Let me first say that this is one event I’m so glad I got to attend, like i so needed that break! The blogger point did a really amazing job yet again, in fact, I have to say that this year was much more better and fun than last year’s brunch  because there were more people in attendance and the rain did not disturb us.

So let me just jump right into it!

The 2nd edition of the blogger point’s brunch took place on the 27th of August 2017 at Laguna lounge and bar, central area, Abuja. Please I just have to take a minute to say that Laguna is one very beautiful place, my God! it’s spacious and the ambiance is just very peaceful and relaxing. It’s a place to be indeed.

I got to the event quite late because I got held up at church, and makeup also delayed me because my sister wanted me to look good, I think she did a good job though. The cake had finished when I got there, that’s how late I was. By the time I got there, they were already doing the group activities so I just joined one group. My group was to advertise Wilson’s lemonade juice, and we did a pretty good job if do say so myself but, they gave us 3rd, not fair!

My Group

After the activities, we were given a 45 minutes break to nibble on the small chops, have drinks and network, trust bloggers now, it was picture time for us and we utilised this time to the greatest maximum.

Then there was the seminar which I must say was very insightful, I learned some valuable things which I’d be sharing in a bit. The panelists were Rhoda Kusimo of adorhspeaks.com , Bella of Iambrownie.com  and Lydia Stanley who is a makeup artist.

Lessons Learned

● Invest in your art (blog)

● Put yourself out there

● Think outside the box

● Don’t be afraid to rebrand yourself

● Know your worth

I think these are pretty straightforward tips and honestly, it was a very refreshing session because they shared personal experiences for us to know that some wasn’t built in a day, I loved every bit of it.

After the seminar, there was the award presentation, more pictures and goody bags, yaaay! If you read my last year’s recap , you’d remember that I lost my goody bag, not intentionally anyway, but this year I was able to take my goody bag home, awesome right? I love the contents of my goody bag especially my Ankara notebook by @bellesimpressions which I have already started using today for my French classes.

I also got a scarf from @ceepplered, a beauty blender from @deluxe_hues , a facial mask from @mysha_yourbeauty, a bottle of lemonade from @wilsonsjuiceco and lastly a hairclip.

With Deborah of debwritesblog.com

 With Sarah and Frances  ( you better don’t laugh at me 😑)

With Hadizafrench

I had so much fun and met a lot of new people, I also reconnected with old blogger friends. Just like the last time, I think some people were still surprised to know I’m the portable lady behind mides_thoughts but in a good way though, I got quite a lot of hugs, and you know people were just really nice.

Special shoutout to Leema (iamleema_) and Pelumi (@thelumi_k) 🙌🙌🙌 These two are wonderful people, and they are responsible for all these lovely pictures you see here. Leema was so helpful, I can’t count the number of pictures she took that day and not only for me, for almost everybody. Some people are nice like that. Pelumi too is one very pleasant and talented guy that I’ve added to my new friend list.

hint* blogger × photographer = magic!

Finally, kudos to the blogger point and all the sponsors for a successful event, I pray that God will continue to give you the wisdom to grow this movement.

My fellow Abuja bloggers, we killed it, can’t wait to see you guys again! 💕

Outfit Details

Dress- Tailored (remember mummy favour from my birthday post ? Yeah she made my dress)

Purse- Aaron and Mira

Shoes- Payporte

Makeup- My sister, Demilade

That’s it guys! Thanks for reading to the end, I hope you enjoyed it? What do you think about my recap? I would love to know.


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