Staying Productive And Sane || 7 Simple Habits To Help

I remember years ago when some of us were so stoked about the ‘vision 2020’, anticipating something grand for the said year. I don’t think this is what we had in mind. Some of us envisioned engagements and marriages, amazing jobs and stable careers, vacations and so many other great things – some of which have now been put on hold as a result of this pandemic. You know what they say, life happens. But you see pandemic or not, our 24 hours remain the same and what we do with it is entirely up to us. Today’s #mondayinspiration post brings to you 7 simple habits to help you stay sane and productive this period!

You may want to grab your pen and paper now!

But before that, how are you? I hope you’re staying safe, washing your hands and taking necessary precautions? It’s really important that you are. Don’t worry, this too shall pass.

In this post, I talked about how important it is to be SANE in this period. Because you’re going to see anxiety levels spiking up, fear on the rise, people are overwhelmed with all of the happenings, and depression may even begin to set in. Energies are contagious and so it won’t be strange to see some of these things having multiplier effects.

Here at TPH, we look out for each other and that is why I wrote this post because I want you to be okay and still be productive.

Here we go in no particular order!

1. Avoid Negativity: I was going to say avoid negative people, but negative vibes are not limited to people alone. Articles, broadcast messages, etc. All of those things that propagate negativity should be kept at bay. It’s bad enough that we’re dealing with something of this nature, having to add things that constantly exude bad vibes is just a no-no. Negative thoughts will keep you from doing anything productive, trust me.

2. Strategize and Re-strategize: Personally, I find this time very useful to help me go back to my goals and see what I need to do or what not to do, that would be beneficial to me in the long run. I’ve had to put my book launch plans on hold (at least some parts of it) , but that has not kept me from looking at the plans again on how to make it even more better. I know that there would have to be some changes as a result of the pandemic, and so I find myself looking at how to accommodate those changes while still making the event a hit! This is the time to sit back, look at your plans and goals for the year and strategize and re-strategize. Some things may have happened and you probably didn’t envision them. That’s okay. What is the next step forward in your career, business or academics? After all this is over, how do you intend to pick up from where you stopped? It would be really dangerous to be without a plan. So get to work and do something productive!


3. Document and Make Memories: Someone on my contact list posted on their WhatsApp status, talking about how it’s very important to document everything this period and I couldn’t agree more! This is a time in history that would never be forgotten. If you haven’t been journaling, now is the time to dust your journal and write! What are your daily experiences? Write ‘em! Take pictures of you and your family, make videos and do everything to make sure you’re making memories. Take advantage of this and spend time with your loved ones and document everything. Even if you’re staying alone, you’re not exempted from making memories. Who knows after this is over, you just might make a short film of your life in the era of Corona virus or even write a book!

4. Follow Through With Your To-Do Lists: I know you’re probably lounging and enjoying yourself, but I also know that you also have work to do. I know you do. Some people are still working from home, So it’s not even a matter of debate, you have to work. Others may be chores, writing posts and articles, filming YouTube videos, recording podcasts, trying out new recipes, engaging your kids, etc. So you see, I know you have certain things on your to-do list. Don’t allow procrastination get a hold of you and follow through with it. Yes, I’m talking to you (and myself too sadly.)


5. Commit To Your Personal Growth: Your personal growth and development is something that is extremely crucial to you as a person and of course your brand. There are a lot of resources that are available for you take your skillset to the next level. Some of them are even free. So read that book, learn a new language, watch webinars , YouTube videos and listen to podcasts. Brush up on those skills and level up on them. It’s for your good after all.
N.B: I think it’s really amazing to take advantage of all the free courses and skills available now, but it’s also important not to let anyone mentally manipulate you and make you feel unserious for not doing it. Especially if you’re not in the right headspace for it. Otherwise you’d just start and stop halfway. (I speak from experience)
My Pro Tip: Think about what really interests you or something you’ve had in mind to do and go for it. You would find that you’re more productive and achieving more this way than just following the bandwagon.

6. Meditate and Exercise: Meditation is something I always recommend to people. It’s a great avenue to connect with your innermost self and out things in perspective. You should try it more often. Regardless of whether I couldn’t walk properly last week after trying out some routines, I’d still recommend that you take time to exercise regularly. Lol! I’m good now though. Oh, and if you’re already working out, what are your routines? I’d love to know! Some of us want to come out of this with our summer bodies ready! Haha!

7. Take a Break and Relax: After all said and done, don’t forget to take breaks and relax properly. You probably won’t be able to ask for your leave of absence after this is over, so you better use this time wisely and rest. Eat healthy, catch up on your favourite shows and movies, and just indulge in anything that relaxes you. This will help you feel okay and ready to take on whatever you have planned for the day.


These are a few simple habits you can imbibe! More importantly, it’s really important that you stay safe and stay at home. Our prayers are with all the health workers doing everything to make sure we are okay. God bless you.

Over To You…
Was this post helpful? How are you staying sane and productive? Let’s talk in the comments!


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  1. It’s was inspiring and motivating..In addition setting goals and vision during this period because alot of ideas and dreams will come out even in this lonely and cool period.
    I really appreciate your portalhub it’s wonderful keep it up…

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