November × The Sunshine Blogger Award

November × The Sunshine Blogger Award

Happy New Month Guys!

Can you believe it’s November already? So surreal!
I welcome you to the month of open heavens and I pray that the God of the 11th hour will visit you and perfect every thing that concerns you. Amen

October was great in its own way, came with its own surprises and testimonies, no doubt it was a beautiful month.

So I was nominated for the sunshine blogger award and I’ll be answering the questions I was asked in today’s post. The sunshine award is award for bloggers by bloggers, it is a way of recognizing and encouraging bloggers who they consider as inspiring and creative.

Here are the rules:

a) Thank the blogger that nominated you and drop the link to their blog.

b) Answer the questions from the blogger that nominated you

c) Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions

d) Post a sunshine blogger award pictu’re on your blog.

I would like to thank Cynthia of

abujagirlsjournal who nominated me. Her blog is a motivational and lifestyle blog where she shares success nd life tips as well as some bits of her personal life.


Okay let’s get right into it!

1) Who has inspired your career in the blogosphere and how?

Actually, quite a number of bloggers have inspired my blogging career. I have a special love for bloggers who are mums and wives. The likes of tgjonah, thestyleminimalist, sisyemmie, chicamastyle, chilicious, alerobuttercup, to mention but few.

I like the fact that they try to balance it up and give their best too, it shows determination, strength and commitment. I also have quite a lot of other young people who inspire me with how they run their blogs, if I start mentioning name now, we might not finish this post. Kudos to everyone putting in their best, May God reward your hustle.

2) If you’re not blogging, what’s that other thing that keeps you busy?

Freelance writing, french classes and some other small small things by the side.

3) Take a look at yourself carefully, what is different about you now that wasn’t there 3 years ago?

Well for starters, I wasn’t a graduate and I didn’t own a blog, and the little cheeks I see now were not present too. Seriously though, my level of thinking as at 3 years ago was a little different from now, in the sense that there’s a little more zeal, passion and growth. There are things that I think about now, that I might have just disregarded 3 years ago. So yeah, a lot has changed.

4) Do you you have a spiritual mentor?

Make that mentors.

5) Has any post on abujagirlsjournal ever inspired you?

A couple of them actually, not only do they inspire, they are very relatable and I also get to laugh sometimes which is just awesome. Keep doing you hun!

6) What’s your worst habit?

Not keeping in touch with people 😭 Only God will help me 😧

7) What’s that one thing that you can never do for your significant other?

Allow them to stay complacent in all aspects, that glow up is by force and it takes two to tango you know.

8) What’s your greatest aspiration in life?

To become a standard and and ultimately to make heaven.

9) What’s the best advice you have ever given anyone?

I can’t say for sure, but I like to think that ‘stay positive’ is one of the best and constant advice I always give. Positivity can unlock several doors.

10) What’s the best advice you’ve received this year?

“Keep being consistent”.

11) Would you marry a virgin?

TMI much? 😏

There you have it guys!

I hope you enjoyed my answers.

Now these are my questions.

1) What is that thing that you have done this year that has helped your blogging career?

2) Apart from blogging, what else do you do?

3) Who/What inspires your creativity?

4) How have you been able to scale through some of the challenges you have faced this year?

5) What is that food that you can never get tired of eating?

6) Your best blogging tool(s)?

7) Your best social media platform?

8) Your ‘go-to’ inspirational quote?

9) What kind of posts do you always look forward to on this blog?

10) Five things you can’t do without in a day?

11) What fear keeps you up at night?

I nominate;

  1. Danie of Dateswithdanie
  2. Debbie of Debwritesblog
  3. Barakah of Bkaystots
  4. Amina of Aminatawastories
  5. Salmah of Dearsalmah
  6. Leema of Leemlarh
  7. Dammy of Lifeofdammy
  8. Precious of Ammaeblog
  9. Wumi of Wumituase
  10. Demi of Highstreetmania
  11. Bukky of Pagesbybukky

Have a beautiful November!I

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