Self acceptance is something that quite a number of people still struggle with, whether it’s a part of your body, or certain skills or behaviour, you just feel like you don’t measure up. This in turn causes a multiplier effect on how you see yourself, that little voice keeps telling you that you’re not enough, the things you see around you, on social media, begins to serve as a yardstick on how your life should be, and that’s when comparison kicks in. In our #mondayinspiration post today, we’ll be looking 6 tips to help you accept who you are.

I hope you had an amazing weekend? Mine couldn’t have been better, all thanks to God. I know I was MIA throughout last week, Yeah, some life updates kicked in and I had to deal with that first, but I’m back!

Okay, to the business of the day…

What tips can you adapt to truly accept yourself for who you are?

1) Realise Your Uniqueness: No one is you, and that is your power. The earlier you realise that you’re unique in your own way, the better your chances are at accepting yourself. You need to be constantly aware that you’re one in a billion people, literally. So thrive in your own individuality and love yourself.

2) Be Kind To Yourself: You’re not perfect, but you’re flawsome, and you need all the kindness you can get. The way you treat yourself is exactly how people will treat you, so you might want to be more invested in showing just a little more kindness to yourself.

3) Believe in Yourself: Keep on believing that you’re the best, and you’ll see it reflecting in everything you do. Whatever it is that you do, make sure you give your best and believe that it’ll turn out successful. Once you begin to doubt yourself, you take one step away from accepting yourself.


4) Control The Tiny Voice: We all have that tiny voice in our heads that could sometimes be a voice of reason, and at other times, that voice could bring us down. That’s why it needs to be controlled. You need to know when to listen to it and when not to. When it begins to sound like self doubt or centre around your insecurities, you know it’s time to shut it up.

5) Embrace and Celebrate Your Virtues: You’re a bundle of potentials, in fact there are some of your potentials that you’re yet to tap into. Celebrate your virtues and achievements, it has a great way of boosting your confidence level . Look for those your hidden potentials, embrace them and utilise them in the best way possible.

6) Don’t Look Back: I mean, that’s not where you’re going. Your focus should be in front. Sometimes, you just randomly sit and begin to think back to what could have been achieved, things you failed at, how things could have been different, I don’t know if it happens to you, but it happens to me. Now what I’ve learned in the process is that you should have the courage to accept that you failed and you could do better, but you should also have the wisdom to know that you’re not a failure. Rather than sit and regret over the past, let it push you to be more determined to keep going forward.

All of these processes will definitely not happen overnight, but for everyday that you learn to accept yourself, enjoy the process and be more determined to love yourself and bloom in your own uniqueness. Only then can you really love and accept other people.

What’s your take on self love and acceptance? I would love to know your thoughts.

Have an amazing week!

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