5 Tips To Handle Disappointments

I had this slightly disappointing experience yesterday in church, and I had no idea how bothered I was by it, till I grabbed my phone hours later at night and this blog post was birthed. We’ve all faced several disappointing situations at some point in our lives, but the question is what exactly do we do after things don’t go our way? Sulk and transfer the aggression on loved ones? Or do you just give up totally on such matters? Obviously, it won’t be easy to just move on, especially if that thing could have helped you grow as a person, single you out in your career, to mention but few. However, there are certain things you need to understand about handling disappointments, and I’ve shared 5 of these helpful tips in today’s #mondayinspiration post.

How did your weekend go? I personally had a great time, In fact my summer is going really well! I attended another event, and caught up with some more blogger babes. It was amazing!


Disappointment – The emotion felt when a strongly held expectation is not met.



So, in church yesterday it was announced that there’ll be a summer training program for everyone and one of the things listed there was blog creation, online marketing and creative writing. As soon as I saw this, I was excited, especially with the ‘blog’ part. I decided within me that I was going to volunteer, just in case they needed extra hands.

The thought of sharing the little I have gathered over the years and still gathering, made me a little nervous but strangely excited, for me this is growth. Normally, I won’t even have looked at that flyer twice, talk less of wanting to volunteer, but I just really wanted to. So, I walked up to the coordinator, introduced myself, said all the necessary things, and included that in case she was looking for an extra hand to help with the training, I’d like to volunteer.
She goes “Oh, that’s what I do, but if I need you, I’ll let you know”. So, I smile, tell her there’s no problem and go my way. Apparently my sister also noticed that there was something wrong with her statement but we just let it go, but yes, I felt really bothered by it.


As I was about sleeping, I found myself drawing out some lessons from this little incidence of disappointment, and how to handle it next time, and of course I thought it might help someone too! Whether it’s in business, career, school, marriage, relationships, friendships, etc, disappointments are bound to occur.

How to handle disappointments;

1) Have it at the back of your mind that things won’t always go your way every time: Very important! You’re no longer that kid who can have everything when you ask, you’re an adult now, and that means you’d have to accept the fact that not everything will end up how you want it. It’s just life. I know it sounds harsh, it’s tough love.

2) Don’t be discouraged by the ‘No’, it’s the worst case scenario: I mean, really what’s worst than the ‘no’? Some might even twist it, but then, you’ll know when someone is interested in what you have to say and when they are not. The key here is not to be discouraged, gather your thoughts, prep yourself and keep going, especially if it’s going to be beneficial to your growth and personal development.

3) Keep doing what you do, and get better at it! Let that disappointment push you to want to do more: Simply put, use that disappointment to propel you to do better! Don’t doubt yourself or your skills, just because someone doesn’t share in that thought process. Do you boo!

4) Don’t be afraid to share your ideas to people around you, you might even know more than you think you do: Whenever there’s an opportunity, don’t assume they have all they need, try to volunteer, and if doesn’t work out, come back here (you’re always welcome!), and read from the first point again! Seriously though, be more than willing to share your ideas with others, as well as learn from them too. There are tons of people who are willing to sit and learn from you.

5) Not everything is an attack against you, sometimes it just happens like that: Sometimes, it’s always not that deep, at that moment, there’s probably no room for your idea or volunteering because there’s already a breakdown of how things should go and how many people they need, or the budget has been exceeded so that idea you’re pitching might not be able to fall through, it could even be that there’s no time to execute. The point is, there might be other factors involved and you might have to look at it from that point of view as well. Of course, you’d still feel disappointed, but at least you’d feel a little better seeing it from another perspective.

There you have it guys!

What disappointing situation pushed you to do better? Let’s talk in the comments.

Have a disappointment-free week ahead!

4 thoughts on “5 Tips To Handle Disappointments”

  1. Oh dear, that must have been really disappointing and even enough to discourage or spoil one’s day. She could have gone, ‘ Oh that’s amazing, I blog as well. Let’s rub mind together to see what we can create for the event.’ And maybe add, ‘But only one person would be allowed to speak, we’d find a common ground, okay.’ Something like that.

    But like you said, sometimes, the speaker has no evil intention and could just be speaking directly so as not to raise your hope up. One thing I have also come to learn is that everyone is fighting for themselves too and isn’t out to hurt us in the process.

    It’s interesting how you mange to coin an insightful post out of that act.


    1. Babe! Thank You, I didn’t even know when I got out my phone and started typing. And I totally agree with You, I felt bad for a bit, but then it occurred to me that they probably have all they need at that moment, and they won’t want to raise my hopes like you said.

      Thanks for always stopping by Debs❤

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