Goal Attainment || 5 Reasons Why It’s Not Just Working

In goal setting and more importantly goal attainment, there are certain behavioural patterns that may not allow us get the results we want. Which is why when we look through our written goals, we can’t seem to understand why we haven’t made any progress. In today’s #mondayinspiration post, I have put together some key reasons why you may not be getting ahead when it comes to your goal attainment. Also because this year at TPH, our motto is to #BeIntentional.

In trying to achieve our goals, there are habits, activities and unproductive behaviours that may serve as a hindrance – and sometimes, we’re not even aware how limiting these things can be!

As a result of these ‘stumbling blocks’ it could be very easy to start believing that you’re not worthy of getting those maximum results you desire so badly. Whereas your mindset should be that anything is possible when you set your mind to it and more importantly when you do it the right way.


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So what are some of the reasons why you’re making no progress with your goals?

1. Procrastination: I bet you were expecting this, weren’t you? As obvious as it may seem, this is something that a LOT of us tend to struggle with. Personally, I struggled with procrastination so much before I started looking for a lasting solution. Theories like the two-minute rule have proven to be really helpful for me, and I really had to change my mindset to be able to do stuff on time. Procrastination is indeed a thief of time and would only keep you from achieving your set goals. To get rid of procrastination, you need to take immediate action. Whatever it is you’ve decided to do, make sure you follow through with it. The best time to start creating the future you want for yourself is NOW!

2. Rigidity: Have you ever thought to yourself ‘Maybe I need to ease up a little bit’ Yeah, that’s because you’re too stiff, and that may not be so helpful if you really want to achieve your goal. I’ve come to realize that many individuals confuse being rigid for being disciplined. While you need the latter to truly makes progress with your goals, having the mindset of the former may not serve you in the long run. Yes, you have some great expectations which is amazing, but what do you do when it doesn’t work out as expected? Do you beat yourself up over it? Or do you sit back and try to figure out what happened? Being to rigid in trying to achieve your goals will only rob you of the joy that cokes with enjoying the process. It may eventually become a destructive pattern that will hinder you from getting those results.


3. Excuses, Excuses and More Excuses: Of course you know what I’m taking about! ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘The timing is not right’ ‘I’m too old’ ‘I’m too young’ ‘Maybe some other time’ ‘I’m not a good fit’ ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ ‘People will laugh’
Sound familiar? I bet it does, because we’ve all been there. Excuses will keep us stagnated and this year, we’re all about moving forward here at TPH. Remember that for every time you decide to do something new, especially something that is certain to change your life for better, you’re going to be presented with reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead with it and stay in your familiar territory. It’s your job to go against that thought process and make those great decisions that will enable you live your best life. Quit those excuses and go ahead with those goals!

4. Distractions: And I don’t mean the good kind here. There are a gazillion things that would come in form of distractions ready to veer you away from the real thing. How are you reacting to these distractions? Because honestly they’re not going anywhere. The onus is on you to either tune them out or give them room.

5. Pressure: This could come from you or from others. Sometimes, as a result of some unrealistic and ambiguous goals we have set, we may put ourselves under pressure. I don’t need to tell you how that ends. At other times, it could be pressure from friends, colleagues, family, etc . We allow these individuals project their own ideas and goals to us, and that puts us in a fix where we believe we have to act accordingly or face the possible wrath of not ‘belonging’. You need to figure out where the root of this pressure and wave it bye bye!
This year is for you to be intentional in creating the best life for yourself, and getting rid of these factors in achieving your goals will be a good start.


Over To You…
How has your journey to goal attainment been? Have you been faced with any of these factors listed? Let’s talk!

1 thought on “Goal Attainment || 5 Reasons Why It’s Not Just Working”

  1. Hmmmm….all of these are on point. Any of these can effectively stop you from achieving your goals. That’s how potently dangerous these factors are. Now you can imagine how far you are from achieving your goals if you are battling with more than one of these.
    Sadly, we are all battling with one or two of these and it seems that’s just how the path to success looks like. The more of these entrapments one overcome, the closer one gets to success.
    May God help us.

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