Taking A Break ||6 Lessons Learned

It is always a good idea to unplug for a while, in order for you to recharge and come back better and stronger- as long as you’re just resting and not quitting. Taking a break can sometimes be exactly what you need to be able to get back on track. It started off as a few days, then weeks, until it got to a full month. It wasn’t a planned break, but it was definitely needed because I was starting to get really overwhelmed with everything I was doing, and I needed to take a breather and remind myself of certain things. Of course, I learned a few lessons during my time-off, and I’ll be sharing with you.

Happy New Month Fam! I pray November will be far better than October, and I pray that God will show up for you in this new month. Just trust him!

I love writing and creating content, and I was starting to miss that part of me a lot, and that’s how I knew my break was over, it was time to get back in the saddle! To everyone who checked up on me and the blog (even those who intended to) thank you so much!

As I mentioned earlier, this break didn’t come without its own lessons, and here they are;

1. IT IS PERFECTLY OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK: At some point, I felt like I was failing people, the inability to create content both on the blog and on social media got me worried, anxious and I felt guilty. But like I said to some people who inquired about my absence, I didn’t want to force my content. I needed to chill a bit, and come back with ideas and content that I am passionate about. When you feel disconnected or a sudden overwhelming feeling, especially from something you love doing, it might be time to take that break.

2. TAKE ON ONLY WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE: Sometimes, you get this feeling that you’re a superhuman, and whatever it is you can handle It. Err, wrong! I mean, yes you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you, but it might be best to apply wisdom when trying to do EVERYTHING at the same time. You know that wisdom is profitable to direct. You don’t need to prove to anybody that you’re some sort of James bond. It’s okay not to have it all figured out at once, these things take time. Take on only what you can handle before you end up having a nervous , mental or and all forms of breakdown you can think of.

3. DO THINGS AT A PACE THAT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU: Direction is more important than speed they say, so what’s the point of trying to rush everything? Especially things that obviously need time to grow. It may look as if you’re not ‘achieving’ certain things as fast as other people are, but that is the pace that makes you productive and fulfilled, there’s no need to rush it.

Taking a break

4. ALLOW YOURSELF TO LOVE AND TRY NEW THINGS: Don’t let your life become so monotonous and boring that it can only be defined by few things, when there are a million things to be explored. It may get to a point that that thing you love so much may get boring, and needs a switch up, this is where taking a break comes in. Exploring will help you find new ways to do that thing you love so much, as well as add spice to It!

5. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: There’s so much that you and I are capable of achieving, if only we’re able to get rid of self doubt. It’s really easy to get sucked into that negative energy and remain there, but a little faith in yourself and what you do will go a long way in shaping your confidence level  . It might not look too rewarding now, everything looks really bleak with little or no chance of survival at all, oh it happens to the best of us. Don’t quit just yet, if you want to take a step back to re-strategize, perfect, but don’t give up.

6. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED: Taking a break can be the perfect opportunity to go back to the drawing board. When the journey seems rough, we often forget the reason why we started whatever it is we’re doing. We get so consumed by the way everything is going the other way, that we lose sight of purpose. Are you at a point where you’re completely overwhelmed with how everything is not working out? Ask yourself why you started, write it down in your goal book, put it on sticky notes round your house, and remind yourself everyday that it doesn’t matter impossible it looks now, you know where you’re coming from, and where you’re going.

These are a few things I learned during my time away, and it’s so good to be back!

Over to you…

What are your thoughts on taking a break? Especially from something you love. I would love to know your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Taking A Break ||6 Lessons Learned”

  1. I think taking a break from social media in general is essential to someone’s health and wellbeing! especially when it comes to mental health. This is such a good post! Thank you for sharing! I need to plan a like getaway time for myself.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that it is okay to take a break!!! I think I’m learning that it is better to allow myself to take a break and then work instead of forcing the blog/video/post out because that’s my usual schedule. If it really isn’t the right moment then the product isn’t going to be what you want/need.

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