LIFE LATELY: Anxiety & Parties


I didn’t realize how much I had missed posting on the blog till I started writing this post. But you see, that’s the thing with breaks. Sometimes you take a little break and before you know it you can’t seem to get back in the grind. It can be difficult, but thankfully I have amazing people like you to remind me of why I started in the first place. In today’s post, I’m taking stock of the past few months; my battle with anxiety, planning a major party, travel diaries, and other life updates.

How have you been? Good I hope?
You know, it’s so surreal to think that we’re just few weeks away to 2020! I remember my friends and I talking happily about the ‘vision 2020’ some years back, and boy did we have some great plans. Some of which are still in order, others not so much. However we have life, and that’s a beautiful blessing.

Life Lately

Anxiety and Its Tentacles.

One of the major things I’ve had to battle with constantly this year is anxiety. I can’t say where and when it started, but I realized it was becoming a little too frequent. Now, I know exactly why this was happening, but overcoming it was the issue. One of the main reasons for my being anxious is my book . I said to myself this morning ‘Writing is actually the easy part’ and I had a good laugh. But really, that’s the truth. Every time Everyday I begin to think of all that follows after finishing the manuscript, I experience a new wave of anxiety. It can be a lot to handle, especially because you don’t even know what to expect. Thankfully, I’ve found solace in the Holy spirit, the greatest therapist who helps me put things in perspective when I feel overwhelmed. I’m also glad to have a very supportive family who encourage me and help me see beyond my worries.

Funny thing is, I’ve had to read my manuscript over and over again to address some of these underlying issues and inspire myself. So it’s safe to say I wrote this book for myself too. Now how about that? Haha!
Anxiety has tentacles that can sink into us if we don’t deal with it quickly and properly. I find that during this period, Twitter was my happy place. I was completely off Instagram because that was adding to the problem. Initially I was bothered because I felt like it would affect my brand. But you know what? I told myself it was perfectly okay and that I would get back when I felt like it. Which I’m still yet to do by the way.

Mental health is very important guys, take care of yourself.


Mini Vacations

As opposed to the last time I travelled which was last year December, I was elated to travel this time around because I needed a CHANGE! My house was getting too stuffy for me, so my sister’s graduation couldn’t have come at a better time. I can confidently say that my two weeks away from home was amazing. It was nice to be taken care of by someone else for a change. Eating meals prepared by your aunties and grandma hits differently I tell you, even though you have to answer some ‘when are you getting married?’ questions in between bites. Oh, and it’s nice to be missed too! My friends from church kept calling me and asking when I was coming back, I know they’re reading this too, so heyyyyy!


Party Planning

No, it’s not my birthday but it might as well be because I’m launching a book, that. I. wrote. Yeah, that’s definitely a big deal. And of course, there’s going to be parteyy! (Insert parte after parte as cue music) I’ve buried myself in articles about throwing a successful book launch party because I need it to be a great one. (You can share some tips for me in the comments, please?) I’ve also signed up to newsletters and webinars that offer tips on long term book marketing, because while a party is great those books won’t sell themselves you know?

This has been it for me for a while, but currently I am…

Reading: Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim Lahaye. I realise now that I’m spending too much time on it, but it’s a beautiful book.

Grateful: For simple acts of kindness that go a long way. A good Samaritan saw that my blog’s hosting had expired, and decided to renew it for me. In their words ‘I’m not happy the site is down’. We still have good people in the world and that’s that on that.

Excited About: The festive season. For some reason, I really want to decorate my house and stuff my face with food. Even I can’t understand where this urge is coming from. I love it nonetheless!

Anticipating: The day I hold the author’s copy of my book. I definitely would make a video, so you might want follow me on social media!

Missing: My family! I miss my dad singing with my names early in the morning, my mom’s cooking, my siblings, well I miss them being siblings you know how it is, bants and all.

Concerned About: The hot weather! Guys, the sun is something else and to think that we have friends and family practically freezing in some other parts of the world. Goes to show how great God is.

Sad: I won’t be attending my friend’s wedding this weekend. Really bummed, because I wanted to be there.

Looking Forward: To the new year. I mean it when I say I’m here for all of it. I look forward to smashing the goals I’ve set and living my very best life by God’s grace. 2019 has been humbling for me, and with all the lessons learned I am ready for the manifestations of 2020.


Over To You…
How do you deal with anxiety? What have you been up to? I would love to know your thoughts.

Mide ♡

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