How To Embark On Self Renewal & Personal Maintenance

I said in this video on Instagram that, the last couple of weeks have been so tough. Permit me to add draining to the list too. We’ve seen and experienced loss, anger, depression and so many emotions that we can’t even put in words. It’s been quite challenging to say the least. My point? Life has a way of hitting us in diverse ways. We get beat down, run down, in despair and before long, we find ourselves longing for some sort of renewal, repair and rejuvenation –and because this is bound to happen at various points in our lives, it is imperative that we often carry out what I call personal maintenance.

Our bodies and minds go through so much everyday that sometimes the period of renewal and maintenance have to be ‘squeezed in’ and becomes an unaffordable luxury. We have to show up in different capacities to different people and eventually we become tired. We don’t even consider this until it’s almost too late, whereas just like bathing, we should do it everyday.


In a fast paced world like ours, it’s easy to forget the need for a slower pace of things and the ultimate need for a regular renewal. If you are to do a personal clarity session (You can also book one with me here ), it might surprise you as you begin to uncover certain realizations, of how different occurrences in your life have made you drift from the original design of wholeness and inner peace. The beat down and damaged toss and turn of life becomes your norm.

That is the wrong order of things and I know you desire that things are done the right way because I also have been there. Today, in this post we set things right because we are intentional about living on purpose here at The Portable Hub.

NOTE: The tips in this post are not ‘one-size-fits-all’. They differ from individual to individual. But they are basic tips that will serve as a guide to you finding and embarking on your unique renewing process.

Begin with a clarity session: This is basically where you move from a foggy, confused mindset to a place where everything is literally made plain. Things become clear. Here, there is a reveal of stressors and things that may often cause you to shut down and make you anxious. You are directed back to the original blueprints made with the intention of being the best version of yourself. You become aware of the need for a renewal and recharge. Ask yourself where you need to be renewed; physically, mentally, spiritually, academically, etc. Remember, it is an intentional process just like every other tip that would be mentioned. A lack of commitment doesn’t produce results.

Figure out where you need to take action: Sometimes, you may not even need a drastic change for you to experience a renewal in your life. It may be something as simple as saying no to extra responsibilities and certain people. Or doing a proper scheduling of your time so that there is room for some personal maintenance. It may even be getting rid of that negative habit of waiting for the next bad news and replacing it with hope and positivity. It could be literally anything. But in trying to figure out where you should take action, remember that this is about you coming out refreshed and rejuvenated and in order to do that successfully, you need to know how to deal with everything that will hinder the process. Some actions might require a cut-off; some may have to be worked around and managed.

Be willing to commit to this process, and then commit to it: Now, we are getting closer to where the work begins. You know you are in dire need of self renewal, you have done a deep dive into the original design and you know where you need to take action. That’s great. But all of these without actually following through with willingness and commitment might cause a bigger problem, because then you are stuck without any real changes. Those little commitments you make to yourself and follow through with are the things that form the foundation of your integrity. It starts with you.


• Find your supportive network and draw strength from them: Notice I didn’t say ‘sap strength’? I said draw, because I want to believe you are not a parasite. When you embark on changes that will affect your life, especially if it’s a new territory you will need all the support you can get. Most times, this will come from your supportive tribe and community. When you are around people who understand the need for a renewal and make you know that it’s okay to want these changes – people who might even be on that journey themselves and you hold each other accountable and cheer yourselves on, you feel strengthened and ultimately renewed. Life is too short to be around who classify major changes in your life such as this as ‘one of those things’. We started this for the purpose of renewal not to be depressed.

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Hop on the train of speaking positively: By now, I’m sure you already know that I am a huge advocate for this. Personally, I have found that when I speak positive affirmations especially when I’m down, in doubt or confused, I regain strength gradually. I always say that affirmations are spoken from a place of solutions and answers and this understanding is what refreshes me. So speaking positively has a proven 99% chance of renewing you if you actually believe what you are telling yourself.

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God is the ultimate source of a renewed life. You just have to let him know where and how it hurts.

Embarking on a process of self renewal doesn’t make you selfish. It only helps you metamorphose into the best version of yourself and function accordingly.

Over to you…
What steps do you often take when you need to be refreshed and renewed? Let’s talk in the comments.


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    1. Hey Calie! I absolutely agree with you. Self care is important and very necessary if we must thrive. Thanks for stopping by ❤

  1. Attossa Emmanuel

    i have come to understand that renewal is an act of self-love and one of the things it does is that it nurtures our growth.
    thanks for putting this write up together, I’m greatly blessed.

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