When it comes to relationships, I mean any kind, it’s no news that communication is very important. The level of communication is very foundational when it comes to relationships, especially between partners as it can either make or break such relationship. For today, we would be considering the frequency of communication between partners, and what they should talk about! Great stuff right?

Remember when I said that we would be doing more relationships Q&A? Yeah, and it’s not because I’m an expert, in fact, I hardly know anything seeing as imma single lady, and that’s why I decided to make it about you guys! What do you want to talk about? Let’s learn from each other and have fun too. Today’s topic was suggested by someone who also reads the blog, so feel free to suggest your topics too!


How often should partners talk? And what should they talk about?


This is what people had to say…

Jason said “Well at least 4 days in week and they should talk about everything possible.”

Fisayo said “I think everyday. it’s very essential, and If they both have right schedules they should see weekends, it makes the relationship stronger and they should talk about how to have a meaningful relationship and know where it is heading.”

Gbenga said “Definitely, communication is key in every relationship even if it’s in a normal relationship. So yeah, partners should talk at every opportunity. Sometimes gist can be scarce, and things begin to look boring, my recipe is to talk about everything and everyone. In short, your partner should be your gossip mate.”

Taiwo said “They should talk very often as communication lubricates the relationship. They should talk about each others activities for the day, the way forward for them both, as well as their future together, alongside with other discussions unrelated to their relationship.”

Rejoice said “I love my ‘me time’ and I honestly think that once in a day is good, but quite honestly, I think once in two days
I wouldn’t like to be called all the time and will prefer every talk to be done at once.”

Christos said “Relationship is work.. You can’t keep quiet. Communication has to exist. So yeah rather than setting subjects of what I’ll like to talk about with them, I’ll rather get them to a place where they’re comfortable with me and the conversation just flows naturally… It could be about their walk to school, an advert they saw online, a friend who is a traitor, deep stuff about their family, their favourite food.. Anything.”

Tosin said “I personally think frequency of communication depends…Some partners like to talk everyday, some once, twice, thrice a day, etc. Regarding what they should talk about, I think they should talk about everything…Your partner is supposed to be your bestfriend right? So who else to talk about your fun/boring day, business ideas, school issues, emotional troubles, etc with?”

Moyin said “I am not a fan of talking all the time but it’s important that you talk at least twice daily chatting excluded, and talk about everything, from daily happenings to life plans and of course gossip sef! Laugh over stuff, joke with each other, although the over serious ones don’t get the importance of this.”

Ulochi said “There’s really no hard and fast rule when it comes to relationships and communication. I think it depends on the age of the relationship, the maturity of the parties therein and their different work schedules as well. If it’s a new relationship the partners may want to be communicating a lot of time during the day because obviously the romance is strong and the both partners are very chatty.
Personally I really do not enjoy my partner bugging me with calls (I know that sounds rather odd.) I prefer affectionate text messages or chats that I’d read and giddily reply. But at the end of the day, we catch up on how the day went, highlights of the day, plans for the days ahead, (gossip gist, and other mundane stuff too; when we’re not serious.”

Miracle said “Well I think everyday and everything.Talking everyday doesn’t mean you must always have deep deep conversations, talk about what’s happening in your area, something fun you heard or experienced that day, Something sad.
I also feel if something happens to you, the first person that should come to your mind to talk to should be your partner.
Then when I say everything, it doesn’t mean you should gist him stuff your close friends say about themselves, you know, their secrets, there should still be boundaries, not like you’re married already.”

You have to agree that all these points are extremely valid! It was so much fun putting these answers together. In fact, I had to cut some of the answers short because they were very detailed, it was awesome. Shout out to Moyin, she even sent a voicenote because typing wasn’t cutting it!

Obviously, this question has a lot to do with personal preferences but you can still see that everything points to the fact that communication is key. I mean you you just have to talk and about everything too! I agree with miracle that there are still boundaries especially when it has to do with stuffs your friends share with you in confidence.
I also feel that you need to understand your partner too, there are times you may just have to compromise. You may have a very chatty partner and you may just prefer to talk once or twice in a day, it is at this point that you guys agree on how to make it work.

So whether you’re talking once or 10 ten times or you’re the one that prefers messages instead of calls, just don’t lose that spark.

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Over to you…

What do you think of our topic? Do you want to see more of this kind of post? I would love to know your thoughts.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mide ♡


  1. Communication is really key even in our day to day life…. I strongly agree with miracle too on the fact that there should be boundaries. Yes I love the posts and would love to see more posts like this!!!
    Great job mide❤

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