Welcome! I’m glad you made it here!

I’m Mide, the face behind The Portable Hub, a Nigerian based inspiration and lifestyle blog that covers a wide range of categories like daily inspiration, personal development, lifestyle, style, relationships, and a lot more.

I’m a 25 year old portable lady who loves her heels, but would rather spend her days indoors in front of her laptop neck-deep in TV series than go anywhere -That is when I’m not carrying out my administrative duties in the school where I manage. I’m also very passionate about writing which is why I started The Portable Hub in March 2015.

More than just loving the thrill that comes with writing, I am more passionate about seeing young people literally taking giant strides and living their best lives. Which is why I share inspirational tips every week to give that boost and push that we all need most times to go after what we want.

As someone who used to be really insecure about being ‘small’, I decided at some point to take a journey down the road of self love, which has now led me to thriving in my individuality, and wearing the portable badge with honour. Sometimes, I also share funny stories of my life as a portable lady under the portable diaries category, with the aim of making people understand that you shouldn’t allow things like how you look deter you from going after the life you deserve.

Personal development is a really big deal to me, and so if you’re looking for tips on how to take yourself from your comfort zone to where you begin to make things happen, I can assure you that you’ve come to the right place. There are posts on how to develop yourself career-wise, emotionally, faith-wise, educationally and even financially (mostly with help from my friends in finance!).

The Portable Hub is an inspiration and lifestyle blog that seeks to motivate and inspire you on a daily basis. It aims at making you better in every sphere of life as well as make you smile with the varieties of posts that go up every week. Be it inspiration, fashion, faith, music, food, movies, portable diaries, blogging tips, our posts are written with the intention of making you desire more out of life than what you’re currently experiencing, and to make you see things from a different perspective. With positivity as our watchword, we do not compromise as we feed on positive vibes only, all
day, everyday. Not only do we want you to reach your goal, we want you to have fun while at it and thrive in your own individuality. You’re welcome to join our portable community!

The Portable Hub is a community for goal setters and goal smashers, people who love themselves wholeheartedly without allowing the opinion of others affect the way they live their lives. As the name implies, it is a little hub of relaxation, but also a place of action.

So sit back and let’s enjoy this ride together!