1. Last year december, I wrote a post on my holiday wishlist , and I had about 5 items present in that list. Now I had just written with the belief that somehow I would get them. Amongst the first three items in my wishlist were ‘The smart money woman’ and the ‘Cassiedaves Blog Planner’ and since I wasn’t too ‘rich’ at the time to get these items, I resorted into giveaways.

Everywhere that I saw people giving out any of these two things, I always participated. At some point, I stopped limiting my chances to the ‘cassiedaves’ brand but any form of planner or goal book that could just aid my productivity.

Okay enough long story, you guys already know I won the ‘ Smart money woman ‘ , and now I also won the ‘goaldigger’ goal book by Adebola Idowu through the Sekinat Sanni giveaway. (No jazz here people! It’s just favour 😂)

My post today is not to gloat about my winnings as it may have seemed😊 but to tell you the importance of having a planner or a goal book.


Here goes;

1) A Goal Book/Planner Will Limit Procrastination: When you write what you want to do down, it lingers on your conscience. You see it and you know that you have to do it, especially if it’s something that will help you in the long run. Everytime you are those goals you’ve written down, it sort of gives you a slight nudge to go and do it immediately thereby getting rid of procastination.

2) A Goal Boook/Planner Will Help you Know What’s Working and What’s Not: After writing down some of the things you want to do, you notice that for everyday you write, some things are not just working while some are really taking a huge upturn. You then know how to re-strategise and fix whatever might be wrong as well as intensify whatever is making the other goals work.

3) A Goal Book/Planner Will Definitely Make You a Better Person: Gone are the days of the unproductive and mediocre lifestyle. Say hello to the new you who is now more serious about getting things done and being very meticulous and cool while at it! I have come to realize that these days, a lot of people are very much about managing their time wisely and making the best of it. Join the train too!

4) A Goal Book/Planner Will Double As Your  Reminder And Diary: If you’re like me that tends to forget things sometimes, then your goal book will be a life saver for you. It will also be your companion where you can write all those ‘big’ dreams that you think will sound crazy to people.

5) A Goal Book/Planner Will Help In Every Sphere of Your Life: For every of your goals; be it financial, social, spiritual, career, business, academics, health, family and relationship goals, your goal book has got you! At least mine has so, all you need to do is make good use of it and ensure that you’re not just writing in it but actually working towards making the year a more productive one.

A goal book/ planner is a beautiful tool to help you get closer to your dreams and aspirations and if you can, you should get one for yourself. It helps you to be more accountable for every thing you do and every decision you make, so that at the end of the whole year, you can boldly say “To God Be The Glory” when you’ve achieved all you wanted to.

Join the movement and be a goal digger today!

Over to You…

Do you have a goal book/ Planner? Does it help you to be more productive? Do you think it’s over rated?  I would love to know your thoughts.

P.s- This is not a sponsored post! I just felt to write it.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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