I mean, it’s only the first day of work, and we’re already talking about quitting, why? Good question! Great in fact. The truth however, is that regardless of what day of work it is, some people just want to quit! You know that feeling of just wanting to put an end to that job, goal, objective, you name it, that’s exactly how they feel. While quitting is not always wrong, especially when whatever you’re involved in begins to affect you negatively, today’s #mondayinspiration post will give you some tips on how to disregard the urge to quit, and not always think of quitting at the slightest roadblock.

Weekend went well? I’m glad. I for one binged-watched and caught up with one of my favourite series, Jane The Virgin.

The desire or urge to quit can be as result of so many things; it could be that you think you’re not good enough, or you’ve just had it up to your neck and you’re fed up, or that you’re not appreciated enough, I mean you get stuff done all the time, or perhaps you’re just stuck in a creative funk and can’t seem to get out, all these can result in you wanting to just drop everything and bail.


Let’s look at it this way then, shall we? When all of the aforementioned situations come up, you should bear in mind that there are other options available to you than quitting, and you might want to explore them first before resorting to that last bit.

How do you fight off the urge to quit?
1) Identify The Real Problem: In trying not to quit, you need to identify what it is that brought that feeling in the first place, address it and find the solution. It’s possible that one thing could build up and lead to another and such an individual begins to spiral, till you get to a point where you just want it to end. It might just be that you need to look for the root cause and deal with it.

2) Find Your Inspiration: When you have this strong urge to just drop everything, it’s time to source for your inspiration and push yourself. Motivate yourself with your most preferred method, not only that, find inspiration outside. Look for those who you look up to in your line of work, those who have succeeded despite all odds, and learn from them. Read books that will push and motivate you to try harder where you are.

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3) Divert Your Attention From Quitting: Trust me, I know how overwhelming this feeling can be. That’s literally all you think about. I’m here you to change that narrative. You need to divert your attention from this particular thought, especially when you know deep down, that there’s still a ray of hope. Don’t be so consumed by the thought of quitting that you become miserable and isolated. Do other things! There are other parts of your life that needs all the attention you’re currently giving to just the thought of quitting. Remember it’s good to share. You might even be getting inspiration without even knowing.


4) Be More Realistic: Sometimes, we set unrealistic goals that come back to bite us. When it comes to work, the more realistic you are, the better. It helps you to do things faster and more efficiently, but when superficial goals are involved, unnecessary comparison comes in, and because miss A’s method has failed you, you want to quit. We all do things according to how we are wired. It would be wise to approach and do things in the way that works for you, because then, you won’t be overwhelmed and filled with the desire to quit.

5) Don’t Pressure Yourself: You have just one life, so love it, and live it! At some point in your career or business, you’ll realise that there are certain things that you have absolutely no control over. You can’t fix everything. Realising, understanding and accepting this, will help you to feel less like a failure when doing certain tasks. Don’t pressure yourself, those things will eventually find a way to align themselves, without you carrying the weight on your shoulders and deciding you want to quit.

6) Be Positive: Yes, yes, my mantra. It’s not just a saying, but something even I am still learning everyday to incorporate. Positivity is a lifestyle that we all need to adopt. It might seem quite absurd to stay positive at a point where you’re feeling the exact opposite way, but that’s the whole point. Your brain needs to register that you’re choosing positivity even in this situation where you just want to quit, and then send it to the rest of your system. Try it once, twice, and just keep doing it, and you will feel much better than worse.

I hope these tips help you explore the options of trying rather than quitting.

What do you do when get overwhelmed, and you just want to quit? Let’s talk in the comments.

Have an amazing week!



  1. Haven’t we all been in this mess before? But the best way to talk one self out of it is to focus on the goal and remain positive.

    Brilliant points you have raised, Mide.

  2. I’m a nurse and I love what I’m doing. However, it can get stressful and overwhelming. I try to remember the reason why I chose this job and focus on my goals. In life, it does help to remember there are things I have no control over and to stay positive.

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  4. Fabulous tips! It can be so easy to get de-motivated when things go a bit wrong or you feel a bit lost. I love the quote about learning to rest and not to quit, it keeps me going 🙂 going to bookmark this post!
    Alice Xx

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