Just as I was going through my drafts, I realised that this was one of the posts that was neither developed nor posted, why? I honestly don’t know! As it turns out, I’m in dire need of some humour today, and I hope that this post will put a smile on your face as well. Looking back, I think this would have been a perfect mother’s day post , but still we move. We all love our mums, and like my students will say, they’re our angels, and we thank God for them everyday. Today however, we want to examine some of their very typical statements that doesn’t exactly go down well with us! Love you mum!

If you live in Nigerian home, there are certain recurring statements that our mums especially, tend to say a LOT, regardless of the situation at hand. Sometimes, you are even speechless, because you can’t even! (We love you mummies!)

My mum is actually very calm, so most of these statements are usually on the low, but I’ve been opportune to stay with other mother-figures in my life and I have gotten these statements in full force.

Now to the business of the day.

A typical Nigerian mum will say;

1) Is this how you will behave when you get to your husband’s house? If you’re a girl and you haven’t gotten this line yet, congratulations! This is like the mantra of the day. You wash the dishes in a certain way, it comes up, you sweep in a certain way, it comes up, you talk in a certain way, it comes up. You literally hear this every time, especially if you’re of ‘marriageable age’ according to them. I’m sure the husband’s ear will be ringing constantly with the way his name is always mentioned. I joke.

2) When you’re always pressing your phone, how won’t…? In recent times, this one has become very common, and it’s not exclusive to the mums alone, dads are also included. You can have the most random complain about anything or say the most random things, and they look for a way to connect it back to you pressing your phone. This one always has me shook! With WhatsApp now, a lot of our parents have joined the #pressingphonegang but we’re still the ones getting the hit. Such is life.


3) Do they have two heads? This statement was mostly made when we were still young, because it is always used for comparison purposes. Nevertheless, it stuck to the extent that some of us have now adapted it. I mean, obviously the person doesn’t have two heads, but the effect must be made so you have to answer that question.

4) I don’t know what you’re always doing inside that room. If you’re somewhat a hermit like me, you’d get this a lot. Not only that, it will also be accompanied with some wonderful chores. If there’s anything mothers dislike, it’s you being in that room doing ‘nothing’. Now, how do we tell them that majority of our work these days are done from that room right there on our phones or laptops? Yeah, don’t even try. As you grow, they give you some space, as opposed to how they’d have dragged you from that room if it was in a different time, but you still see them complaining rather ‘quietly’ that you have no choice but to stand up from that room and see what they really want. You just make sure you go with a whole armour, because certain savage comments and chores are definitely coming your way.

All of these experiences are things that make our growing up interesting and memorable, and make us appreciate our mothers even more. So yeah annoying as it may sometimes be, we wouldn’t trade these statements for anything in the world. Right guys? (Help me out so I don’t get into trouble!)

I hope you enjoyed this post? I really loved writing it.

What statement can you relate with? Feel free to add to the list and let’s have some fun!

Have a great day.


  1. This is so hilarious and as I read each line, I hear my mom’s voice 😅😅😅 I can relate to all of it in no particular order.

  2. Shout out to our mums!!! They’re the real MVPs!!! I can totally relate to all😂
    Even if you have malaria my mum will connect it to phone pressing😂
    There was a day my mum scolded me and when I was walking out she called me back and asked why I didn’t say thank you… I was shook😂

    1. Haha! 😂😂😂 that one is on another level, but they’re the real MVP’s no jokes!
      Thanks for reading love.❤

  3. Mide this table has every Nigerian parent on it😭 I can relate to alll these. My mother even uses the Is this how you will treat your mother in law card

    Funny these days i think i am turning to one sef when i an talking my siblings.

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