6 Uplifting Women-Inspired Pages To Follow

One of these things I actively look for on all my social media platforms are pages or individuals who inspire me, pages I can totally relate with, and pages that make me laugh because life is too short to be so serious all the time, and I love to laugh! Now as much as we all want to ride on the train that women are all about tearing each other down (which may be true sometimes), we also have women who are steadily in the business of empowering other women and supporting them. Because Wednesdays are usually for celebrating women, in today’s post I have put together 6 of my favourite women inspired pages/communities on Instagram where I draw my inspiration from.

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Oh and, happy hump day!

Personally, I’m a sucker for quotes. I take joy in seeing quotes that basically speak to me, and truthfully they usually come really handy. These pages I’m about to list below are like fairy godmothers who come at the right time to give you that boost you need as a woman – be it in your career, relationships, business, etc.

I literally can spend hours on these pages just trying to get the motivation I need for a particular day. And it works! Some of them are targeted at working on your mindset, some others at helping you grow, and some others at helping you become of person of impact yourself.

I mean, what’s there not to love?


1. @thewomanofinfluence
If nothing else attracted me to this beautiful community, the name itself literally dragged me there. I love this page. Whoever is behind it is doing a really great job of making it a REAL page. Alongside the beautiful quotes and words of wisdom shared, there’s a story in the caption that you can actually relate to that puts things in perspective for you. So if you’re not yet following them, well you should hurry!


2. @herincrediblemindset
This is another absolute fave. We all know that our mindset plays a very important role in helping us evolve into our highest self. This page is your what you can call your voice of reasoning ready to put you in check should you start dwindling. The posts shared on this page help to condition your mind to how it should be on your journey to success – no negativity allowed, self love and confidence intact, a great relationship with others, etc. Sometimes, we don’t even know that our mind is playing a trick on us, trust me this page is your jolt back to reality.

3. @thefemalehustlers
For all my fellow boss ladies who are tirelessly working hard to live the life they’ve envisioned for themselves, I can assure you that you’re going to love the page so much. I came across just one post that drew me to this page, and I was mentally screaming because I could relate so much to it. Sometimes, the hard work that women put in on a daily basis could be so underrated and really frustrating. I know this because I personally know a ton of women who do so much and hardly get the recognition they deserve. So, seeing this page dedicated to literally screaming that women are doing the damn thing brings me so much joy!


4. @sisters_network
This is another amazing page. Like the name implies, this page is dedicated to bringing women in all capacities together. I love this one because apart from sharing amazing things in their page, they also organize events, classes and meetings where women come together to share and to learn. (In fact, I’ll be attending one of the events this weekend!). It’s a beautiful thing to see women coming together trust me.



5. @womenofimpact
I won’t even lie, this is another page where I was drawn to the name. Then of course, after spending some few minutes on the page, I decided there was no going back for me. A platform that impacts you to impact others is exactly what you need. We all have our various places of responsibilities where we just need to make an impact, this women inspired community will facilitate you to do just that!



6. @sheleadsafrica
If you’re an African woman or even just a woman at all and you’re not following this page, then I don’t even know what to tell you. If there’s anything I love about these guys, it’s their newsletters. I’m so glad I signed up for it. This page is everything! From the events, to their suggestions of books to read, to their Q&A sessions, you’re getting all the boost you need to be a leading woman wherever you find yourself. This is a page you need to be following ladies!



There you have it people!
Stay inspired.



Over To You…
What are some of your favourite women-inspired pages you follow? Do you see any of your faves on my list? Let’s help each other out!


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