Affirmations: The What, Why and How?

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, especially on Instagram , you would quickly detect my love for affirmations. For every new week, I express my expectations and speak into existence what I want for that particular week using affirmations. I have come to realise that quite a number of people can’t resonate with it because they don’t understand how to use it to effect changes in their lives. Frankly speaking some don’t even see the point. For today’s #mondayinspiration post, I’ll be sharing what exactly affirmations are, and why and how you should get on it quickly!

I trust that you’ve been doing good? I know you have.


An affirmation is a declaration of something. You want something to happen, you declare it and speak it till it begins to manifest. This is about the length, breadth, and height of it. In the self-help, and inspiration world, affirmations are very important tools that are used to bring about the kind of things that you want for your life. Now, it’s very easy to think it’s a waste of time, especially because sometimes it requires you to repeat them as often as you can, and by then you begin to think of yourself like a broken record. No, that’s far from it.


To declare these things that you desire to become your reality or to affirm them means that you have an understanding that these words carry life, and they have the power to transform your life completely. Now I’ll tell you honestly that this doesn’t take away the fact that for a while it will seem really stupid, mainly because at that moment you’re trying to train your mind and brain to believe and focus on something that you’re still quite doubtful about. Make sense?

In fact, sometimes you may hit a sort of roadblock that you may consider as a failure while using these affirmations, and you’re like ‘I knew this was crap all along!’

Well , been there, done that.

But you see, it’s actually not crap. I got introduced to the world of affirmations sometime in 2016 while I was doing a self-love challenge. I was required to say and write down certain things on a daily basis, and honestly I felt really weird and uncomfortable for the first two weeks thereabout. Some of the people who joined me in this challenge also said the same thing. Like I said earlier, it’s not easy to focus your mind on what you don’t believe in.

By the end of the challenge however, I was in a more comfortable place when it comes to using affirmations. I knew this because I was sort of tested at the end of the challenge. My reaction to the test wouldn’t have been the same prior to that challenge, and I knew that a change had occurred, so much that it surprised me too.

For every week that I put up new affirmations, I take a look back at the week before , look at the things I want to change and write them down. So for instance, if in the previous week, I was stuck in a creative rut and had a writer’s block, you would see something like ‘This week, I am overflowing with creative ideas everyday, under no circumstances do I experience a writer’s block’. And I would repeat it and write it down throughout that week till I see it working.

The interesting thing about your mind is that once you begin to focus on something, your brain starts looking for ways to achieve that thing.

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Honestly, life is too short for you not to live it as best as you can. A lot of things can happen in your life just from the things that you tell yourself. Some people are pros in negative self-talk, they are masters of diving straight into impossibilities. It has become a part of them so much that it has become a defence mechanism for them . They just have no expectations whatsoever, and while they think it’s helping them get by in life, it might only lead to a journey of self sabotage.


You see, affirmations launches you to the path of possibilities. Achieving your goals becomes more feasible because your brain is regularly acquainted with the thought of that goal. Personally, I see it as operating from a place of solutions rather than being focused on problems, or something that is yet to come. For me, affirmations come from a belief that I am already manifesting these things that I am speaking. And that’s why most times, it’s in present tense. I mean, at the beginning you may not even use them with outright confidence, but along the way It begins to give you a more positive outlook on life.

Remember that being positive doesn’t mean that you’re over the moon at all times, it simply means that even on the gloomy days, you’re confident that there are better days ahead. These words that you declare to yourself everyday is the vehicle that takes you through the journey of confidence and right into the better days.


I’m glad you asked. Having established that affirmations are great, you can however use them and not accomplish anything if you do it the wrong way. There is a thin line between desiring something and obsessing over that thing. The moment you’re so focused on something, and your affirmations are being spoken from a place of being needy and obsessive it won’t work because the moment you experience a slight delay in on achieving that goal, you begin to think that you’re a failure. So yeah, that’s one way you shouldn’t go about it.

Another way affirmations won’t work and allow you to flourish is when you allow your internal conflicts supersede the affirmations. When you keep over thinking and wondering what the heck you’re actually doing, well you’re setting up yourself for sabotage. Just like everything else I talk about here, the use of affirmations is a purely intentional process. It is a purposeful journey that you should be committed to, but with caution.

I meditate a lot. Usually when I do this I make sure there is obviously no form of distraction, and then I think about what I really want in terms of my goals and all of that, and then I visualise them. Now this visualisation comes from a place of attainment, so I see myself already achieving that goal, and that’s where my affirmations stem from.


Whatever it is that I may have visualized, I write them down on my sticky notes and put them on my wardrobe door where I can see them everyday. I have some notepads where I usually repeatedly write them down when I can, to make sure I start to really believe it.
It usually begins with a desire or a goal which I’m sure you have, and then it goes further to visualizing and speaking it into existence. They say ‘seeing is believing’, and so the normal thing is that you only believe something when you’ve seen it. But using affirmations requires that you have to believe in a thing to see it materialize.

I have included a checklist of some daily affirmations that I use, and that have worked for me, and I hope it serves as a guide for you as you begin your journey of being intentional with speaking amazing things into your reality. Remember you’re in charge of your life.


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Over To You…
Do you use affirmations? Do you find them helpful or do you think they’re a waste of time? I would love to know your thoughts!


19 thoughts on “Affirmations: The What, Why and How?”

  1. I believe in positivity
    So i agree that affirmations really helps,but the thing is dat i actually don’t say dem always or write dem looks like a waste of time writin dem repeatedly.
    Now readin your post has help me to understand it better.
    well-done ✌

  2. People always joke at affirmations, but they work. The words that come out of your mouth make a difference and if you are always speaking in negative emotions, it will make it so much harder to be happy and achieve your goals. Thank you for this quick reminder. I use them from time to time, but should really make it a daily thing.

  3. Self affirmations are wonderful and come up when you really need them. I write them down sometimes but wish I’d write them down more.

  4. I remember taking hypnose therapy appointment and she told me so much about affirmation and my perception of the world by what I was saying. Thanks so much for this complete article!

  5. I have felt the power of affirmations and positivity in my life. Appreciating what you have and constantly working towards what you want in your life by being positive and being in action is a perfect recipe for success.

  6. I love this idea! I should start doing this as it will help me a lot to be positive and to love more.

  7. I do practice affirmations from time to time, especially during challenging moments. Even if they haven’t worked every time, I’ve definitely learned something important from the episode when they haven’t, so it’s only win-win.

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