6 Practical Tips For An Unstoppable Mindset

I was at a leadership retreat organised by my church last weekend, and I can confidently say it was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made this year. The theme was ‘The Unstoppable Mindset’ which I immediately fell in love with because I felt it couldn’t have come at a better time in the year. As much as I’d have loved to make this post an event recap, I’ll simply be sharing some of the amazing lessons I learned for today’s #mondayinspiration post, because I’m sure you might find them useful this year!

In the spirit of being intentional and making great decisions that enhance our lives this year, one very important thing we need to work on is our mindset at every step of the way. Training your mind in order to succeed in every area of your life is something that requires a lot of efforts and commitment -which is often the difficult part. Because an individual who has the kind of mindset that focuses on achieving their goals is not one who is lazy.

Not to worry, we’re here to help each other after all!

  • Work on Your Self Esteem : How do you see yourself? You can’t go after what you want if you don’t believe in your ability to achieve it. You’re merely wasting your time. The battle with our self esteem is one that sometimes run deep and can affect our mind and the ability to become fully accomplished- that is, if we allow it. Amazingly, it’s something that can be worked on. You need to envision the highest level of yourself no matter how you may feel or look and begin to think and behave accordingly, and then see how it helps you achieve certain things in your life.
  • Be mindful of what you say to yourself: You can not develop an unstoppable mindset if you dwell on the negative. As a matter of fact, they don’t even go together. You literally need to be a serial optimist, if there’s anything like that. And this is why I love affirmations. (You can check my Instagram to see this week’s affirmations http://instagram.com/theportablehub)What you say to yourself has a way of affecting your mind, brain and your life eventually. You manifest what you put in. So say something amazing to yourself always, okay?
  • Do Away With Everything That Doesn’t Serve You Or Grow You: The road to being unstoppable is one that might not be as crowded as you might think. As you discipline your mind to think and achieve great things, there are some things that you will need to let go of. Some of these things may even be what you’ve always known to be the ‘truth’ and ‘right’ way of doing things. No worries. You didn’t know and that’s okay. Everything that represented and accommodated your tiny mindset will need to go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to become proud, stuck up and rude because you’re pursuing an unstoppable mindset. All I’m saying is, there are certain things or people that foster fear, cowardliness, laziness, procrastination, self limitation, to mention but few. You will need to ease away from these things because they will keep you where you are whereas, you have a goal and that is where your focus should be.
  • Don’t Be Too Rigid : I know going by the vibe of this post, you may think that’s crap. Truth is, you need to be somewhat flexible to accommodate certain changes that may occur along the way because they may be for your ultimate good. Don’t be too comfortable with doing the regular, challenge yourself to new things. Being unstoppable also means being determined to embrace new beliefs and values that help you achieve all you want to. Give room for ideas that will groom you into who you are becoming.
Unstoppable mindset
  • Commit Commit Commit: Don’t stop at desiring those goals or even setting them. Commit to them and be intentional about achieving them.
  • Take A Breather And Review From Time To Time: Having an unstoppable mindset doesn’t mean you keep going without stopping. In actual fact, it means that at some point you need to stop, take a minute, celebrate where you need to, re-strategize where you need to, after which you proceed in being the unstoppable achiever that you are!

Don’t allow anything limit you this year. Determine to make a difference and commit to it.

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Over To You…
What new thing have you learned recently that seems to be working for you? Let’s learn from each other!


20 thoughts on “6 Practical Tips For An Unstoppable Mindset”

  1. Great. Successful people of all times and generation understand these basic principles of life and have worked with them carefully. It is almost certain that keeping to these will guarantee result.

  2. Working on your confidence and your self esteem is the first step into creating a powerful mind set. Once you know that you can achieve your dreams, that you are capable of doing so, nothing can stop you.

  3. I have to say that this rings true for me. I had trouble committing because I kept thinking “what if I fail”? Now I ask myself “what if I succeed”?1!

  4. My favorite is do away with everything that doesn’t grow you. That is so true and something I have really been working on a lot lately.

  5. How awesome that your church put this on for you all! All of the points were perfect. We all kind of know them but sometimes it is hard to practice them all the time. I will try to be mindful of these this week. The more we think about them, the easier they get!

  6. ‘Do Away With Everything That Doesn’t Serve You Or Grow You’ this is a really good point. All of them are perfect but this one is my top one

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