Many of us came into this year with great dreams and aspirations, with so much excitement, we were hopeful that this year was the year that everything changes. With the help of our vision boards, journals, goal books, etc we were more than ready to take on 2018. Now it’s the second quarter of the year, and we can’t seem to find that zeal to proceed, it looks like we’re ‘stuck’. In today’s #mondayinspiration post, I’ll be sharing 5 ways that will help you to stay motivated towards your goals, till they are achieved.

How was your weekend? Mine was fulfilling and interesting, because I achieved one of my goals for this month, baby steps ay? (more details on that during the week!)

Feeling uninspired or unmotivated happens to the best of the best, trust me, so don’t be so quick to tag yourself a failure, rather look for ways to press on .


How then can you stay motivated till you achieve your goals?

1) WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS: If you follow this blog very well, you’d know that this is one of the things I usually say here. It’s not enough to just have those dreams in your head, you need to write them down as well. Writing down your goals makes them clearer and helps to serve as a reminder. I personally make use of sticky notes and paste them where I can see them and remind myself of how far I’ve come, and what’s left to be done. Do what works for you, but make sure you’re specific and you stay true to yourself.

2) BREAK DOWN YOUR GOALS: Sometimes, we have these big goals that just sit there in our goal books with no idea of how to implement them. This is where breaking down our goals comes in. It’s beautiful to have big dreams, but it’s even more amazing to have them achieved. When you’re able to tick off those smaller goals that will eventually lead up to that one big dream, you will definitely stay motivated to continue. This is why I love the cassiedaves blog planner, because it gives you that space where you can be realistic with how you want to achieve your goals. Be intentional.

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3) DO AWAY WITH DISTRACTIONS: In trying to achieve anything in life, there will be things that will distract you, so many things will be vying for your attention in an attempt to take your eyes off the ‘price’. It is now left for you to either give in or do away with them. Today I’ll tell you that for you to stay motivated towards your goals, you should do away with distractions. Stay focused.

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4) BE CONSISTENT: Consistency will not only help you to be more disciplined, but it will take you a step further to your goals every day. You might have that tussle with procrastination very often, other times it might just be that the zeal is no longer there, just remember that consistency will always put you in the best position in achieving your dreams.

5) ALWAYS KEEP THE BIG PICTURE IN MIND: My friend told me a couple of days ago that if anybody has the chance to see what’s in her head, we’re going to say she’s crazy! Why? Dude has some big dreams, and she’s always visualizing it, even when we have our conversations, I’m always amazed. The truth however, is that I see this method working for her, she wants to do something, she’s already working towards it and visualizing the end result. When it seems like you cannot go on, or find the ways to achieve these goals, start visualizing the big picture. You will realize that you’ll get that positive energy to get back to work.

You can only achieve your goals when you stay motivated.

I hope this post has helped a little? How do you stay motivated towards achieving your goals?

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Have a great week!


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