So this post was actually supposed to go up last week Monday, but somehow it got deleted. I was so discouraged because it was at the moment when I was about to publish that I realized it wasn’t there again. Talk about a setback in my schedule, but I was however encouraged by the word from a friend of mine, he said “it’s part of the story of a great blogger”. While the moral of this story is not about me saying I’m a great blogger, this is me telling you that in your journey to success, so many errors and setbacks will happen, but you’re NOT to remain sad and defeated, you get back up and get back in the grind! In today’s #mondayinspiration post, I’ll sharing some tips that will help us regarding how to manage our time, especially as we go into the new week. I’ll be sharing 5 time management hacks to help us get things done on time and efficiently.

I hope you had a great weekend?

Time management


1) PLAN YOUR WORK: With each day comes different tasks, and the key to getting ahead of them is making a plan and getting started. Look for the best way to go about your daily schedule and stick with it. Allocate more time to those tasks that would span longer than usual, while you deal with the minimal tasks after.

2) REDUCE YOUR TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: In as much as a huge part of our lives are now internet-oriented, sometimes it’s okay to take a step back and do more ‘real-life’ productive work. This will allow you to re-strategize, and come up with new ways to be even more productive in your virtual life.

3) ALLOCATE TIME LIMITS TO EVERY TASK: For every task that you have to do, let there be a time frame for it. This allows you to stay in check, and stay on top of your work. It will also help you cope better with your work, especially if you seem to be slacking in any of your tasks. This is a sure way to get you back on track, and by extension back on top.

4) STAY HYDRATED AND STAY HEALTHY: While trying to utilise your time management skills, don’t forget that it is important that you take care of yourself first. Always stay hydrated, and when you need to take a break to eat, take that break. Let’s face it, you won’t even be able to get anything done when you’re extremely hungry or thirsty.

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5) DON’T BE ALL OVER THE PLACE: It is very important for your sanity and wellbeing, that you focus on one thing at a time. Don’t be all over the place in a bid to beat time. You’ll only end up getting overwhelmed and frustrated. So let’s take it one step at a time, shall we?

You’re totally in charge what you do with your time, spend it wisely!

What methods do you use to manage your time?

Have a great week!



  1. Mide dishing life saving tips from time immemorial. Yes to reducing time on social media. That alone can make one useless if not well planned.

  2. Why does staying hydrated seem like a lot of work even when I have a water bottle. Going to the dispenser seems like work

    1. Lol! I can relate, 😆 but you just really have to make a conscious effort so that you don’t start to feel uneasy.
      Thanks for reading Deolu!

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