The art of remaining calm is such a luxury these days. A lot of people can’t afford to stay calm, because we now live in a world where there’s so much hustle, bustle and pressure from work, from family, from friends, from the country and from social media to last for a lifetime. Patience is very far from the order of the day, and this shouldn’t be the case. In today’s #mondayinspiration post, I’ll be sharing some tips to help you stay calm under pressure.

This weekend was probably the shortest ever! Like it was Friday and now it’s Monday, I hope yours was amazing though?

Frankly speaking, you don’t really want to come off as that person who is always cranky and angry, nobody likes that, but if you could be a little bit calmer, approachable and nicer, I believe you’d be a go-to person.

I’m here to help with that!

So how do you stay calm under pressure?

1) Be Patient: First, you need to breathe, then you need to exercise patience. Honestly, patience is indeed a virtue. As individuals, we need to understand that not everything happens instantly, no matter how easy communication has proven to be in recent times, some things don’t happen that fast and that’s life! So one of the steps to remaining calm without getting agitated or frustrated when things don’t come with quick results is to remain patient.

2) Always Have a Plan B: … or plan C as the case may be, because anything can happen at any time, and this could cause you to flare up or start stressing. In order for this to be avoided, always have a backup plan for everything basically. If the first plan does not work out, you can always resort to the second or third plan without feeling so overwhelmed. It helps you stay prepared for whatever happens.


“If the first plan does not work out, you can always resort to the second or third plan without feeling so overwhelmed.”

3) Take Things Easy: Life is really not that hard, so you should take things easy and stay positive. That’s not to say that difficult things won’t happen along the way, but your mindset and approach to that challenge is what really matters. Stay calm, take things easy, and look at all the possible solutions to whatever difficulty you have been presented with.

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4) Take Time Out For Yourself: Don’t be too busy for yourself, it will only increase your stress levels, and if not properly managed, one day there might be just a little tick, and poof! You explode. You need to take time out to relax and do something you love, something that makes you happy. This will lessen the the chances of you getting so cranky every time.


5) Understand That You Don’t Have Control Over Everything: Pretty explanatory right? Some things are just beyond your control, and the moment you understand that, the more calm you become. I get that sometimes you make some plans and while some fall into place, some others don’t, yeah, it happens to the best of us. We can only do our best and leave the rest, literally. The moment you understand this, you will have a more relaxed approach to things and take them as they come.

6) Take One Step At a Time: Personally, there are times I can multitask, mostly when it comes to cooking, but when it comes to things that require a huge part of my intellectual capabilities, I usually take it one step at a time. I have noticed that when I take on too much, I can forget something I was just told, I start snapping at people, I can’t even concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing. Now the key is to focus on one thing, do it properly and move on to the next task. This helps you to give your best to that one task without having to re-do it simply because you were trying to multitask. Naturally, when you do what is expected of you and you tackle it well, you feel happy and that inner peace is there knowing that you did your best.


Are you currently under pressure? I’m pretty sure these tips will take you a step closer to that calm state of mind you so desire.

How do you stay calm when under pressure? I would love to share in your thoughts.

Have a stress-free week ahead!



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