The other day, I wrote on my WhatsApp story that some days, blogging looks like further maths, and I didn’t even do further maths in school. My point was that some days, blogging seems very hard, and you know what, I found out that some people actually agreed with me. I realized that this feeling is not exclusive to just blogging, but creating as a whole. A lot of creatives get into that funk, where we feel discouraged and stuck. Sometimes, it’s not even about a writer’s/creative’s block, you might have ideas but you can’t just get yourself to implement, some call this “creative paralysis”. Today I have put together 10 ways to get out of that creative funk!

Okay, so when I posted that stuff on my WhatsApp, I had just read a post on SEO (search engine optimisation), and my thoughts spiralled. I began to freak out about all the things I was supposed to be doing right, and I wasn’t doing. After my mini panic attack, I began to tell myself that it’s a gradual process, and with time, everything will turn out fine.

This brings me to my first tip;

1) DON’T OVERWHELM YOURSELF: We all want to be on top of our game, and that’s fine. You want to come across as the creative who is passionate and very professional. Like I said, it’s fine. However like every other thing, there’s a downside. When you begin to over think things and overdo things, you’re pulling yourself gradually into a creative funk. Do things at a proper pace, and don’t overwhelm yourself. This will leave enough room for clarity and you’ll be able to approach things from a clearer point of view.

2) CROSSCHECK YOUR HEALTH: Are you drinking enough water? How about your meal, how balanced is it? How often do you exercise? These are all things we need to crosscheck. When you find yourself in a creative funk, your health is another thing you might need to check, because if the body isn’t getting what it needs, a funk is going to be the least of the problems. In fact that one will be an involuntary shutdown. You might be low on that creative juice because your biological juice is all dried up, check yourself guys.

3) GET SOME REST: Sometimes, all you need to get out of the funk and back in the grind is a proper rest. When you keep working without adequate rest, it stresses your body out and you know what happens? It begins to affect the outcome and quality of the work you’re doing. So yeah, sleep is not for the weak.

4) REVISIT YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS: To bounce back from a creative funk, you might need to revisit your goals and visualize the bigger picture. This might be very therapeutic, and help you put things in perspective. Note that this exercise is basically to allow you revisit those things you want to achieve, without overwhelming yourself with the ‘long’ process it’s going to take.

5) QUIT THE MONOTONY: The quickest way to get me in a funk is when I realize I’ve been strictly following a routine. It depresses me. Over time, I have realized that it’s always good to switch things up. Most of us creatives already have our routine of how we work, and we’ve adapted it as ‘what works for us’. Sometimes, it will become extra boring and frustrating, and it is at that moment you realize that creating has become a task rather than doing what you love. It’s okay to diversify a little bit, try something new to help you in your process of creation, and you’ll see yourself slowly recovering.

Creative funk
6) JOURNAL YOUR THOUGHTS: Journaling is a very powerful therapy. Whatever it is that is bothering you can be expressed in writing, and this in turn will give you that feeling of clarity that helps you know exactly what the solution to the funk is.

7) DON’T STOP PERFECTING YOUR CRAFT: Never stop learning. We are in a different time now, and everything changes rapidly. Be up to date with your skills and knowledge, but at a proper pace. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but my point is, while you’re trying to keep up and learn, don’t overload yourself unnecessarily, because this may even be a bigger problem than the initial one.

8) HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF: You need to have that faith in yourself and what you can do, because people will only mirror how you present yourself. Without that faith, you’re deep down in the funk even before you begin. Don’t start doubting yourself because you read one article on SEO (note to self!), rather, channel that energy into something that will help you get better and stay on top.

9) SMILE: I wasn’t kidding when I said smiling has so many benefits in this post . When you smile, especially when it’s really difficult, your brain registers that you’re okay. Your immune system is boosted, and your behavioural pattern changes as well. Definitely not this easy, but it’s a start!

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10) HAVE SOME FUN: Loosen up, take a break from the norm and have fun! You might not even feel like it, but you definitely need it, especially when you’re stuck. So go out, watch a movie and just relax without over thinking every little thing.

Have you ever been in a creative funk before? How did you bounce back? I would love to know your thoughts.



  1. Mide, trust me when I say I enjoyed reading all these tips.
    The tips resonate ‘wella”. Well, I guess I get in a funk more often than any creative does, but I come out so fast that you would think I never did. What helps me most is getting inspiration, yes, but in weird ways. A selection of country music, an inspiring movie or a nice poetry always does the magic for me. Of course, taking a break and seeing the bigger picture also always re-energizes me.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. We have similar inspiration patterns, although mine involves seeing a movie, reading a book, and seeing the bigger picture.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading hun💜

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