Goal Setting: 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Vision Board

Over the weekend, myself and other creatives met up for a vision board party put together by The Bloggers Advocate , and it was honestly an amazing way to start up the new month. Now the term ‘vision board’ is something I’ve been familiar with for a long time, but I’ve never really taken time to go in-depth (alarming right? I know!) I didn’t realise what I was missing out on till I got the experience. It’s one thing to have goals, I mean we all do, but it’s another to visualise them. In my opinion, I think that’s even better. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing reasons why I think a vision board is a great idea for every goal-getter!

Happy New Month guys!
I hope you had a great weekend? I’m sure you did.

Before going for the vision board party, I had done a little research as regards what usually happens at things like that (can’t be the only one feeling lost you know), and it was great to see that they were in line. Being a lover and advocate of planners and goal books , I was contented with just writing down my goals for the year in my planner, but I can confidently tell you that a vision board takes it a step further.

In case you are as lost as I was before Saturday, a vision board is basically a visual representation of your goals. So, you know that before you decide to make a vision board, it is only right for you to have goals and visions you want to achieve for the year or whatever time frame you choose.

What Do You Need To Make This Board?

Oh nothing much!
Just a cardboard, or whatever you want to use as a surface
Some magazines to cut out images quotes, and phrases from
Print outs from the internet that resonates with what you want to achieve
Personal pictures you might want to put up there
A pair of scissors
And any other thing you think would visually represent your goals.

Vision board

Before we began the process of making the vision boards, we had a moment where we all talked about our goals for last year, our challenges, and how we plan to go forward this year. That was one of the highlights of the event for me, sharing your highs and lows regarding goal attainment can be very refreshing, trust me.

So Why Do You Need To Make A Vision Board For Yourself?
1. It Is A Therapeutic Process: Right from the moment when I began to make my own board, till I got home, I was filled with positive energy. Writing down your goals comes with its own fulfilment. We all have several goals for our lives, ranging from spiritual goals, career, health and fitness, social, relationship goals, to mention but few, however translating them to visual representations will help you feel a sort of release that pushes you to achieving.

2. It Is An Exciting Way Of Setting Goals: Often times, when we think about all the things we want to achieve for the year, it gets hot all of a sudden, our palms are sweaty, we get all tensed up and we start feeling pressured. Oh, you thought you were alone? Definitely not. Creating a vision board is really exciting and motivating. Finding an image you want to represent your goals with, gives you a certain thrill and ‘ginger’. You see an image of money, cut it out and after sticking it to your board, You go “Yass! Imma make this money this year!” well, that’s how I felt. That’s the kind of motivation I’m talking about. You’re excited about the process, and motivated to achieve.

3. It Helps With Daily Evaluation: A vision board should be kept where you can see it EVERYDAY, otherwise it sorts of defeat the purpose. Once you open your eyes, you should see it, and why is this important? You’re able to evaluate how far you have gone, or you’re yet to go with your goals and aspirations. You can check where you need to put in more efforts and where you need to celebrate your wins, no matter how little.

My Vision Board

4. It Keeps You Regularly Acquainted With Your Goals: I mean, the board is going to be all up in your face and space everyday, you have no choice than to embrace it and get familiar. Remember it’s your life we’re talking about here. It should become your daily visual affirmation; “oh this camera, you’re coming home soon, “This summer, I am travelling to ——” look at the image and speak it into existence.
However, I would add that in a situation where you feel like you’re getting pressured, take a breather and probably a break and go back to your WHY? Why did you make the vision board in the first place, and I believe your answer will get you back on track.

A vision board is as serious as you make it to be, it either represents your goals and helps you take a step in achieving them, or it is just a glorified scrap book… well scrap board.
It all depends on you.

Over to you…
You might have been ‘winging’ it when it comes to your goals and vision in the past years, but how about challenging yourself this year and giving your goals a little structure, remember this year , we’re more intentional.

Ever had a vision board? Was it helpful? What are your thoughts on creating one? I love hearing from you, let’s talk in the comments!

P.s- Shoutout to The Bloggers Advocate for putting together a great event, and for giving us an opportunity to network! Looking forward to the next event!


36 thoughts on “Goal Setting: 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Vision Board”

  1. Thanks Mide! I truly want to make one now. I wonder if a vision board is a way of manifesting what you want – putting out certain vibes and believing it is attainable. Going to start saving magazines!

    1. I agree with you! It definitely is a way of manifesting what you want. Wish you all the best with your board and your goals!

  2. This was so helpful! Honestly I use to think Vision Boards were a bunch of phooey but after reading this article, I have to say I think I have been wrong! Thanks for opening my eyes.

  3. I’ve thought about doing a vision board before, but it always seemed like a waste of time. After reading about your experience, it actually sounds like the exact thing I need to do! Thanks!

    1. Felt the same way, I just couldn’t understand what the fuss was about, but I’m glad I now have a better understanding like you too!
      Wish you all the best! ❤

  4. I always have a vision board, it’s very helpful to make me stay on track and a source of inspiration whenever I feel down or facing a setback on what I tried to achieve..thank you for sharing this useful info

  5. This is indeed an amazing article! Vision board is real! I always have a vision board beside my bed. It inspires me to work harder to achieve my goal.

    1. Oh wow! I hope you get to that printer fast. Creating a vision board is an amazing way of staying on track with your goals so I think I get why it’s a big deal, because it is!
      Thanks for reading Aisasami❣

  6. One of my New Year’s resolution’s was to create a vision board. Although most of my days are monotonous, I want to be sure that I am still moving forward and reaching those goals and aspirations. Great post.

  7. Matija Antonić

    I am not familiar with a vision board, but what you wrote looks like fun, I will have to check it out, it might help out in the future with goal setting and monitoring those goals that have been set 😀

  8. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    This is awesome! I should install a vision board in my office to remind me why I’m working my ass off. 😀

  9. I love the way you have actually put healthy food on the board!! I have been working on mine and I have picked extremely important pointers that I will use on mine. Thank you.

  10. I took a certification course in creating vision boards and seriously need to finish my requirements and start creating them. This is a great reminder. TY!

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