According to the English dictionary on my phone (no jokes, that’s the name), passion is defined as any great, strong, powerful emotion. It goes further to say that passion involves fervor and determination. All these definition boils down to the fact that your passion is something you feel really strongly about, something that you feel comfortable doing. Before concluding that you are passionate about something, you must have indulged in some things that interest you, and taken some steps to finally arrive at that one thing that makes you feel fulfilled. For today’s #mondayinspiration post, we’ll be going through 4 easy steps to finding your passion, and sticking to it.


How can you find your passion?

Make Sure You Approach Things With The Right Frame Of Mind: To find your passion, you have to be open minded and positive. If you approach a thing with the frame of mind that you can’t do it or that’s it’s too difficult, it will remain difficult for you. You won’t even give yourself the opportunity to find out if it can be something you’ll be good at or not. You need to stay positive  about everything.

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Take Note Of Things That Draw Your Attention: What are you most interested in? What draws your attention? What do you spend time and money on? Those things that you’re most invested in might be things that you’ll end up becoming passionate about. There might even be a career opportunity hidden in all of these your interests. Once you’re able to narrow down those things you like, it makes the job easier.

Take Note Of The Things You Hate: After taking note of those things you love, now you track down those things you hate. Eliminating these things will make things clearer for you, and will make you see what exactly it is you’re leaning towards- these things may probably constitute your passions.

Face Your Fears: Fear is a very strong emotion like passion, but the difference between them is that while fear will leave you unfulfilled and vulnerable, finding your passion makes you live a fulfilled and purposeful life. Fear hinders you from finding what you’re really passionate about. For you to really establish your passion and dreams, you need to take the big bold, scary step of confronting your fears. Conquering these fears no matter how psychological they might be, will take you from that state of vulnerability, and take you a step forward to where you can really chase your dreams and be successful.
At that point, whatever fear you have lays no claim on you again because you decided to take action.


It’s possible that some of us are still struggling to establish what exactly we are passionate about, but this year we’re going to be doing things a little differently because growth must be achieved.

These 4 easy and smart steps will help you to find your passion and stay true to it. Remember your passion determines your direction. Be sure to let me know how it goes!

What are you passionate about? How did you discover it? If you don’t mind sharing, I would love to know.

Have a great week ahead!



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