be a really vile place. There are people who have saddled themselves with the responsibility of causing commotion, anger and controversy with what they post. Now, imagine digesting that coupled with having a bad day, it’s going to be a very wrecking situation. So sometimes, turning around a bad day may require you to get off the internet for a bit and do something else. You can even journal, or channel your energy into something else that would turn out productive.

Talk To Somebody
Of course, it has to be someone whom you trust, and is ready to listen objectively. This was actually what helped me turn my day around when I was feeling down the other day. I’m always grateful for the people I have in my corner, and the interesting thing is that they are people of different ages and personalities, so when I talk to them, I get different awesome views that I can then sync together and move forward. If you know me, you know how I’m always on about having a great support system, because they ALWAYS come in handy. Most times, letting it all out especially to someone who isn’t judgemental or self involved helps out because, you realize that the more you speak about it, the less it feels worse. It’s like an energy that needs to be released, and speaking about it really helps with the release.

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Music Helps A Lot
I don’t know about you, but I have different playlists that suit different moods, and so when I experience a bad day, I know just what playlist to put on. (Meanwhile, what are your song suggestions for turning around a bad day?) There are people who when they’re having a bad day want to remain in that funk, so they put on songs that make them sadder and extra emotional. There are also some others that like to transition from the bad mood to a better mood, so after the sad songs, they listen to songs that make them feel better. My take is, put in whatever playlist makes you feel better.

Treat Yourself To Something Nice
You know exactly how you feel, and you’re also at liberty to do whatever it is you can to make you feel better, and if that means pampering yourself a little, then by all means do that! It could be a glass of wine, a tub of ice cream, a solo date to the movies or spa, a new dress or my fave; a new shoe! Treat yourself to something amazing that brightens up your mood and turns your day around.

Over To You…
How do you turn around a bad day? Let’s talk in the comments!


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