During the holidays, I had a wishlist, and one of the items that I wished for was the cassiedaves blog planner, not only did I wish for it, in fact, I prayed for it, no jokes! That’s how bad I wanted it, imagine my happiness when I was able to buy it! I also wished for it last year too, but I was then blessed with my goal digger planner which I won from Sekinat Sanni  . That’s another gem I tell you, check here for more details on that.

So this post is basically a review of the cassiedaves blog planner, is it really useful? Is it worth it? What’s in it that is so special? Yes I will be answering all those questions!
Let me first tell you that it is quite loaded, and even though this is my first time owning it, I’ve  read from bloggers who had both the first and second, that this is a better upgrade, and I know it will only get better as time goes on.

So What’s In The Blog Planner?

The fact that the first page has a catchy yellow background with the words #wemove2018 will definitely make you giddy with excitement and give you that confidence that you’re ready to take on the year!


We then move on to the ownership and blog manifesto pages which look like this;


Ownership page


I personally like the blog manifesto page, because it helps you to review your blog goals, as well as rediscover why you’re really blogging. You have to answer questions like:

what is the aim/purpose of your blog?”

“How do you intend to achieve this?”

The next page is for your blog goals for the year. The good thing about it is that there’s also space for you to break them down into various months, which makes it more realistic. Another feature of the planner I love so much is the daily blog checklist where you can check through to see all you’re supposed to do for the day, not just on your blog alone, but across all your social media platforms.


Then there’s the social media posting schedule to help you manage your time and actually do something meaningful, I mean who wouldn’t love this?

Social media schedule

You can be rest assured that with this planner, you can’t run out of ideas for posting because there’s a page with 99 blog post ideas, err…bye writers block!

Post ideas

My favourite part of this blog planner is the page with the useful blog tools and apps + SEO blog post checklist. why? As a newbie WordPress user, I sometimes run into hitches, but now, I have my ultimate guide right here in this planner to help me adjust properly and nail every blog post!


As regards the tools and apps, up until now, I have not even heard about almost 60 {336d76e3b72b90a72d1a9e737b2bc5f16158671ea99b0ee12e0ef2358279329a} of them, and to know they can do so much to help my blogging process is a huge feat!

See why I love it now?

The planner also gives you room to document your important blog dates, what brand you want to partner with, etc.
For each month, there’s a page for you to list out all you wish to achieve in that month, and how you intend to go about it; the steps, the resources you need, etc.
If you need an extra page or a couple of them actually, to let out that overflowing creative juice, it’s also there!

The blog post calendar and the daily to-do list is also another thing that helps your daily blogging process, as it helps to keep you in line with what you need to do.

To do

For the fashion bloggers and YouTubers who need a place to just put down any style idea that comes up, you got a page too!

Another fav of mine in the cassie daves blog planner is the “Finance Overview page” (Hello smart money lovers!)
I mean it’s time to actually put some of those lessons into action. It records both your earnings and your expenses for each month. This is honestly very much needed before all the money will disappear.


Now at the end of the month, you get to revisit your goals and identify what worked and what didn’t, and what you need to improve on.
Below it is the statistics corner where you input all of your statistics both blog-wise and on social media. Personally, i think it’s amazing because you get to check your growth and how you can do better.


The cassiedaves blog planner is without a doubt a must have for all bloggers, because it serves as a proper guide to help you throughout the year, In order for you to actually reach those goals you have outlined.

Cassie definitely did a great job, and that little ‘thank you note’ you get when you purchase it is everything!
So if you’re thinking of getting this planner, I say go for it! You’d be glad you did.

Are you a fan of planners? Have you used the cassiedaves blog planner before? If not which ones have you used? Let’s talk in the comment section.

P.s- I’ve been trying to put up this post since morning, but MTN will not let me be great! Sorry guys.



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