I Have A Confession…

My name is Adeola Aramide Adeoti, and I have a confession. I’m writing a book.

Okay, probably not the kind of confession you were expecting right? Yeah, I’m not engaged, married, pregnant or any other wild thing you thought. Haha! Still a confession though, and now you know! It feels great to let it out!

Guys, I’m about to become an author! And it’s so scary that my heart beats ten times faster every time I think about it. I’m not sure I’ll get used to the title of an author.

I’ve been at it for a while now, and after much back and forth, I decided it was finally time to share with you my TPH family. I probably would have shared the news earlier but I’m sure you know how imposter’s syndrome and perfectionism works, I just couldn’t find the right time. It’s a good thing I broke free and finally let it out. I feel relieved.

Honestly, it’s been one heck of a ride, the days of being so ecstatic that I typed away, and the days of completely abandoning the whole thing because I didn’t know what I was thinking writing a book in the first place. Don’t even get me started on the days, weeks and months of battling with writer’s block, which was even sometimes self-induced. Or the days when I had mini panic attacks because my deadlines were closing in on me, and I just didn’t have the words. What about the days that these words were literally calling out to me, and I began to get boldness and inspirations that made me dissect some subject matters like I had never done before? Yeah, good times.
Like I said, one heck of a ride.

But you know what? I’m so glad I persevered and kept writing, despite feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing almost the whole time because that’s what fear does to you. I’m happy God helped me overcome that fear. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m still extremely nervous.

So a book huh? Yass a book!

Writing a book has been one of my long term goals, and by long term I mean sometime before I leave this world. I never thought of it being so soon. In fact, it wasn’t part of my goals for the year and so it’s not even on my vision board
But somehow, it’s happening. Now thinking about the whole thing, a quote by ones of my faves Sam Laura Brown comes to mind;

“It’s okay to want something different. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to have new goals… Evolve without apology.”

P.S- You’re going to see some of her quotes in the book as well. That’s how much I love her!

You see, at the beginning, you might have a certain direction that you want things to go, and you have made plans on how to go about these things, you have goals that you want to smash by the end of the year, you know all those things you’ve taken your time to plan out, all of which are fantastic because here at TPH, we’re all about intentionality. However, the idea is not to be too rigid about the execution of some of these things, because other things may come up in the middle and seem like they’re about to disrupt all that you have perfectly mapped out, but it might just be that things are starting to align for you.

So be open to new ideas, it’s more than okay not to want the same things you wanted yesterday. You may have had a certain goal last week, and this week you probably want something a little more different, I mean I don’t see anything wrong with that, provided that you have that inner peace and conviction that you’re on the right track and not just confused.


A Little More Information About The Book

For the fear of not putting out too much spoilers (even though it’s a confession), because I can be big mouthed like that, I’ll be sharing minimal random details about the book and I hope to share the rest during the launch (Of which I’d love to see you there!) So here goes;

• It’s a portable book, just like the author. Haha!

• It’s not fiction, because that’s a level of grace I’m yet to unlock. But it’s a non-fictional book that I can guarantee that you’ll relate to completely. I have put together the things that I am passionate about, and the things that I love writing about in one place with aim of clarifying certain issues that make you approach life from a better and easier perspective.

• If you love affirmations, then this might be your best book ever. And if you are not yet sold on them, they might just be your next best thing because of this book.

• It’s a book that highlights the everyday life issues that we encounter, especially as we try to make progress towards purpose, with reference to real life stories.

• It is a book that carefully helps you navigate and figure out why exactly you are here and how to make the most of it, by getting rid of the limiting beliefs that you have become so familiar and comfortable with (You would be really surprised!)

Okay! I’ll stop there for now. But I promise to update you as the process continues. Let me just add that it may not be interesting as you might think, but it’s definitely worth it.

At the time of writing this post, the manuscript is currently with my editor, and I’m patiently nervously waiting for feedback on the next step forward.

Thank you for your constant support and understanding even while I didn’t have the time to post here, I wouldn’t have been able to take this bigger step if you didn’t buy into the vision of The Portable Hub. I appreciate every one of you.

So guys, this is my confession!

The real journey has just begun and I’m excited for it, I hope you are too?

P.P.S-  I hope to share some of the updates on my social media, so If you aren’t following yet, you can follow me on Twitter or on Instagram

P.P.P.S- Who else loves the blog’s new look? Alice of thebloggersadvocate was so nice to give me a blog makeover as my birthday gift! 


Over To You…
What is that ‘big’ thing/goal that you have been avoiding doing/achieving? Why haven’t you done it yet? Let’s hear your own confession in the comments, I’ve missed hearing from you!


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  1. Oyinkansola Ojelade

    So amazing, dear mide, I really can’t wait to read your book…
    To say I love you doesn’t even begin to cover it

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