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The latest #fruitsnackchallenge on Instagram has all of us awwing and gushing about how cute kids are. Just click on that hashtag and get ready to be lost in a world filled with cuteness! I saw a comment that said ‘I’m hungry to get pregnant’ and I was like okay sis, slow your roll. I’m guessing having to even make them sit still and participate in that challenge would have been a serious struggle. Don’t be deceived by the cute faces. Those moms are seen things. Throughout this lockdown period, we’ve seen people affected in diverse ways. Some of us have only started to adjust to the state of things because this might actually be our new normal. Personally, I’ve always been curious about how people are dealing with this situation which is why today we’re asking moms about their own experience!

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“Sometimes, the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws”Barbara Kingsolver

Balance and multitasking is one of the greatest super powers that moms have and I can’t help but admire that. Trying to stay sane and productive during this pandemic is a whole task on its own, oh I know. Now add that to helping your kid(s) achieve the same thing if not better. That can’t be easy.

My curiosity led me to a couple of my friends who are moms, and some other amazing moms, and I just really wanted to know how they are balancing all of these and still taking care of themselves and their own needs.


Let’s see what they had to say shall we?

Toluwani says:
So it’s not been that easy as my daughter has become extremely clingy this period and cries over everything. I’ve got house chores to do and also office work, so what I do is make sure she is well fed, then give her pad to watch rhymes then I can do my house and office duties. I also work late, sleep most times 1-2am, so during the day while she is napping, I use that time to sleep too so that I am not too tired. My husband helps with the house chores too, since he can’t help with our daughter, as she wants no one touching or taking care of her except me. I guess she’s bored silly, hence why she’s clingy, so we take time sometimes to walk to the junction of the house and back.
How I’m maximizing this period? Hmm, learning new skills in respect to my work(learning how to use a particular software), improving my baking skills and most importantly spending more time with God.

Zaynab says:
The lockdown has been emotional for me. I can’t even deal with the whole anxiety and bad news that comes with Covid 19. I try as much as possible to stay sane and focused so I can take care of the home. I created a routine for our daily activities which has been very helpful and made me more focused and I try to take some courses online – not rushing myself with that though.
I also try out new cooking recipes and I’m working on establishing my business fully online.

Bola (not real name) says:

It has been normal for me, no difference really only that I wake up late and sleep late. Then I cook more because of my daughter. But I still go to work sometimes.

In short the 24hrs in a day is not enough for me right now, because I am doing a whole lot of things, learning how to cook new dishes, going to work, trying out new businesses.
I am over maximizing o! Thinking outside the box on how to make money in this period, drawing up strategies on how to push my business, reading up on courses initially paid for but couldn’t continue with – But I have help right now though.


Zee says:
It has not been easy but I ensure to keep them busy with cartoons anytime I’m into something. And my youngest sister is really assisting me with them, especially at my shop too. My sister being here with me has been a blessing and has made everything easy for me. She supports me with the chores, kids and my business, but I have someone that comes to wash during weekends. I’m still trying to make money during this lockdown so I still go to my shop but I make sure that all the precautions are put in place.

Joy says:
I do some of my activities at night when the children are asleep. Some times I prepare them food, bath and keep them busy while I get to work. Hubby also helps watch them when I have something really urgent to do. Other times I just get to work while they’re around.
Maximising this period? Online courses. I’ve done about 6 Video lessons, because I teach. Quality time with family. Praying. Learning skills. Playing and Bonding with hubby and children.

Mrs A says:
It has been a sweet and not too sweet kind of experience for me as a mom. Sweet in the sense I’ve had to spend quality time my 3 boys. I’m getting to know them better than I did before the lockdown. Some of the things we engage in together, ranges from school work sent weekly by the school, exercising together (my first son does 30 press ups and sit ups each everyday), I have taught them how to bake. In short, we have done several things that I never had time to do with them before lockdown presented the opportunity.
It has also not been too sweet in the sense that, being ‘locked up’ with 3 active boys 24 hours in a day and sometimes 7 days in a week is better imagined than experienced! I have to settle fights between them more than 20 times in a day! I also need to constantly feed them healthy and nutritious meals and in- between meals snacks all the time. Seriously, those boys have a large appetite. I only sleep peacefully when they are all asleep.
I think it is primarily God that keeps me sane! I’ll also attribute my sanity to my husband and my 2 cousins staying with us. Sometimes, they just tell me to go and sleep and they take over from me.
How I’m still productive and balancing everything? I make sure to do every work assigned to me as at when due. This I do when the children are also busy with their school work. My husband also helps out in the kitchen too so that has been helpful.


This was a very insightful post if you ask me. Even though I had a great laugh at some stories. It just goes to buttress my point that moms are super heroes and that’s that on that!
Shout-out to the amazing dads too, playing their roles as partners indeed. Welldone. Maybe we’ll ask you guys next how y’all are doing.


Over to you…

How’s the lockdown treating you? Are you a mom? How has been your lockdown experience? Let’s talk in the comments. You know I always love hearing from you.


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