There’s no doubt that we all want the finest and good things of life. Even right this moment, there’s that one thing on your mind that you would love to have, because it would go a long way to make you feel good about yourself and your life in general. You know what? It’s amazing that you can dream big, and it’s always a plus in the good books. However, there could be a downside to this. When it becomes a tussle and a race for some of these things like money, fame, power, you name it, you could get carried away from actually living a good and fulfilled life. Today on our #mondayinspiration we’ll be looking at 5 ways to remain contented even as we journey through life.


When we have that unhealthy hunger or thirst for some of these things, we realise that they begin to dictate how we live our lives, the kind of vibe and attitude we give, the company and friends we keep, even something as little as your choice of food can spell out your level of contentment- this right here is the problem.




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How can you stay contented?

1) BE POSITIVE: You already know. For you to master the art of contentment, you need to put on the whole armour of positivity. Yes there will definitely be challenges, it’s life after all, but with the right mindset, things will be a little easier. Learn how to see the good in situations, though it may new bleak, as long as there’s life, there’s hope.

2) HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: There’s an old adage that says “He who is able to think deeply will know how to be thankful”. To stay contented, you should be thankful always; for life, for family, for your job, for your good health, etc. The more thankful you are, the higher chances of opportunities you get!

3) FUEL YOUR PASSION: What is that thing you love to do? You know that thing that brings you happiness and a sense of fulfilment, yes that is your passion, and you need to invest in it and keep doing it.

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4) QUIT THE COMPARISON: The moment you accept that everybody works at their own pace and time, you’re already on your way to being contented. Not everyone will have their success early in life, some will come later, and that’s fine because that’s how their own timetable is. Someone is always going to have a better car, or a finer house, or a more good-looking boyfriend/girlfriend it is what it is! Comparison will only give you a headache and unnecessary internal conflict, so just save yourself the trouble and stop it.

5) FIND JOY IN THE LITTLE THINGS: Those little things and moments that you don’t really count as important are in fact the priceless ones. Little things like spending time with your loved ones, taking a solo trip to a place of your choice, discovering a new hobby, etc are moments you should cherish and enjoy. They will go a long way in making you feel contented with life in general while looking to explore more of them.

Levelling up is definitely something that we all aspire to do at some point in our lives, but when you begin to get excessively eager and paranoid that you begin to see everything as a contest and you constantly feel the need to beat someone’s ‘record’ by all means necessary even when you don’t have the said means, then you should take a step back and set your priorities straight.

Being contented doesn’t mean you should want things or get them, it just means that you’re able to balance dreaming big and appreciating each day as it comes, it means that you’re satisfied, but you’re also ready and open to level up.

The goal is to be contented and not complacent.

A penny for your thoughts? What do you think about contentment in our society, especially in recent times? I would love to know.

Have a great week!

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