As a 90’s kid, majority of the people I hang out with are in their 20’s- early, middle or late are all included, so it’s no mistake that I’m writing a post for us! Personally, I think our 20’s are the years a lot of personal, life changing decisions are made, I like to call it the defining years.

This is one post that has been in my drafts for a very long time now, why haven’t I posted it you might ask? I wanted it to be as realistic, relatable and ready as possible (You can call it the 3R’s, okay bad joke, lol). Now that I finally got around completing it, I decided it was ready enough to be shared with you guys!

I’m no expert in these things, but I bet you al knew that already, didn’t you? However, I like to share my own opinion on certain matters. So from mide’s (that’s me!) point of view, here are 20 things to do in your 20’s!

1) Find Who You Are and Live Up To It: Discovering yourself and your purpose is something you have to do, and you have to do it eralt to avoid regrets later in life. So why not start now?

2) Save: Does anybody really need to tell you to save? I doubt it. In your twenties, you’re likely to be more independent than you were previously, and to be honest, a little or a lot of cash might do you plenty good. Save up!

3) Explore: Keep an open mind about things, don’t be too conservative, learn new skills, recipes, etc.

4) Follow Your Dream/Passion: Find What you love and do it! What is your ‘calling’? Discover it and keep treading that road.

5) Take Risks: You already know that nothing extraordinary ever came out from the comfort zone, you have to be willing to take certain risks. It might be scary and new, I can promise you that you will definitely learn from it.

6) Work On Your Attitude: As adults, we are bound to find ourselves in different situations, whether at the workplace, or in business, and you need to relate with people. Attitude is life, and whether you like it or not, your attitude goes a long way in determining your success in life. You better keep it in check.

7) Be Selfish: The twenties are not called the ‘selfish’ years for fun, as much as you want to have fun with friends and loved ones, your twenties belongs to you. You need to know how to put your self first in so many ways. Don’t worry a little selfishness never hurt nobody, as long as it’s for your own SELF!

8) Don’t Live The ‘Social Media’ Life: Be true to yourself. Unfortunately, the social media life is exactly what a lot of millenials take pleasure in. Trying to impress the people who don’t even have a say in your life. Fam, you know who you are, stay true to yourself because at the end of the day, that kind of lifestyle only exists ONLINE, a lot of people are broken in reality.

9) Further Your Education: Don’t settle, strive to achieve more educationally. Take professional courses, do your masters and build up your resumé. It’s all in the spirit of growth and development.

10) Appreciate Your Parents Everytime You Can: We might get so caught up in trying to build a life for ourselves that we might forget that we’re still our parent’s ‘babies’. Every opportunity you get, show them that you still love them and care about them, they’re not getting younger you know.

11) Be Humble: Character building is very important at this point in our lives and humilty is one characteristics that is bound to open doors for you. Don’t take it for granted.

12) Keep Yourself Inspired Always: Read books, attend inspirational conferences, youth development programmes, etc. You need to be motivated in order to actually want to achieve anything. That drive you get while you’re inspired is what pushes you to want more out of life.

13) Enjoy Your Solitude and Make The Most Of It: Don’t take your ‘me-time’ for granted, you need and deserve it. Sometimes, you just need to be alone with your thoughts and clear your head. Personally I live for some ‘me-time’, you should too.

14) Surround Yourself With A Great Support System: Never underestimate the power of a great support system . You need them when the going gets tough, because it will. You need people you trust and people who believe in you and your purpose to always remind you of why you started, give you kind and encouraging words, let you know if you behaved badly, etc. You need a support system to lift your hands when they’re coming down.

15) Fall In Love and Feel Free To Fall Out Of It If It Doesn’t Work: Don’t waste the whole of your twenties trying to cling to something that is clearly not for you. Discover yourself first and work on yourself, only then will you be able to work hand in hand with someone you care about.

16) Start Your Own Business If You Can: A lot of young people are entrepreneurs, if that ship is for you, hop on it. Don’t postpone and postpone till that idea becomes obsolete before you know that you want to start. You’re a millenial, work with trends!

17) Take Time Off: The pressure can get so overwhelming sometimes that it begins to tell on you. Countless number of people are depressed because ‘they are not where they should be’. Don’t let it get to the stage, after you might have done your bit, leave the rest to the possessor of heaven and earth, he’ll fix it. Life is for the living.

18) Take Care Of Your Body: You need to take care of yourself, workout, eat healthy. Don’t neglect your body and begin to cry later. Stay fit!

19) Travel: If You have the means of course! You don’t even need to immediately start thinking ‘Paris or Miami’, you could start with your domestic trips first. Have you been to Yankari Games Reserve? Have you been to Idanre Hills? How about Ikogosi springs? Thank God for the lives of travel brands like social perfect that make travelling fun at affordable prices. Explore your country!

20) Strive To Make Your Self Better At Every Opportunity.


Over to you…

Can you relate to anything on my list? What would you add or remove? I would love to know your thoughts.


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