Let me first welcome you to the month of July, the month of perfection. June had quite a number of gloomy moments, especially for us as a country, however, we’re hopeful that this new month will be perfect and filled with only the best news. Personally, as much as I want my country to be a safe and perfect place to stay, I want that growth to extend to my personal life and development- I also want the same for you too. That’s why for today’s #mondayinspiration post, I’ll be sharing 5 Books you should read this month. You can always trust me to hook you up with the best!

You can thank me later too!

The last week of June weighed really heavily, and as a result of that, we can only pray for God to comfort every home experiencing sorrow at this time, as well as for God to give our leaders a very serious push, because they seem really confused.

I’m still reading some of the books I want to share with you guys, but I just had to, because they’re so loaded, very very practical/relatable and helpful. Each of them have their different goals that they seek to achieve as soon as you’re done with the books, however, they all aim to help us to live a more meaningful, happier and fulfilled life.

Take a look!

1) Creating Happiness: Tools For Improving Your Life -James Carr.

If you need a change in your thought process on how to handle problems, manage stress and make important decisions, then, this is the book for you. All the tips and tricks you need are in this book. By the time you’re done reading, you would have gotten all the necessary information you need on how to improve your life and find happiness.



2) Power Up; Speak Up; Be Heard – Kay White.

I call this the ultimate confidence booster! If you need help with knowing what you need to say and how to say it, you’ve go the right book. It would help you to pass your message more assertively, than aggressively or worse, without confidence. A lot of us struggle with expressing ourselves especially in front of other people. This masterpiece will provide you with tips to help you feel more comfortable, powerful and confident. If you’re tired of being the one whose opinion is always discarded because it lacks the necessary confidence, now is the time for you to read this book.


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3) The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter, and How To Make The Most of Them Now -Meg Jay.

I read a few pages of this amazing work and I was hooked! I found so relatable, it was as though the author was in my mind. A lot of us Twentysomethings struggle with a number of things, but we pretend to have it all together when in front of others. This book addresses some of those issues (including some myths) and how to move forward with a clearer perspective. The author is someone who is very passionate about people in their twenties, and she wants to help you make the most of it. Don’t sleep on this book!



4) The Magic Of Thinking Big – David Schwartz.

If you remember very well, I said in this post, that this was my current read, and I couldn’t stop because it’s already having a great impact on me. I’ve had people tell me that this was one of the best books they’ve read, and with each page that I turn, I couldn’t agree more. I’ll just let you have at it, trust me it’ll change your life.


5) The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k – Mark Manson.

Pardon our French, but this is a very lit book in every sense of it! If there’s anything I love about this work, it’s how the author breaks free from the status quo and allows you to view things from a very different angle.
He describes this book as a guide “to do everything a little better, more meaningfully, with more compassion and humility.” “It’s not a book to help you gain or achieve he says, “but rather how to lose and let go”.
You’re definitely in for a treat!



Top up your library and equip yourselves with the best books this July, I look forward to seeing your reviews, and of course, please leave your email address in the comments if you want any of these books!

Have you read any books on this list? Which is your favourite? What books are you currently reading? Let’s share in your thoughts.

Have an insightful week ahead!


17 thoughts on “5 BOOKS TO READ THIS JULY!”

  1. As usual, the book begger is here again. I’d really like to read “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck”, but you could be nice enough to send the rest, my email address is akinyaojooluwatosin@gmail.com . Thank you.. How you get around to reading these books, I do not understand. Personally, it’s a real struggle for me to read inspirational books. Thumbs up girl👍

    1. Tosin love! Lol don’t worry I’ll send them all to you😊
      Trust me, even I struggle with them at times, but there comes a time when we all just need a little boost and these books help to do just that!
      Thanks for reading hun❣

    1. I only just started it, and I’m mind blown. I can see why you enjoyed it.
      Thanks for stopping by Elizabeeth! ❣

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  3. I know I’m a bit late to this party but I need to check tbsss out none the less. I’ve been feeling really low and unmotivated to better myself lately, and these seem like the perfects read to snap me out of it.xx


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