I’ve had this idea of writing to my younger self for a while now, because growing up, we all have certain expectations and how we want our lives to be, but you and I know it doesn’t always end up that way. So I thought it would be fun to write this open letter here under my portable diaries, share some untold stories and at the same time, address certain issues adulting has taught me.

Warning: Proceed with caution, because I won’t be responsible for anyone choking on their food or drinks while laughing.

Here goes…

Dear smally,
… wini-wini (pronounced weenee-weenee meaning tiny) , or whatever nickname you’re stuck with now, oh trust me there are a truckload of them, not to worry, you’d eventually get used to it. I hope you’re not trying to devour every plate of beans you see at home, don’t stress yourself, it was all a big SCAM, the hereditary bit still caught up with you.

I mean, it bothered you for a while, you even cried and asked God several times to add just a few inches to your height, especially after hearing that man’s testimony of suddenly growing taller. Yes, it fuelled your faith for a very long time that anything was possible, but you’d soon discover that you were just being silly, and God was really cracking up with all those tantrums you threw, you know why? Portable became the new hot!

As expected, you are the smallest in the house, and you have the smallest feet as well, so don’t even think of wearing anybody’s shoes in the future, your feet swam in them. They’d make a little joke here and there when you try to reach things, but your signature stare will shut them up, after all, you’re still the first child, and the four of them have to respect you.


All six years at BMJS (your secondary school) was fun-ish, but the University environment is going to be quite strange at first, but like always, you’d end up with numerous friends all over the school. You know it’s not everyday people see humans the height of their younger siblings becoming their course mates or even a year or more ahead of them, it just ‘shouldn’t be’.

Even lecturers will dispute your age with you, and try all the tricks in the books to make you feel embarrassed, if only they knew how thick your skin was. You’d even feel very badass one day in final year, and look at that one man in the eye, and tell him you’ve been his student since the first year, and it’s not your fault he doesn’t recognise you. Okay I’m kidding, you didn’t get that far, but you did look him in the eye with all the confidence in the world!

Don’t even get me started on the stares, oh honey, they never stop, I don’t think they ever will to be honest. People will go as far as stopping on the road and begin to debate on whether you’re a child or an adult. Now I know those guys were simply jobless, but I’m telling you, this is the length people can go to just after seeing your beautiful, awesome self. Like the boy scouts will say, be prepared!


Graduating from uni was amazing, because you did great with them grades, who knew right? I know! Those A’levels classes eventually paid off, especially in the aspect of writing. You’d later start this thing called a blog, where you share your thoughts with a lot of people all over the world. It became your little space and quite a number of people actually loved it!


This blog was created from a place of confidence and self love, and the desire to share it with everyone dealing with their own personal ‘portable’ issues. You wanted everyone to know that it was okay to be unique, different and flawsome, because perfect is overrated. You’d even go as far as sharing tips on handling variety of issues; business, style, faith, to mention but few. You my darling are a genius!



You had your fair share of relationships before deciding to really focus on God and yourself, before aligning yourself with anybody else. Update: Totally worth it! Nevertheless, the future husband and his entire family are ALWAYS in your prayers. You’ve also told Abba about when you’d like the link up to be, it was a very funny conversation that day.


Becoming a manager is probably one of the most ‘adulting’ things you’ve ever done, even NIM (Nigerian Institute of Management) didn’t prepare you for this, but you’re gradually rising to the task and daddy says he’s very proud of you!

You’re going to realise one day as you begin to reminisce, that nothing can stop you from whatever you set your mind to do, not even your 3 or 4 foot self, never really bothered to check. My point is, you are made in the image of your father, and there’s greatness in that image too. The world has only just begun to see you unravel, little do they know that the best is yet to come.


Remain the portable girl with the big dreams, don’t change for nobody.

Oh by the way, the name Aramide kinda stuck, some people still don’t know your first name is Adeola. It doesn’t really matter anyway, you love them both!

Your beautiful self.

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On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy my letter? What things do you wish to tell your younger self if you could? I would love to know.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mide ♡


  1. I can really imagine the struggle. We are all beautiful in our own ways.

    I would have told my younger self to let it all out and never ever repress memories again because they will come back to hunt you until you deal with it.

    I’m still confused on how your feet is smaller, cos i wear 37.

  2. Hmmm, very powerful message there, and I love it.
    And yes, I absolutely agree, we are all beautiful in our own ways!
    Babe I wear 36, sometimes even 35, so yeah, my feet is actually pretty small! 😊

  3. I cracked up really hard at point you said you prayed to grow taller.🙈 I loved reading every part of it.
    I have always wanted to write a letter to my younger self this post just gave me a jot to get on it. Well-done❤

  4. Babe, it was a struggle! Like I was legit crying 😂😂
    Thank you for reading, and I await your own letter ❣

  5. I really loved this and being short myself, and I have small feet too, I could really relate to what you were saying. Beautiful words, your writing is great and I loved how open you were, sharing all of your thoughts and wisdom. You are right, we’re all beautiful in our own way and perfection is 100% overrated. 💕

    1. Thank you so much Molly! I’m glad you loved this, I love sharing some personal details about me here, and it’s amazing to get these kind of feedbacks.
      Thank you❣

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