In my last post , I shared some lessons I learned in the last year, today I will be sharing some tips that would be very helpful in making this year a memorable and fulfilling one. Like I always say, I’m no expert but I can try to give you some pointers that I’m sure will make your 2018 count for good!
You’re officially welcome to the first #mondayinspiration for the year 2018!

In achieving a great year, there are certain things that must be done. You can’t expect to ‘sow’ laziness and mediocrity and hope to reap success, it’s impossible. Making 2018 count depends largely on you and how far you’re willing to work hard and smart.

Making 2018 count

Without wasting any more of your time, here are certain tips to help make your 2018 count.

1) Envision and Establish Your Goals and Aspirations and Write Them Down: Remember that vision makes a runner (habukkuk 2:2). You need to know and establish what it is that you want to achieve in this new year and write them down. You can make use of your goal book or planner to achieve this purpose. Having them written down helps you to remember them and the ways by which you can go about them.

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2) Work hard at achieving them: Now it is not enough for you to just get a book and write down all you want to achieve, believe it or not, anybody can do that. What distinguishes you from the other person is your action towards these goals. How hard are you willing to work for you to see results? How much sacrifices are you ready to make? Are you ready to take risks? You’re not given the gift of life everyday for you to become mediocre, you were made to be a standard, why not show some commitments towards that.

3) Record every crushed goal: As success comes, don’t forget to acknowledge and record it, no matter how little it is. This is a great self-esteem booster, and it will make you feel like you’re on the path of purpose.

4) Work on your personal branding and development: This is the year to develop yourself and make yourself stand out. There are gazillion skills that you can learn out there, you only need to find the one that calls out to you. Personal branding is simply packaging yourself and showing the world what you have to offer! Do something that takes you and your career to the next level, this is the year of multiple streams of income, don’t sleep on it!

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5) Enjoy the process of growth and don’t try to rush it: Regardless of the pace of your growth, you need to enjoy that process. I was talking to a close friend the other day, and she emphasized this to me and even explained that a lot of people are in a hurry! Like I said last week, our races are totally different, if you look at someone’s life and it seems to be on a 4GLITE kinda speed, you dont need to start comparing yourself to such person or start looking for every means to make things faster for yourself. You don’t  know the kind of sacrifices they have made. Besides, yours may appear slow because there is something you’re supposed to learn from it. Look at it as a humbling process and enjoy every level of your growth.

6) Don’t get carried away: We live in a world where there are all sorts of distractions, It is now up to you to make sure you’re focused. So many things are put in place to derail you from achieving all that you set to achieve. I checked the meaning of derail again, and the meaning had me shook. It means to come off the tracks, to deviate from the previous course or direction. This is exactly what distractions are supposed to do -to knock you off that lane of purpose and direction but the good thing is that you’re not going to entertain any form of distraction because focus will be your watchword.

7) Remember that you’re not who they say you are, but you’re who you say you are: Another way you’re going to make 2018 count is by paying more attention to loving yourself more, and growing your self esteem. While doing my self-love challenge some two years back, I realized that no matter how much good you do to/for yourself, there are some people whose jobs are primarily to bring you down. Rather than stoop to their level or begin to beat yourself up, let there be a clear gap between you and such people. This year we’re all about positive vibes.

8) Don’t live your life according to the laid down rules of social media, it’s a scam: If you allow it, social media can be a total bane of your existence. There are people on some of these apps that have coined and fashioned their own rules as to how life is supposed to be, and because they call themselves ‘influencers’ their words are taken as yea and amen. This can be very dangerous, because when things don’t go as planned, some people lose it. Test every word! Don’t just take someone’s shaky principles and begin to apply it to your life. If you’re one of those who have a large following, please use it wisely and positively, there are people who look up to you, don’t ruin their lives this year please.

9) Drink water and mind your business: I mean I know you’re vast, well read, brilliant and wise, but take it from me when I say that not everything you see, hear and read requires your input. Sometimes you need to take that step back, drink water and mind your business. It will do you more good trust me!

10) Don’t forget God:The ultimate. It is not enough for you to put all these into action without remembering the one who gives you life, and in abundance at that. From beginning to the end, God needs to be at the centre of it all, only then can your 2018 really count.

I know this was a long read, but I really hope that it has inspired you in some ways to make yourself better in this new year. While at it, don’t forget to have fun too, life is for the living!

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Over to you…

What are your plans to making the most of this year? I love hearing from you.

Have a fufilling 2018!


6 thoughts on “10 TIPS TO MAKE 2018 COUNT!”

  1. All these are really essential if you want to make it through 2018 successfully but Nos 5,9&10 would have made this post incomplete if you hadn’t intelligently imputed them..Thank
    You for this grey piece deola I am so putting thit points On my left palm”mionifijeeba rara😀(Pls translate it to your readers)”.Keep up with the good work girl👏👍

    1. Haha! Fisayo o 😂😘thank you for always reading love, and by the way I’m translating it to mean that you wont use it to eat eba😭😅 in otherwords, you will treasure these points😊
      Thanks for stopping by love💜💜

  2. Good tips. I sincerely believe they are achievable if applied with zeal and determination. kudos to portable!!!💪👍

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