5 Ways To Shut Up The Negative Thoughts In Your Head!

The other day, I saw a quote on Pinterest that read “Tell the negative committee that meets in your head to sit down and shut up.” At that moment I could totally relate as I had been battling some of these thoughts, so I shared it on my Instagram page and wrote a little about shutting up negative thoughts. It’s no news that whenever you’re about to begin something new, or take a certain decision that would probably help your life, there’s a negative voice in your head that gives you all the reason why that thing will not work. Sometimes, it is so recurring that you begin to believe it and act accordingly. The negative voice or committee as the case may be, can do some irreparable damage if it is not taken care of on time, and that is why today’s #mondayinspiration post will take us through some of the ways by which we can tell that voice to shut up!

Let me say that you guys are the absolute best! Thank you so much for the love and kind words during my 4th year blogversary , it was overwhelming, but I loved every bit of it! God bless you all.

So recently, I tried to get some work done on a project I’m working on, but as I began, this ‘committee’ of negative vibes started pointing out all the reasons why I couldn’t do it, and then the fear, doubt and anxiety started kicking in. Luckily for me, and unfortunately for that annoying voice, this wasn’t my first rodeo, as I’m on the verge of mastering the art of combating negative vibes. In fact, I like to call myself the positive advocate. Haha!

But I digress.

Today I’ll be sharing with you some of those techniques you can use, in case the negative clan calls a meeting in your head.

How Can You Shut Up The Negative Thoughts?

1. Speak Them Out: It is often believed that when you allow your negative thoughts to come out, they no longer have power over you because they start to disappear as soon as you speak them out. Telling someone whom you trust, and probably consider as your accountability partner (which you should have by the way!) about your ‘not-so-pleasant’ thoughts regarding a matter, will go a long way in helping you get rid of those thoughts. Such person advices you, and helps you see reasons in the most logical way possible. Don’t keep the negative thoughts bottled up inside, speak them out.

2. Override With Positivity: This is obviously not a one day job, but a gradual process. The moment you however master the art of overriding negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you’re good to go! When you’re being presented with reasons why something won’t work, or why you’re going to fail at a particular thing, begin to will yourself to think of all the positive aspects of that thing and why it is definitely going to work! The more time you spend internalizing the negative aspect of your thoughts, the bigger the impact and vice versa. Now, I try to tell people that being positive doesn’t make you unrealistic, it only keeps you on top of your thoughts, and to which direction they will go. Override your negative thoughts with positivity today, Join the positive vibes advocates!

Negative thoughts
3. Don’t Be Idle: I’m sure you’ve heard it enough times that ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. The moment you sit idly, the negative gate is opened , and you begin to see reasons why the universe hates you, and seems to always have bad intentions for you. If you find yourself free, then do something you love, engage in something relaxing and productive. Don’t wait till the said committee camps in your head before you take action.

4. Limit the ‘what-ifs’: Often times, even when I write posts, I start spiralling and thinking ‘what if nobody reads it?’ ‘what if they think my writing is crap?’ ‘what if the post doesn’t make sense?’ Yeah, I can confidently say been there, done that. Haha! To get rid of these negative vibes, you need to limit the ‘what ifs’. We all want to predict what will happen when we take certain decisions, which in itself is not a bad thing at all. But the moment your predictions have a negative hint to them, then you already know where you’re likely headed to. You’re in charge of these thoughts, tune them to positive ones.

5. Stay Calm: I know it’s probably not what you want to hear when you’re trying to deal with these monstrous negative thoughts, but you need to stay calm trust me. It only gets worse when you go into spiral mode, and the anxiety kicks in. Staying calm will help you see things a little bit clearer and override with positivity than when you’re having a mini panic attack. The ability to stay calm in negative circumstances is definitely not an easy thing to, but like I said earlier it’s a gradual process.

Always remember that you’re in charge of your thoughts and with these tips and a great level of self discipline, you can get your thoughts to go the positive direction. So the next time the clan decides to have their meeting and drop some negative thoughts, don’t waste time in telling them to shut up!

Negative thoughts


Over to you…
How do you get rid of negative thoughts? I would love to know.


6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Shut Up The Negative Thoughts In Your Head!”

  1. I envision my negative thoughts as an ex boss of mine who I absolutely despised or someone like Donald Trump; so that way I can just tell them to shut up and bugger off! I find that really helps me when dealing with negative thoughts! xxxx

  2. Great post hun! Literally negative thoughts are so toxic, sometimes we need to shut them down as soon as possible. Love your point so much. Flipping those thoughts and thinking positive is definitely so important. Thanks for sharing 💕

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