Blogversary: A Look Back & Forward + 4 Lessons Learned

For some reason, I kept forgetting about this blogversary (blogging anniversary). Like every time I remembered, I forgot about it almost immediately. It was almost like the negative committee that sometimes meets in my head were trying to tell me that it was inconsequential and wasn’t worth celebrating. But that’s not true now, is it? 4 years is such a long time to put efforts into something and let it go just like that, especially when you have amazing people who make it worthwhile. So, today, I’ll be celebrating my 4th year blogversary! Yay!

If you have been following my blogging journey closely, you’d know that I started blogging sometime in 2015, and TPH is my second blog. However, I choose to start my story from March 15th 2015 because that’s when it all started.


Clueless with no idea what I was doing, I started a blog one night in 2015 and put up my first post titled “First of all… introduction”. I know, really cringy. In that muddled up post, I did my best to introduce myself, what the blog was going to be about (which hasn’t really changed much), and even squeezed in some jokes about my life as a portable lady (nervous much!). Weird part was, I didn’t tell anybody for months! So I just wrote and left it there because I felt nobody would get this whole ‘blogging’ thing. Of course, I didn’t have to worry about a niche, SEO, keywords, ranking on google, aggressive promotion on social media, joining a blogging community, because I was completely oblivious to it. All I knew was I wanted to write and get better at writing.

In fact, at some point, I messed up with the settings of the blog, and nobody could actually read it, so I just thought ‘yes, blogging isn’t for me’. Five months later, after I had motivated myself and given myself several pep talks about how I’m not a quitter, I figured out my mistake, fixed my blog and began writing. Oh, and this time, I was more confident about telling people of the blog. Progress right?

And so it began. Writing and writing, building an online presence, promoting posts, finding fellow bloggers and engaging with them, joining blogging communities like The Blogger Point and The Bloggers Advocate , that taught all the nitty-gritty of blogging, shared tips on how to get ahead in the blogosphere, and connected you with some of the best people. Forever grateful for these communities.


1. Comparison is a trap. Be vigilant!
As with anything in life really, you need to be vigilant, lest you fall into this trap called comparison. Social media is a place where there’s a lot of ‘give and take’, and before you know it, you begin to internalize some of these things. Now, if they are things that grow and serve your purpose, why not? But when it begins to affect you in a way that you feel you’re not growing fast enough, or that XYZ is so much better and more talented than you and you’d rather just sulk, then you need to pump the brakes. I mean it could be true, considering that we’re all blessed with diverse gifts, but that doesn’t undermine your own level of uniqueness and that you’re a badass with a vision in mind. Comparison is merely a thief of joy and success, and as I celebrate this blogversary today, I’m deciding that I would no longer allow it. You should too.

2. Invest, Invest and Invest.
Investing in yourself and your craft is something that cannot be overemphasised enough. I have come to realize over these 4 years that the key to getting ahead in a saturated place like the blogosphere, is to develop yourself greatly and put some cheddar to get more cheddar. Ya dig? There’s so much information these days on blogging and everything else, for you to say you were not aware. Brands are looking for the best of the best, and being mediocre isn’t going to get you on that list. You have to be willing to work for it and put yourself out there. (Something I’m still working a lot on!) You also have to be okay with the fact that, not all your investments will yield immediate ROI (return on investment), in fact some won’t even yield in the nearest future. Patience is key and that shouldn’t deter you from developing yourself and your personal brand.

3. Engagement Is The Major Key
You want people to engage with your own content or service, you have to be willing to return the favour. I mean, some days I just want to post something and go offline immediately, but it doesn’t work that way. These days you have to be super creative with whatever you’re posting, and include a great CTA (call-to-action) that allows your posts to be relatable and ultimately get people to engage with it.
No engagement, No engagement.

4. Community Over Competition All Day, Everyday.
I’m not the most sociable person trust me. As a matter of fact, I find it really hard to socialize with people or put myself out there. However, I have come to realize also that doing certain things by myself is so limiting and deprives me of certain chances I might have, but connecting and networking with people of like mind and interests not only eases some burdens, it also makes the journey fun and more productive. Competition, pride and isolation won’t get you anywhere. Where everybody is teaming up, supporting, learning from each other and creating magic, you’re all alone trying to spite people that don’t even rate you. I definitely do not want that life of bitterness, you shouldn’t too. Your uniqueness and awesomeness doesn’t fade away because you’re trying to synergize with other people, if anything it makes you more of a wonderful and complete human being.

NOTE: These lessons are not just peculiar to people in the blogosphere, but for everyone who seeks to blossom in their different fields!



A while back, someone asked me if I was still going to be blogging in the next five years. I couldn’t actually answer at that moment because for some weird reason, I wasn’t sure. But that question stayed with me till I was able to answer. Blogging for me has gone beyond just trying to get better at writing, I believe that with each post, there’s something I’m passing across and I don’t I want to stop doing that when I have the opportunity to. Also, I have a whole family in all of you that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So if I’m asked again whether I’ll still blog in the next 5 or more years, my answer is yes and I sincerely hope you’ll stick around too! Going forward, I’d like The Portable Hub to remain a very relaxed atmosphere where you come to get your weekly dose of inspiration and lifestyle posts that puts you on a path of purpose and fulfilment while living your best life. I can’t promise that the blog categories will remain the same probably in the next 4 years, sometimes we might have to switch it up a bit with your help of course, because you know what they say ‘variety is the spice of life’ and here on TPH, we are all about living our best lives.

I don’t think I say it enough, but I’m super grateful for you guys. Thank you for believing in this portable girl and her dreams. I solemnly swear to make the next couple of years a beautiful one. So help me God.
Cheers to greater years ahead!

A selfie for you guys!

Over to you…

What would you like to see on The Portable Hub? You already know I love hearing your thoughts! Let’s talk.


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  1. Once again, congratulations portable lady! The blogosphere is a better place with your contributions! Don’t give up, keep celebrating!

  2. Congratulations baby girl, yes we will be here in the next 5 years reading whatever you’re dishing out to us

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