Level Up: 6 Success Mantras To Imbibe

I used to have something I call a ‘motivation playlist’. I shared some of the songs that were on it on my previous blog. There are certain songs that you listen to that just gives you the boost that you need for the day (Do you agree?). I’m not talking about the beat and the groove here, but the message in the song. The message of positivity, growth, hope, love, and all round good vibes. One of such songs is ‘Level Up’ by Ciara. It is one of most popular songs globally, because well, Ciara is amazing and it’s a great song. However, today we’ll be going a little deeper, and considering certain lines in the song that could change your life and propel you to leave your comfort zone.

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I love dancing, and that was one of the things that attracted to me ‘Level Up’, it’s a very groovy song. It wasn’t until Funto Ibuoye drew my attention to the lyrics of the song after posting it on her Instagram, that I knew it was so much more than a ‘groovy’ song. It’s basically an affirmation of succcess.

Level up



Like I said in my last post , 2019 is our year of making moves and ultimately, levelling up.
So, let’s take a look at some of the amazing messages embedded in the song, shall we? In no particular order;

1. “Thank God I Never Settled, This View Is So Much Better” : A message of success in one sentence. In spite of the hustle, struggle, what seemed like delay, fear, uncertainty, doubt, and so many other factors that would have hindered such individual, you’re now able to say ‘Thank God I never settled’. Fam, don’t settle, keep going at it, the view up there is so much better, it only takes a little bit of perseverance.

2. “See Me, I See Greater, Nothing I’m Afraid Of And I Can Have It All”: Talk about positive vibes, this is it right here. Someone who sees beyond the negativity around, and keeps proclaiming it, that’s the attitude of a winner. If you’re going to win in this thing we call life, you need to mentally make yourself a human shield against negativity, and everyone who stands for it. Let your mindset be along the line of this particular lyrics.

3. “Less Talking, More Action”: Pretty straightforward, but very rare in recent times. A quote reads “work hard in silence, let your success make the noise”. A lot of us these days are very quick to talk rather than keep quiet and implement all those amazing ideas we have in our heads. No wonder they say ‘talk is cheap”. Don’t be a talkative, less talking, more action!

4. “Them Old Mistakes Are Gone, I Won’t Do Them No More”: Either you win or you learn, that’s what they say. Every ‘mistake’ you make on your way to success should help you learn a lesson that you can eventually even cash out on, because you would now be an advocate of not doing it that way. Be teachable, don’t be headstrong, when you see that you’re not on the right path, wear your big girl/boy pants, admit it and switch lanes.

5. “I Turned Nothing Into Something”: There’s a creative side to everyone of us, we only have to find it. Don’t sit around moping about not having any skills or talent, these days everybody is thinking very fast and wide. There are skills you could learn or read about. Tap into your creative side, develop yourself and see yourself making something out of nothing.

6. “Level Up, Level Up, Level Up”: I call this the ultimate CTA (call to action). Take a step away from your comfort zone and see how your life turns around daily. One of my favourite lines from the movie “Queen of Katwe” is “Sometimes, the place you’re used to is not where you belong”. This is no longer the time to play it safe, a little risk never hurt nobody- at least you’d be learning in the process. Levelling up takes a lot of dedication and commitment. A lazy person cannot and will not level up. You can’t be screaming level up while you’re still down there with no plans of moving anytime soon. Levelling up is a conscious effort and decision you make to attain your desired level of success.

Don’t subject yourself to a life of mediocrity, you were made for so much more.
Level Up!

Listened to level up? What are your thoughts on the song? What actions have you taken or do you plan to take this year that will help you ‘level up?’ Let’s talk in the comments!

Have a great week ahead!

3 thoughts on “Level Up: 6 Success Mantras To Imbibe”

  1. “Don’t sit around moping about not having any skills or talent” that’s Sooo me but I don’t even know what to do because the talents I have are either unrealistic or I think they’re just moment lucks and all. Fashion designing tho, its the need for a better teacher and since i don’t have, well,its all about using school as an excuse, lord help slap me into action. I can do mad poses to result into great pictures but its just the lack of confidence and Deola, I can take pictures, like being behind the camera and I’m told I’m awesome at it, well guess what, I do not have a good phone talk less of the money for a camera 😫. So I’m lost

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