Most people these days are all about that financial freedom, and I mean it’s quite understandable. Being able to control your earnings and expenses, and becoming smarter with each financial decision(s) is one of the goals everyone should seek to achieve every time. In today’s #mondayinspiration post, we’ll be talking about money and how to stay on top of your financial game. Yass! I’ll be sharing 4 major tips for keeping a good financial record with you guys!


I hope you had an amazing weekend TPH fam?
Let’s get right into it.


1) Keep A Budget: Obviously right? But you’d be surprised at the amount of people that don’t make use or proper use of a budget. The money just comes and goes without any tangible trace to it. A budget is nothing but planned spending. Having a certain amount of money and allocating it to your dire needs, and still having everything under control. If at the end of the month, you have to ask yourself where your money went to, then a budget was definitely out of the question for you. A budget allows you to direct your money to where exactly you want it to go rather than pondering over where it went.

2) Keep A List Of All That You Own: We’re talking money wise here. This list allows you to know where your money is, and everything you’re doing with it. Are you saving it or are you constantly spending it? Whatever the case might be, you have the knowledge of what is going on in your account at all times.

3) Keep A List Of All That You Owe: It’s no news that nobody likes to be a debtor, but you know life happens! For you not to be that person that everybody avoids because of your terrible financial decisions, you need to keep a list of all that you owe, that way you know exactly where your money is going to and how much is going there. It makes things even better, because it saves you from various embarrassing situations.

4) Keep A List Of All That You Earn: Major key if you ask me. This is quite similar to keeping a budget actually. I believe this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do because it helps you know exactly where your money is coming from and what exactly is coming in. That way, you will be mindful of what you’re spending on and how much you’re spending.
I like to think this will keep you in check when making decisions, I mean we’re all striving to be smart money people right?

Extra Tip: Always know whether you can afford something before you decide to buy it. If you go into a store with the ‘how expensive can it be?’ mind-set, just because you’re holding your ATM card, that’s only going to create problems for you. Don’t try to impress anybody, get the facts right about whatever you choose to purchase, follow these four tips, live in your own financial lane, and see yourself becoming a smart money person!

I might not be a banker or an accountant, and I know that the issue of money is quite sensitive, but I hope this post made some sense at the very least? Were you inspired?

How do you stay on top of your financial game? Please share with us.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



  1. This is an insightful read. Money issues is one sensitive matter we tend to shy away from but ideally, we face financial problems some times. Thanks for sharing these tips. Personally, I’m guilty in the area of keeping a budget, not because I know nothing about it, it just doesn’t come to mind when the money comes. and I keep wondering what the hell happened after the money is gone. once again, thanks for sharing these tips.
    p. s: you have an amazing blog, it’s my first time here and definitely not the last. well done.

    1. Girl! It happens to the best of us, even I am guilty of not keeping a budget sometimes.
      I’m so glad you liked this post, and thank you for your kind words, it means a whole lot❤❤

  2. These tips will definitely help me to handle my business finances. Thanks for sharing this article. I also believe that it is really important to have a budget all the time in order to have a good finances. Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Yes, I totally agree with what you said. I think that it is very important to do a budgeting and follow it. I think that by doing this, we will definitely be able to have a good financial status. Thanks for sharing this article.

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