Motivation : 6 Hacks For When You Aren’t Feeling Up To It

A very close friend of mine made a statement recently which I found very interesting. She said ‘Even before work, we need to always train our body and mind to agree with us every morning. It’s like preparing for an exam…’ I couldn’t agree more. We had been discussing about the whole productivity argument that has been circulating all over social media and she was of the opinion that she would rather use this period to rest, because she’s currently still working from home. Now, that’s one part of the story, but for the sake of today’s #mondayinspiration, I’m very aware that there are some of us that really want to do certain things but we can’t seem to just get our bodies and mind to cooperate, not to talk of finding the motivation. I can totally relate.

As much as we all want to be, it can be difficult to stay motivated at all times. There are days when you just want to switch off completely and lazy about, not necessarily because you’re not excited about what the task at hand is, but because you’re not just in the zone. Trust me, we all get those days.

Last week, I was so thrilled about doing certain workout routines that I was so consistent with them. After a few days, I couldn’t get myself to do them anymore, and I can’t tell you that I know exactly why but I just stopped. Good news though, I started again this morning!

Sometimes, you may need to go a little step further to find your motivation . Why? Motivation is personal and it’s something you really need to help you take a step further.

I say personal because if you’re trying to find your motivation because someone is all up in your business telling you how to run your life and how you need to be productive, you’re probably going to listen out or respect, necessity or pressure and after some seconds, you’ll want to do things your own way. Yeah, we don’t like being told what to do remember?

My point is there might be that ‘ginger’ to do more when that moment of epiphany comes from you.

You know that feeling where you just want to keep rolling on your bed and changing from nightwear to nightwear, while stuffing your face with some snacks and watching your favourite series? Yeah me too. It hits more now that we have to stay at home. But of course, there are certain things that require our attention that we have to do – even when we don’t feel like it.

So how can you change that?
Your Focus Really Matters: Yes, it does. If you keep looking at what you need to do from a place of anger, exhaustion and tiredness then you’re not going to get up to do it. And that’s that on that. You need to shift your focus to a part of the work that you find enjoyable and exciting. You’re probably saying there’s nothing exciting about what you do or what you intend to do, but you owe it to yourself to create a form of longing or something that gets you excited either before, during or after your work. That way, you actually look forward to doing that particular thing, and even if you don’t, shifting your mindset and focus to the exciting part can help. Call it a cheat code, as long as it gets you to do the work right?


Write Out Your Daily Goals: I have realised that this works for me. The night before, I have all the things I want to do the next day carefully spelled out. I try to not to do it in such a way that I feel overwhelmed because that would lead to anxiety and of course loss of motivation. I make it brief and concise because that helps me know the basic things I need to do and when to do them.

Create The Atmosphere You Want: What kind of atmosphere gets you up and running? Create it. Do you work better with music blasting through your speakers? Do you need to eliminate every form of noise and distraction? Does your workspace need a little bit of decluttering to enable you work well? Then go ahead! Whatever atmosphere you think will motivate you to do, then set the tone and fire on.

Don’t Allow Fear Keep You From Being A Badass: Some of us have deadlines to meet, applications to complete and submit, orders to be processed, clients to follow up to mention but few, but then fear, overwhelm and doubt (FOD) hijack us and then we don’t even feel like doing any of them. Uncertainty and its friends can start showing off and eventually end up as lack of motivation. The moment fear has you thinking that the outcome of whatever you want to do might not be pleasant, then you’d rather not set out at all. But worrying won’t change anything, and you may never know unless you try. Positivity is an important aspect of self-motivation. Stay positive and go ahead like the Badass you are.


Celebrate Your Wins And Reward Yourself: When there’s an incentive, things are more likely to be done, maybe even quicker. After you must have exerted so much energy in clearing your backlogs, I daresay you deserve a good reward and I’m sure you agree too! Don’t be hard on yourself. The thought of those little rewards at the end of your task may just be what you need to get you up.
P.s- If your reward for your successful workout session is a bowl of ice cream and cake, then I don’t know what to say to you. You see the irony too right?

Get Started: Whatever thing you need to do first requires you to get started. Which is often the problem, because there’s no energy to even reach that point of starting. But here I am telling you to START. More often than not, you’d see that the moment you take that little energy to begin, the motivation starts creeping in. You need to find that short and easy routine that would ease you into what you want to do, and this unlike the main task would not need much motivation. It’s something you can but do without much willpower. For instance, You want to go for a walk or a run, you’re going to need to put on your running shoes. And so, the moment you get your shoes and put them on, you’d realise that the next thing is you’re on your feet, you’re going outside and then you’re running. Task completed. Not so easy but definitely worth a try.

My Pro Tip: There’s a very thin line between contentment and complacency. Unknowingly, we can slip into the latter without realizing. I’m all for flexible routines and doing what is best for you because I believe so much in being in a good place mentally to achieve. However it’s important not to allow procrastination become the order of the day and find your motivation. It’s hard I know, but it’s totally doable.

P.s: I hope you’re staying safe ? Please do, and if you need someone to talk to I am always here. 

Over To You…
How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like it? I would really love to know!


2 thoughts on “Motivation : 6 Hacks For When You Aren’t Feeling Up To It”

  1. Adekanmbi Babatomiwa Oluwakayode

    You’re really a gem and I really love every bit of the write up….
    Well for me i motivate myself by going on YouTube and listen to motivational speeches and check out some motivational books to read online….
    Thereafter I reward myself by doing things my body really want at that particular moment…

  2. I motivate myself by reading motivational books that boost my moral and enhance my mental creativity.
    And also listen to nice music Gospel or circular music that relax the mind and body and that balance it with the mood at that moment.

    Thank you!!!

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