5 Things To Do For Yourself – On Exploring and Leaving Your Comfort Zone

I officially went back to work last week, and I can say I had a pretty decent summer break. One thing I was really intentional about this holiday was breaking away from fixed routines. I arrived at this decision after I read “The Magic Of Thinking Big” . This decision meant that I had to go out more alone, explore and focus on myself. Now this was a little scary and new, but it meant coming out of my comfort zone. In this post, I’ll be sharing some things that you need to do for yourself and why it’s really important!

Don’t get me wrong. Family, friends, loved ones are amazing and great! I mean, we need to have that support system that we draw from and people who can lift our hands up. However, spending more time with yourself can help your improve your lifestyle, help your mental health and boost your self confidence.

If we’re being honest, a routine life can be pretty depressing, exhausting and monotonous. You keep going round the same circle for so long that it becomes the norm for you, meanwhile there’s a whole life out there for you to explore and discover more about yourself and your purpose. No matter how busy life gets with work, school, kids, family, etc, your ‘me-time’ should NEVER be compromised. It might seem impossible, but it’s not. Baby steps, okay.
So what things can you really do for yourself?

1. Treat Yourself: No matter how little it is, make that effort to treat yourself, because you absolutely deserve it. It’s so easy to get caught up with taking care of other people, which is not bad, but you should always remember to give yourself some good loving too. What is that thing that you’ve always wanted to do? Is it a spa treatment? Some new pairs of something? A concert ticket? Just do it!

2. Switch Things Up: Don’t keep doing the same thing till it’s too late. Mix up your routine. Try a new hairstyle, register for a new course, pick up a new hobby, take a new route, read a new book, try a new recipe, go to a new restaurant, and the list goes on and on. You only get to live once, don’t live a boring life.


3. Take Yourself On a Solo Lunch/Dinner Or Trip: I remember on my birthday , I was really looking forward to dining alone, which I did. I just went into the restaurant, sat close to the window, ordered, had my lunch and I just embraced the solitude. Truth be told, these solo experiences give you clarity, they help you put certain things in perspective. This is really important for every individual.

My platter at the Jerk shack Abuja.

4. Volunteer: Technically, somebody else is at the receiving end of this, but volunteering can do a lot for you as a person. It humbles you, it serves as an eye opener, it gives you a whole new experience that you probably haven’t had before, and you begin to discover some more things about yourself. I’m currently a volunteer for “The Young Shapers Club” and what we do is to enrol the internally displaced kids in school. I went to their camp some weeks back, and it was life-changing. I remember the person I went with asked me if I had ever experienced anything like that before, and I replied in the negative. To see the joy and determination on those kids’ faces was priceless, and it made me happy as well.

5. Always Reflect: It’s important that you take some time off regularly to always reflect on your goals, faith, aspirations, values, to mention but few. Have that time where you think back, form your opinions without the inputs of the third party and stick to them! What are those things that you desire out of life? Reflect on them and write them down. Cultivate the art of journaling. Shut down distractions i.e phones, social media and the rest and just bask in your own solitude, it’ll do you a lot of good trust me.

The list of things to do for yourself is endless, but we’ll leave it here today. I just want you to always bear in mind that there’s only one of you, and you deserve every good thing that life has got to offer, so don’t just sit by, give yourself some good good loving.

Over to you…

What things have you done to take you out of your comfort zone this year?

Let’s talk in the comments.

Have a great week ahead!



36 thoughts on “5 Things To Do For Yourself – On Exploring and Leaving Your Comfort Zone”

  1. I went out to search for a job because I discovered that my business isn’t one that allows me to meet new people and I really love meeting new people so I went for it, I’m glad that’s paying off now. Thanks Mide, been wanting to go to the spa since like forever, I think I’ll do that on my birthday weekend so I can do all tick that off my list.

    1. I wish I was more like you in the aspect of meeting people, I could be really introverted when it comes to that, but I’m gradually coming out of my she’ll though. I’m glad it’s really paying off for you.
      Keep us in the loop for that birthday turn up though!
      Thanks for reading and sharing hun❤

  2. This is a good list of things that we need to remember to do! I feel like I need to be better about doing all of them honestly. I definitely need to get better at going out and doing things by myself, since I always feel a little nervous and awkward when I go out alone. But I think it’s an important habit to develop and I have been trying to work on doing more things alone recently.

    1. I always feel the same way too, but I’ve come to realize that there are certain things you need to experience alone just for your overall well-being. I’m looking forward to your progress in that aspect.
      Thanks for reading and sharing Gracie! ❤

    1. I totally agree! In your case however, a slower approach might be helpful, so nothing drastic, but a change or a switch up is always a great idea! ❤

  3. Such good advice! I never like doing things alone, and my boyfriend always tells me how I should. I recently started going to the mall alone, and even sat for some lunch! I tried putting my phone down and really enjoying the moment, I actually ended up talking to another girl, we soon became friends. Went completely out of my comfort zone and it helped me understand that life is happening around us!

  4. This year, I quit my day job to blog full-time from home. Pretty crazy right? I had to push myself out of my comfort zone and now that I have, it feels great. I set my own work schedule, take long afternoon naps and work at night without distractions. It feels really good!

  5. Leaving my comfort zone was my greatest struggle in life. I left a stable job, a budding career, and my family and friends for so many years to live with my husband. That’s the best thing I have ever done in my life.

  6. Great post! This is true it’s important that you take some time off regularly to always reflect on your goals and aspirations in life and it’s always a good idea to explore

  7. I love number 2. 🙂 I think that’s one of the hardest things for most people to do and I used to feel very awkward about it before, as well. Now, it’s a treat to take myself out! I love reflecting and appreciating myself and my life while enjoying my favorite dishes.

  8. Sheena Moncatar

    3 years ago, decided to leave my comfort zone and explored places I thought I would never see. It was the best decision I have ever done!

  9. I really need to print this out and stare at it for a long time so that I will just find a life. And , going out alone is Sooo satisfying, moving on your own pace and time. Its underrated

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