If you follow me on Instagram , you’d know that I share quite a LOT of quotes, mostly relating to life, growth, confidence, self-esteem, lifestyle, to mention but few. (You can follow me here , I follow back!) Out of all these quotes, I have a few that are really dear to me, some of them have become my mantras and daily affirmations. In today’s #mondayinspiration post, I have decided to share with you guys 20 quotes that I absolutely love from my Instagram page.

How did your weekend go? I hope you rested well? Mine was great too!

I’ve come to realize over time, that the words you speak to yourself can go a long way in shaping how your life turns out. A lot of people may not understand why these quotes mean a lot to some of us, it’s not just because we want to come across as ‘deep’ or knowledgeable, but most times, we use it to encourage ourselves and possibly others. I’ve had situations where I share a quote and people say “oh! I needed to see this”, it is at this point that you see that we can only truly rise when we lift others.

In no particular order, here are my favourite 20 quotes at the moment!

1) “A positive attitude is an investment”. At times, we underestimate the power of positive thinking, but the truth is when we make it a lifestyle, it prepares us ahead for whatever is coming.

2) “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. What you give is what you’ll get. Your personality, attitude, values, moral standards, etc will determine the kind of people you’ll hang out with –Your friends. I wrote a post sometime ago about investing in a great support system. You can only get an unshakable tribe, when you’re also someone they can turn to. This quotes serves as a reminder to always be good.

3) “Just Breathe”. For those times when I get overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, and at the brink of losing it, I remind myself to just breathe. Life is after all for the living, and where there is life, there is definitely hope. So, just breathe!

4) “Rest”. This is also like the previous one. Make conscious efforts to rest, it might not seem like much of a quote but it is.

5) “Speak it to existence”. When it comes to vocalizing what you want out of life, I’m really big on that. You know exactly what you want, instead of sitting down and worrying about things that are not, begin to call them out as though they were.

6) “Choose where your energy goes”. Not every single thing requires your input. As much as you believe that your ideas and thought process will contribute to the greater good, sometimes you need to just relax and take a step back. This is really important.


7) “Stop Underestimating Yourself”. I was talking to one of my aunties a while ago, and she made me understand that the present government has birthed a lot of potentials. She said with because of the way things were, people began to look inwardly and discovered things they didn’t even know they were capable of doing. You can do so much more than you give yourself credit for, don’t underestimate yourself.

8) “Another day, another opportunity”. With each day that comes, we’re given another shot at life, an opportunity to do things rightly, and a grace to maximise our potentials. This quote reminds me to take each day with gratitude and give it my best shot.

9) “Work on yourself everyday”. Never stop learning. Don’t ever stop trying to be better. There’s always going to be that skill that you could add to your resume, a professional course, a seminar that could take you a step forward in your career, and a whole lot more that will make you a better version of yourself. Don’t sleep on any opportunity you have.

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10) “Give yourself some credit, you’re doing great”. I put these two quotes simultaneously because, as you keep working on yourself and hitting milestones, you should stop, give yourself some credit before you continue. Why? Because you deserve it.

11) “No rain, No flowers”. Very amazing and spot on illustration. Simply put; you MUST pay your dues before you get any accolades, it’s not the other way round fam.



12) “Explore”. There’s life outside your comfort zone, come out and explore. Don’t box yourself up and end up regretting.

13)Prioritize”. One of the major problems people have is that they lose track of their priorities, and get carried away. For every thing you intend to do, you need to set your priorities straight. That way, you discipline yourself and you’re able to achieve goals faster.

14) “Refuse to be a pushover”. A reminder for you to know that you have as much right as anyone to be where you are now, if not better. Refuse to be intimidated, carry yourself with confidence and poise. Refuse vehemently to be a pushover!

15) “Be assertive, not aggressive”. I use this quote to tell myself that there are a lot of ways to pass a message that doesn’t require all the initial “gra-gra”. You can contribute to a discussion or project without having to lord your views over everyone else. You don’t even need to shout. Pass your power-packed message in the most subtle way possible and drop your mic!

16) “Be contented, not complacent”. There’s really a thin line between both of them, but you need to know that they are not the same thing. Some will use this quite as an excuse for laziness, that’s just you being complacent. While you’re contented with your being, you realize that there’s still room for you to even be better!

17) “You are enough”. In our struggles with our self-esteem and self worth, we use this to remind ourselves that we are enough, and we don’t need to be anybody else.



18) “There’s always a reason to smile, find it”. It could get really exhausting at times that you can’t even get yourself to put on a smile, but as this quote reads, you only need to find that reason and get your smile on!

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19) “Let go, and let God”. How do you handle things when all you want to do is quit? Let go of the reins, and allow the one who knows the end from the beginning to take over.

20) “Drink water and mind your business”. It’s really good for your skin too! Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into unnecessary drama, you’re liable to remain sane by so doing.



“gra-gra” is a Nigerian slang that connotes being aggressive.

Here are my top 20 quotes at the moment guys!

What’s your favourite quote(s)? I would love to know.

Have an amazing week!



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