I attended my first blogger event this year on the 14th of April, and I should have put up this post sooner, I apologise for that, but I didn’t because I already had some posts scheduled for last week. Better late than never right? Okay, so there was a bloggers meet and greet at a new restaurant called Famous Potatoes’ and because it’s always a good idea to network and meet new people, I decided I was going to attend. This is an event recap of what went down.


This gate has my heart!

After missing the road and going up and down Aminu Kano crescent for almost 20 minutes, I finally found the restaurant. It’s located at 26, Buchanan street, Aminu Kano crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. The event was scheduled to start at 12pm but I got there around past one and met a photo shoot session organized by the management of Famous Potatoes, which was really cool by the way, except that I haven’t gotten my pictures. (Any one else?)


While waiting for the event to start, I took my time to look around and take in the decor and ambiance of the place -I particularly loved the art wall, quite a number of bloggers loved that wall actually, the artist did an amazing job with the pieces. The indoor part of the restaurant was also very beautiful, with some musical instruments dangling from the top, and the red chairs that gave it that pop of colour, it’s definitely a place I would go back to. I also met and chatted a bit with both old and new faces, before my blogger boo Sarah , whisked me away and took some lit shots of me. She takes the best shots!

The Art Wall


Okay, so at this point let me mention that BamBam an ex-housemate of the just concluded Big Brother Naija was also invited. In fact, the event was tagged “Bloggers meet and Greet with BamBam”. Now some people had their reservations regarding this because BamBam is not a blogger, so what was she coming to tell us? Valid point yeah? I agree too, some people didn’t even watch the show, so they couldn’t even be bothered. However I remember telling Sarah that Famous Potatoes had just opened, and of course they’re going to need all the hype they can get, it’s called marketing and advertising.

Even if it means bringing a former housemate who was getting massive love (+ followers) after being evicted, as well as bloggers who will help you publicise your hustle very well, anybody would do it, plus if we’re being honest, BamBam dropped some gems when she was talking, at least I learned a few things from her.

The main event started off with introductions, and we also had some bloggers who were guest speakers. Honestly, I enjoyed each of their sessions. They all delivered their talks effortlessly by making it very relatable. Our guest speakers were Alma of thestylecheapskate.com , Kuyet of Kuyetbamai.wordpress.com  , and Sola of Solafagbemi.com



Lessons Learned From Their Talks

1) Always promote Your Content
2) Engage with your readers and followers
3) Create content that solve problems
4) Be open to collaborations with brands and fellow bloggers, but let there some form of ground rules
5) Create content that have a call to action
6) Be consistent.

From Bambam while sharing her story, I learned that you have to be specific about what you want in life, and whatever you see you see yourself as, not only do you speak it, or meditate about it (She’s big on meditation) , you do everything to work towards achieving it. In my opinion, this is a key lesson that we all have to put into practice.


We were also given something to nibble on while we gisted and networked with each other, and I left my bottle of coke on their table, very sad thing. It was really nice to actually put faces to some names that I had come to love online. I would mention their names, but they’re plenty, so shout out to everyone I met, I look forward to seeing your lovely faces soon!


The food-ish


With Cynthia


My pretty dress is from my boo Fikayo the amiable CEO of Fikkys Fashion World . In her words, “You deserve this dress”. Thanks a lot dear, God bless you richly for me.

Shoes- Payporte

My lovely pictures were taken by Sarah of Princessaudu , who is simply the best! Thanks hun!

My neutral facebeat was done by my amazing sister Demilade, thank you for making me look peng!



I hope you enjoyed this recap? Any thoughts?



  1. I love the recap, just about how it happen and quite honest. The picture link has been shared however, will forward to you shortly. It was really great seeing you again, even though we really could not catch up. Hopefully, we would one of this days.

    On the side, your pictures are appearing like thumbnails? I hope you are aware? I am reading from a PC and they look extremely small, I can hardly see much details.

    1. Debs my lifesaver! I wasn’t aware, I’ll see to it now, thanks hun.
      It was great to see you too, don’t worry we’ll work something out soon❤❤

  2. Lol at the foodish caption, that food was sad though but as with every event, it was nice catching up with my blogger people. Who knew bambam’s talk would be helpful though, interesting. And you’re welcome. I got my pictures though, I think I saw one or two of yours.

    Princess Audu

  3. Girl! You know that food was on another
    Level 😭
    It’s always good to catch up the blogger fam. I’ll check for the pictures ASAP.
    Thanks boo❤

  4. I love the simplicity of your dress yet stylish with the fun colors. Your initial thoughts about Bambam speaking at the event reminds of the saying that no knowledge is wasted, so it’s best to listen before drawing conclusions.

    I’m usually at work when most blogger events happen but I can’t wait to attend one. Glad you had a nice time. First time visiting your blog, nice blog!
    Modavracha | Abuja-Based Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Onyinye! I’m glad you could stop by, I love your blog as well😊.
      I completely agree with you on the Bambam issue, no knowledge is definitely wasted.
      Looking forward to seeing you at one of the blogger events this year, hopefully there will be an opening at your office, that will allow you.

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