A Guide To Stay Safe During A Pandemic Outbreak

It’s no news that we are experiencing a somewhat pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 virus. And while we are really hoping and praying that we get a permanent solution soon, we also need to stay healthy, stay safe and stay sane. Today’s post is not cause any form of panic or anxiety, rather it’s a way of informing and educating ourselves because as a community here at TPH, we need to look out for each other.

At different times in history, we have had several outbreaks of diseases and viruses that resulted into life threatening situations and eventually the loss of lives in different parts of the world. One of the ways by which we can stay on top on this as best as we can, is to be prepared and to be safe.

There are some preventive measures that we must adhere to strictly and religiously if we must stay healthy, safe and sane.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?
Like I said earlier, we are here to educate ourselves with all the tips that would be listed below.

1. Know What You Are Dealing With: When it comes to widespread diseases and epidemics like this one, we need to know exactly what we are up against by familiarizing ourselves with the symptoms, as this will lead us to take necessary precautions to stay safe. For instance, the symptoms of the Corona virus are; runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, and in rare cases some people may have difficulty in breathing. All of these are very similar to symptoms of common cold or flu so it’s possible to have the virus and not know. Also, the incubation period for this virus is 14 days after exposure. Again, I reiterate that you may be infected and unaware which is why I’m sharing these tips to keep us prepared. If you however feel sick at any point in time, see your doctor.

2. Wear Protective Gears: Having known what we are dealing with, the next step would be to obviously protect yourself from it. One of the ways to do this is to wear protective gears like face masks and gloves, because these would keep you safe as well others should in case you are infected. I see that some individuals have even made it a part of their fashion and style routine. To this I say do you boo! As long as you are protecting yourself and others.


3. Stock Up On Essentials: I remember talking to my siblings, and they were telling me most of the stores were almost empty when they went shopping, and they had to go from one place to another before they got what they needed. People are panic-buying and honestly we can’t fault anyone for that. Everyone is getting what they need because we don’t have an idea when this would be over. Some of the essentials you may need to get are; food, cereals, water, juices, paper towels, wipes, sanitizers, rubber gloves, soaps, multivitamins, pain killers, first aid supplies, antibiotics, diapers etc. Whatever you think you may need, please do not hesitate to get it!

4. Use Disinfectants Regularly: This is a good time to stock up on disinfectants for your body, your clothes and your home. Use them as often as you can too. The issue of hand washing cannot be overemphasised enough. And we have been told not to do it for less than 20 seconds. In a situation where you can’t wash your hands, it is advised to use sanitizers or any alcohol-based hand rub. This is a time to practice strict hygiene. It would be futile to wash your hands and still go back to touch your phone and laptop surfaces that you haven’t wiped or sanitized. They go hand in hand. Always remember to clean your surfaces, door knobs and every other thing you think may have germs, especially if you have kids around. Also avoid putting your hands in your eyes, nose, ears and mouth so that you don’t infect yourself. Don’t worry, your OCD can fly now, nobody will think you’re crazy or weird. Haha!


5. Practice Social Distancing: I’ve come to realize that this bit is what most of us are still struggling with, especially millennials. That is because humans don’t like being told what to do. And of course, because we’re social butterflies by nature (Maybe not all of us). But frankly speaking, a lot of the things we do involves interacting with other people. We are wired to connect with others. Now we’re being told to stay away from such interactions? Of course that would difficult to adhere to. See, I get it. But in a situation like this we don’t really have much choices because we’re trying to get rid of this virus as quickly as possible. Going to social activities and other public places increases everyone’s risk of getting infected. I know we all want to get back to hanging out and making ends meet, but for now social distancing and self isolation would help us achieve that faster. Introverts are probably the happiest people right now. I kid. But really, this is not the time for hand shakes, a thumbs up and a beautiful smile would do right now if you must go out at all.

6. Stock Up On Games, Books, And Renew Your Internet: Remember when I said that we were to stay healthy, stay safe and stay sane? Well this particular tip is to help you stay sane. Social distancing and isolation will get really boring and that’s a settled fact that you need to know. So how can you spice it up for yourself and family? Get games. Board games, card games, video games are hundred percent a great idea, especially if you are a workaholic or you have kids. Of course some people would say this might enable laziness, well you can also get books of different genres and read! Also, renew your internet because you will need it!

7. Money Is Important: You’d be surprised at how often you need to stock up over and over again, especially if you have a large number in your house. You’re going to need money for that and so many other things, so make sure you have money handy! You need to be financially safe too.

8. Be Hopeful And Stay Calm: I’ve been seeing tweets about the end of the world, some funny and others not so much. But my take is people are scared and hope is getting thinning out. It’s perfectly normal to be scared because you can’t even tell if you’re infected at this rate. We’ve seen cases of people who showed no symptoms but have tested positive. In all of this, we need that hope to stay alive that this too shall pass. Losing hope will only make things worse, that’s why we need to stay calm and believe that just like we defeated all the other pandemics like Ebola, influenza, Zika virus, COVID-19 will also be defeated.
As long as we do all that is required of us.

At this time, we remember all those who have passed as a result of the Corona virus, may their souls rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.


P.S: The 15th of March made it 5 amazing years since I started blogging, but I wasn’t feeling up to writing a celebratory post because of all these happenings. Thank you guys for making these 5 years special and memorable, Love you!


Over To You…
What precautionary measures have you taken towards the COVID-19? Or you’re not bothered about it? I would love to know!

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