Remember in this post when I said I’ll be starting a new interview series? Yeah we’re kicking off today! I call it “The Youngpreneur” because I’ll be interviewing young entrepreneurs, all under 30, get it now? So they’ll share their story with us, as well as some of the secrets and tips to maintaining a brand/business. Without further ado; The Youngpreneur for today is  Mayowa Folami.


Mayowa owns a footwear line, she’s a blogger, a model, a law student and the founder of “The Entrepreneurs Link”. So far, she’s being able to stay on top of her despite having so many responsibilities- she’ll have you know that it’s not easy.

See for yourself…

A: Hi! Can you please introduce yourself?

M: My name is Mayowa Folami mostly known as Ziza…I’m a law student, fashion blogger and entrepreneur

A: it’s a pleasure to be able to do this with you Mayowa! Please tell us a bit about your brand/business

M: I own a footwear line called “Ziza” amongst other businesses. Created my footwear line about three years ago, it actually started as a DIY for my blog and I just fell in love with making an everyday products for people to use and appreciate.


A: DIY’S saving lives since the 1900’s. When did the initiative for your business come to light?

M: When I wanted to do a DIY for my blog…I think it was how to turn your slippers to a gladiator about three years ago

A: Talk about being creative! How prepared were you on a scale of 1 to 10

M: To be honest, I wasn’t..I just went for it, I didn’t even have capital and I wasn’t prepared to ask anyone for money I just found a way.

A: That’s definitely one big risk that paid off! What would you say fuelled the passion for what you’re currently doing?

M: I’m a serial entrepreneur it is kind of inborn…I’m creative so I’m always thinking about something to do so, I think it was just the need to do something different and be independent.


A: Different and Independent, love it! So far how has it been? Challenges?

M: I’ve had a lot of challenges to be honest in different aspect of the business but I’ve been able to scale through thankfully. I think facing challenges is part of owning a business.

A: I totally agree, challenges will make you come out stronger and make you appreciate every step of your journey. So, did you at any point feel like you had made a mistake and you couldn’t handle being an entrepreneur?

M: Yes, believe me there were points I wanted to quit but then I’m like I’ve already come so far to quit, so I just double up and work harder.


A: That’s the spirit right there- perseverance and determination. Now, every parent will definitely be proud of their children becoming their own boss, but has there been any time that ‘boss’ status has caused a disagreement between you and your parents?

M: Definitely lol I just try to make them realize business is separate….I try to separate my affairs, boss at work, well my mother’s daughter at home….luckily they are understanding.

A: Aren’t we all just grateful for parents who get it? Nice balance by the way! So, has there been anyone who called you inexperienced or unfit to run a business probably because of your age? If yes, what was your reaction to such person?

M: Lol yes I don’t joke with my business, so whenever someone feels I’m inexperienced I just put them in their place nicely regardless of age, I know how to run my business perfectly and those around me know to respect that fact.

A: #nonegativevibes #byeveronica lol! Asides being your own boss, what else do you do?

M: Lol I got to school, I’m still a student…I try to run my blog and other businesses on the side.

A: I take it you’re always busy then! How do you combine your education and your business and still manage to stay on top?

M: I just manage I can’t say it is easy, but it’s something I have to do.

A: Definitely, kudos to you! Can you tell us a bit about your project “The Entrepreneurs Link”?

M: So, I created TEL to help entrepreneurs….it is still in works because I’m busy with my footwear line but basically TEL is meant to be a community for entrepreneurs to help them flourish and provide job opportunities.


A: I personally think it’s a brilliant idea, everyone needs a place or group where they can relate with like minds, and learn more, after all no man is an island. We hope to see more of TEL this year! In your opinion, what is the ‘secret’ to growing and maintaining your brand and a great business?

M: Being open to change and willing to grow…most people feel stuck at some point and they are not willing to adapt to changes around them…I think that’s essential…every now and then, I sit to evaluate how I can do better and work towards it.


A: Honestly, truer words have not been said. The willingness to grow must be there. What would you say is the highlight of your business so far?

M: Well I don’t know per se, but thankfully business has been booming…I think the highlight was getting my own workshop and employing my own workers…it was a huge step forward and really helped my business.

A: Becoming an employer of Labour is definitely a big deal , so I’ll take it! How do you stay inspired?

M: Lol honestly, I don’t know the answer…I think I just like what I do so I just always feel the need to keep doing it.

A: That is already an answer in itself, to love what you do, and feel inspired to keep doing it, not many people accustomed to that, some will rather just give up, so yeah I’ll take that answer too! When you’re not swamped up in work or school, what do you do for fun?

M: I sleep or watch movies…I’m always tired so I just rest.

A: Hello soul sister! I love to sleep and watch movies too. Although, I can only imagine how tired you are always, the Lord is your strength! This has truly been an inspiring and exciting interview, do you have any words for other youngpreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

M: Go for it don’t let anyone or anything stop you.


A: Very concise and apt! Thanks for agreeing to this Mayowa, the sky is your starting point!

This definitely inspired me, I hope you also took something out of it. Personally, Mayowa’s determination and creativity is something I admire a whole lot! The world better watch out because there’s no stopping her!

You can get yourself a pair of sandals or slippers from her footwear line by following @theofficialziza on Instagram. You can also keep up with Mayowa’s projects by following her @yourclosetgirlziza. Don’t forget to check her blog for major fashion tips and mind blowing DIY’s


What part of the interview was your favourite? Is this something we should continue? I would love to know.



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